Nigel’s gooseberry pie

There’s really only one reason in my book (blog?) to grow gooseberries. sure jam is nice, and i wouldn’t shake my spoon at a serious gooseberry chutney. but the reason i brought my three little gooseberry sticks home from the nursery that day (nay, first begged my neighbor who manages our local gardening shop to order them

5 spice kumquat chutney

This is the last of my 10 pound batch – ordered from here quite some time ago. as you may know, i love kumquats, those not-so-sour fruits that half-heartedly roll around masquerading as pucker-inducing citrus. i swear, they must have to practice. but i’m not fooled. these little guys are sweeties! having just returned from a trip

Carrot spears with chervil

If you’ve been over here recently then you know that i have been rather busy the last few weeks. Haven’t had a whole heck of a lot of time to pickle, jam or blog even. You may have noticed. but i am here to say that even when you have 26,000 friends over for the

Jam on it: Plum hot jelly & almond butter

Attention: this is a public service announcement You may remember this Plum hot jelly look, I know plum season seems like forever ago and forever again but as tigresses do, sometimes i just need to roar about just those things that need to be roared about. this october in a jar tastes like heaven on the

Plum Hot Jelly!

this weekend went by very fast! up here in the southern berkshires we had our first frost the leaves have been whipping around and their colors… …oh my, their colors! I’m talking b-e-a-u-t-y folks. and since we are talking about beautiful colors… (we are, aren’t we?) this jelly holds one of the most beautiful colors

Blue apple jam with fennel & bay

I wanted to title this post ‘fall!’ but as any good blogger knows if there’s a recipe in the post you gotta name the recipe in the title or your peeps will never know its there after the post disappears from your homepage, their feed, your facebook timeline, etc. basically, i just want to say, fall

Can jam December round-up: Dried fruit

First i want to send a big wet furry tigress kiss (ewwww!) to everyone that participated in the great can jam of 2010! whether you participated in each & every month or just a very few, whether you’ve blogged along with me, or followed along quietly at home, whether you’ve put jar to boiling water

Shizzles with picklz: shallot pie

The holiday season is in full swing and i’ve been feeling kinda generous. (have you noticed?) i mean, perfect pie crust over there, fried shallots over here. i’ve been giving away some of my most prized secrets. why stop now i say! look at these instigators. they always look like they’re ready to rock and roll,

Cultured butter (and créme fraîche)

Iam happy to report that sore shoulders (me) churner’s elbow (M) and one broken lehman’s best butter churn later, M and i have buttered our way through 8 gallons of cream! (if you need to catch up start here) see this?It’s a vat o’ créme fraîche. do you know how hard it is not to just stick

Shell-stocked (shellfish stock)

Yes, i said i eat (shell)fish occasionally! so occasionally in fact at this point in my life that i’ve had exactly one lobster dinner in, oh i don’t know – about a year. it was in the summer and it went something like this: we live in new england and can order fresh new england

Tigress’ larder on amazon & a birthday give-away!

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday… well it was. yesterday. I started a tradition last year around here…a birthday give-away tradition! What better way to celebrate your birthday than to give? That, and the fact that what i should have spent the better part of the day doing was preserving the lovely local quince i

An interview with Linda Ziedrich

Tigress: hi Linda! as you know, tigress’ can jam is a year long canning challenge in which a very large group of canners – from beginners to quite experienced – are hot-water-bath canning a chosen fruit or vegetable each month and getting on the web and shouting about it. we are halfway into the challenge and very

Rajisthani kumquat pickle

Ever notice how koons-like kumquats are? or is it just me?  look, i’m up here in the berkshires for the week…i’m happier than a pig in snow (about it). and i have a date with a couple of bunches of carrots i need to tell you all about in the next few days for the great

Gingery rhubarb chutney

Believe it or not, i have met a lot of chutneys i didn’t like. But this isn’t one of them. I was lucky enough to inherit a row of very healthy and vigorous rhubarb plants when M and i moved into our house in the berkshires. when i say healthy and vigorous, i mean it.

Roast the toast: rhubarb & apple butter pandowdy

Perhaps you’ve noticed by now that i have a thing for old-fashioned fruit desserts? yeah, i kinda do. here’s how this one came about: the other day i was roarin’ about a really great book i have to give away over here and i asked what peeps were looking forward to preserving this spring. a lot of you said

A lot o’ new preserving books!

