Mexican Red Wine Cooler with Fresh Lime

No, you’re not imagining things- there have been a lot of alcoholic beverages around here lately.  And that trend is going to continue through next week.  After that, I’m cutting myself off for a bit.  But until then, let the good times roll… This refreshing red wine cooler is like sangria’s slightly ghetto cousin.  But

Basque Bacon, Red Pepper and Potato Tortilla

Although smoothies are my go-to breakfast on the weekdays I have been known to make what I call an epic breakfast or brunch on weekends.  There are three requirements I have for the meal to garner an epic rating.  The first requirement is an egg dish- I usually make a scramble.  The second requirement is

Potatoes and Peas in Green Sauce

Part side, part soup, this potato dish is simple and satisfying.  It’s also a pretty good indication for how things are going to be around here these next two weeks.  Meaning: short ingredient lists with common items. It’s something of a detox for somebody like me who leans towards super spiced cuisines like Sri Lankan

Poached Pears in a Spiced Honey Syrup

I definitely gravitate towards heavier (read: more fattening) desserts like cake, cookies, ice cream, brownies, etc., etc., but fruit desserts are the more common way to end a meal in Morocco. These poached pears are relatively simple to prepare but are a pretty and elegant way to follow a heavy Moroccan dinner.  Spiced with ginger,

Passion Fruit Ice Cream

When life gives you egg yolks, make some ice cream.  That’s my new motto.  I had a bunch of leftover egg yolks in the fridge from making pavlova earlier in the week and so making some ice cream was a no-brainer.   I also had wanted to make something with passion fruit, since it’s so common

Moroccan Spiced Carrot Soup

I know, I know.  For a girl who claims she doesn’t really like carrots, I sure post a lot of carrot recipes around here.  But this soup was so fresh tasting and easy that I just had to include it.  Plus, I have a feeling that the next couple weeks will be rather dessert and

Kiwi-Strawberry Pavlova

Don’t worry my Kiwi friends, I’m not taking sides on the whether Australia or New Zeland invented pavlova.  Consider me Switzerland.  I also fully intend on making more pavlova when I make my way to New Zealand. After all, who wouldn’t want as much as they can get?  Topped with fresh fruit and a large

Bissara Dip- Moroccan Fava Bean Dip

Move over hummus, there’s a new bean dip in town.  I’ll admit that I was getting a little bit jealous of seeing everybody’s posts with fresh fava beans over the past couple months (I haven’t been able to find them here in Honolulu), and so I did the next best thing- bought some dried favas

Basque Applesauce

When looking through cookbooks I’m often disappointed when I find ridiculously easy recipes.  For instance?  Something like chocolate milk.  Or mashed potatoes.  Or scrambled eggs.  These recipes usually seem like pointless fillers to me.  Unless there’s something revolutionary about the techniques, I’m guessing we’re all OK with continuing to make these things the same way

Sweet Jellied Coconut Squares- Coconut Sweetmeat

With all the Asian and Pacific coconut desserts out there (mochi, bibingka, haupia, etc., etc.), it’s always surprising when a recipe using a similar list of ingredients to many other desserts results in something that seems entirely different and unique.  Such was the case for these coconut squares; they were thick, coconutty and creamy with

Sri Lankan Black Shrimp Curry with Roasted Spices

One of the things that makes many Sri Lankan curries unique is the fact that they roast their spices until they reach a dark hue.  This seems to intensify the flavors and give it a rich, almost smoky flavor.  They call the curries made with these darkened spices black curries. The original recipe used toasted

Spicy Cashew Coconut Chicken

I’m just going to say it straight up: this is definitely my favorite Sri Lankan recipe so far and quite possibly my favorite recipe this month.  Chicken gets marinated in a spicy coconut cashew paste, browned on the stove, and then gets finished off by a simmer in a coconut milk. It’s really the perfect

Orange Spice Cooler

I’ve come to realize that drink recipes are some of the most popular posts here on Girl Cooks World.  I guess it’s probably because they’re an easy way to try something new and exotic without a whole lot of time, effort or money.  So in the spirit of giving the people what they want, here’s

Kelbimbo Kontinental- Baked Brussel Sprout Gratin

I never ate mushy Brussels sprouts growing up.  In fact, I never ate any Brussels Sprouts at all, so I never quite understood the constant verbal attacks on the poor vegetable.  It was only in my adult years that I gave them a try.  By that time, I’d already been heavily influenced by the Barefoot