Not like we need another clue to show us we’re on to something but I just received an amazon notice in my inbox telling me that this: homemade living: canning & preserving with ashley english is on it’s way to me! this is our very own can jammer ashley from small measure’s first book in her

My favorite granola

Now that i have all ya’lls attention, I’mma give you this: My favorite granola adapted and embellished from a myriad of sources and perfected over time 3 cups rolled oat flakes 1 cup rolled rye flakes 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup wheatgerm 1 teaspoon fresh grated nutmeg 3/4 cup raw walnuts – chopped to halves

Straight up Greengage jam

Finally! whew! I didn’t think i would be gone this long. but on labor day weekend i had a few friends over to a little shindig M and I have been planning for a few months: it’s kept me kinda busy. here’s the thing: even though i haven’t been telling you about it i’ve been jammin’

Ramp ‘n ricotta gnudi

If you’ve never taken a shovel to the forest floor and pulled out dinner, the heady scent of deep and rich forest dirt flooding your nostrils, then i wish it upon you someday. Ramps in the northeast are the first sign of spring’s abundance. since my initial taste a few years back, not just of them,

Tigress’ canned tomatoes: sauced

Ok, ok, you twisted my paw. this post is about my favorite way to can tomatoes. there, you got me! yes, i used to can only pristine paste tomatoes; san marzano, or amish paste were my chosen few. blemish free, uniform in size, dropped in a hot pot, skinned, jarred and boiled for 85 minutes.

Meyer lemon pickle with nigella

If you’ve been over here lately, then you know how much i enjoy early mornings, and you know what a beautiful view I relish up in the berkshires, a symphony of autumnal colors as of late… you may also know that our 2009/10 move back to the city has happened, and well, my views have changed.

Spicy pickled green beans

I know, i know. everyone’s doing it. dilly beans, dilly beans, dilly beans…who can complain about these garden stalwarts? look, it’s a massacre over here. late season blight has wreaked havoc on all 16 of our tomato plants. i can’t even show you the gruesome truth via photos as every last one of those poor little suckers

Shizzles with picklz: kimchi steamed buns

I have a feeling that you peeps might look at this and say wtf? (if you say that sort of thing, of course). if you’re feeling extra conversational you may even be like, “look, i’m putting things in jars and pampering them in hot water baths. you’ve got me fermenting cruciferous veggies and hey, even making yogurt doesn’t


Squash, melons, cukes… I love their mischievous ways and dr. seuss looks from leaf to fruit. so imagine my delight when ms gloria of laundry etc. used the term cucurbits!* a term i thus far never knew… but apparently grew, and grew, and grew! summer cucurbits are the focus of the can jam this month. so get

Sweet n’ spicy lemon pickle

Act #1 not all pickles have vinegar in them that may be a surprise to some of you, and to be sure a lot of pickles have vinegar. But not these: in india (and other parts of south asia) oil or lemon juice is used to preserve many types of fruit & vegetables. i call most indian pickles sun

Lemon basil nectarine preserves

Whoa! it’s been a whirlwind of a month! i’ve been busier than i’ve ever been. i won’t go into details but if a picture is worth a thousand words (or ahem, 85,000!) then here you go: photo bennett sell-kline Ihaven’t been back to my beloved berkshires, and more importantly, my beloved garden since august 21st

Roast the toast: jam pudding

One of the things i love about having these two little blogs o’ mine is that i get to share my secrets. i mean not all of my secrets of course. But definitely the tasty ones. This one is my little pilgrim trick. so easy and basic but not something we do much of in

Jam on it: shaker squash bread

You may have a bunch of these hangers-on from your summer garden that are just about ready to jump. or you might have been caught in the eye at your local farmstore by a few too many of these gorgeous gourds. or maybe, you just like the smell of damn good bread wafting through your

Can jam December round-up: dried fruit

photo what julia ate First i want to send a big wet furry tigress kiss (ewwww!) to everyone that participated in the great can jam of 2010! whether you participated in each & every month or just a very few, whether you’ve blogged along with me, or followed along quietly at home, whether you’ve put jar

Lime on lime shred marmalade

These crinkly little critters are not the loveliest things i’ve ever set eyes on. infact they never were quite ready for their close up. that said, and as i am sure your mother always told you: it’s the taste that counts. (you thought i was going to say it’s what’s inside that counts, didn’t you?)

Carrot & coconut mutney

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it. I can’t help it. when the days get shorter, and colder, i become a serial citrus shredder. I luv me my lemons, limes, grapefruits, tangerines, tangelos, clementines, oranges, blood or otherwise…and i’ll slice ’em up any chance i get. the two sourpusses up there, they never

Raspberry vinegar

back in july i threw a bunch of just-picked raspberries into a quart jar and doused them with white wine vinegar. with the best intentions of tending to them in the next week or so, i promptly left them all by their lonesome for 8 good months! I was a bit wary of the stuff

Jam on it: steamed walnut bread

There’s probably a few of you around here now privy to the fact that i love me an old-fashioned dessert. and i love me a steamed pudding. but there’s a little something else i’ve been playing around with as of late, and that’s steamed bread. if it was up to me, this technique would have never

New england apple butter

Fall is the season of new england. there is no doubt about it in my book (blog?); it’s the legend of sleepy hollow, pumpkins and jack-o’s, mulled cider, outside fires, and a carpet of stars shining way, way up in the night. it’s the harvest moon, lace-ups, and dozens of worn down gravestones, crooked like

Pumpkin marmalade

Can i just tell you? It’s 7:30am on a gorgeous sunday morning in october and i’ve been up for a while… Believe it or not i love early weekend mornings, especially this time of year. on most eeeeearly mornings up here in the berkshires, when the sky is still dark, i can see a gazillion

Lavender syrup

is this just like, stupid gorgeous? don’t hate me, but i was there! and i have long toes too, see: that should make you feel better. well, i’m stretching them there… but anyway. talk about paradise: If you’ve been over here lately then you know that M and i have been traveling around turkey for

Carrot fire pickle #2

F. I. R. E. the roof is on fire. carrot fire pickle #2 adapted from at home with madhur jaffrey 12 medium carrots, chopped to 3/4 inch pieces 1 cup sri lankan mustard 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 1. stir vinegar into mustard 2. parboil carrots for 30 seconds, drain. 3. mix mustard into warm carrots. let cool. 4. let

Can jam october round up: chile peppers

Photo well preserved oooh, this month was on fire! (kaela, our little scheme worked!) chileheads, my peeps, this one is for you… photo knit & knosh pickles, salsas & chutneys apple hatch pepper chutney – the cosmic cowgirl cowgirl, you have got it going on IMO. i bet this is flying off those market shelves, right? ancho

Onionz limone chutney

Let me tell ya the story about onionz limone. ya see, onionz was a big talker. until one day, the boss told me to give onionz the silence treatment. know what i’m sayin? i did a real clean job. ’cause that’s what i do. i’m not sayin’ a coupla-few innocents didn’t get caught in the

Quince & cranberry holiday preserves

Remember that red stuff in a can that used to add just the right sour-sweetness to the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes? of course you do. this could most certainly be enjoyed with all of the above mentioned pairings. and though it has the traditional tart-sweet flavor, the quince and candied ginger add a toothsome


The berries are coming, the berries are coming! There are so many types of berries, and so many preserving opportunities! For those of you in the can jam, i know you’re excited about june’s fruit in focus! and for those of you not officially canning in the jam, this is an open invitation to jam

Whole pickled blueberries

Did you ever wish a blueberry was a tomato? probably not. perhaps if you’ve had to become as familiar with late season blight as we’ve had to here in the northeast you might have..but never-you-mind because even if you have thousands of tomatoes falling off your bushes and you’re eating juicy heirloom tomatoes out of hand at

Chewy spicy (dried fruit) chutney

I remember a more innocent time when i said i didn’t like garlic with fruit. and then another time when i confessed i wasn’t a chutney fan. That was then. I think it was onionz limone that finally put me over the edge…those illicit little jars of toothsome lemony-spiced-pucker-in-your-mouth-deliciousness didn’t last long around here. so, this time

Taking & making stock

Maybe it’s my utilitarian bent, but there’s something i find exhilarating about ‘cleaning up the garden’ right around the break of fall. On a good year, mid-september is about the time i’ve finally had my fill of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and melons. it’s when the tentative chill of evening and early morning reawakens a taste

Sweet tomato ketchup

Remember this? after two long weeks in LIC i got back to my little plot of heaven up in the berkshires only to find an onslaught of these: the way i saw it, there were only two choices; me or was brutal. sweet tomato ketchup (R.I.P) 4 pounds very ripe tomatoes, peeled & chopped 1 cup sugar (i use

White radish pickle

If you really are committed to eating locally, and/or growing your own food then i think you’ve caught on by now that in most of the country root veggies are coming into their own this time of year. yes i know pumpkins, winter squash, et. al. – but like i said over here you can ‘put up’

Walnut sage pesto

It has been a real treat tricking around the blogoshpere of late and seeing all my fellow foodies and homesteaders waxing poetic about this time of year. I mean, can you blame us? look at these beauties: I grew them! out of all the things that i try and make appear in my garden these

Carrot Pickle

The roots, the roots, the roots are on fire the roots, the roots, the roots are on fire the roots, the roots, the roots are on fire We don’t need no water let the m*$%^#f&!K^r burn! burn m*$%^#f&!K^r burn! Carrot pickle adapted from savoring india by julie sahni 1 1/2 lb carrots 2 tablespoons yellow mustard seeds,

Golden jelly

Some of you may remember this from last year. You may also remember that we here in the northeast had such a rainy growing season that the growing hardly grew. my three little gooseberry bushes up and shed their leaves ’round about mid august – after first turning brown and shriveling unto themselves in soggy

Can jam may round-up: Rhubarb

photo local kitchen It’s here peeps! the canning season is officially on! it’s a party! I for one am overjoyed at the hella lotta rhubarb recipes below. (ok before anyone gets alarmed the asparagus is over here) So much inspiration, so many excuses not to pull out half my field of rhubarb to plant something else.

Gooseberry chutney with Bengali spice

I am going to start by saying this is not your typical english ‘bottled’ chutney. you’ll find no onions or garlic here. standard english chutney fare, they. No, this is a chutney you might be served in a welcoming home on the banks of the kerala backwaters, share with your lover while lounging beneath a sri lankan coconut

Hot damn chile pickle!

My tomatoes might have been a little worse for wear after my 3 week absence, most of them took a suicide leap that ended in a bloody-red mess. i did however, manage to save a couple-eight pounds of them. and proceeded to make this again this year – if you have a bunch of overripe tomatoes.


There have been a few inquiries about my ghee making procedure, so here goes… but first i have to say that even i cannot believe the color of this ghee (made from this butter). it positively glows in real life! grass people, cows need to eat grass! down with dull butter! if you can’t find yourself

Can jam September round up: Stone fruit

I really just have to do this…just so you know. As i’ve been sitting at my computer reading and rounding-up throughout the week i have been singing this pretty much non-stop.I mean all these sweet and juicy peaches and nectarines! can you blame me? and it’s not like i’d kick any plump little plums out of

Can jam January round-up: Citrus

(photo diane d’angelo) Remember that brady bunch episode where jan was going through middle sister angst? “all i ever hear is… marsha, marsha, marsha!” I wonder what jam might be going though this month… “all i ever hear is marmalade, marmalade, marmalade!” …as she goes rolling to the back of the larder and throws herself on

Rhubarb & shrunken strawberry head jam

Yeah i know as well as you do that strawberries don’t have heads but I can call it that if i want. why? because this past weekend, in one of my finer pilgrim moments (ever wonder if they were actually grim?) i made 21 jars of it. ok, so they may not have heads (the strawberries that is) but

Off my larder shelf: Put ‘em up! fruit

Here in the northeast, i like to think of this time of year as almost summer. because even if i’m wearing a scarf when going outside, or need to pull out my puffy coat for one final day or two, when the light starts to change, everything changes.  without fail, one fine evening in march or april when

Can amongst yourselves

It’s true confession time. I haven’t canned a damn thing since i put a bunch of rhubarb in jars back in early june. there, i said it. There’s a few reasons for that, and given all the roarin’ about canning that has happened around here in the past, i feel i owe you an explanation: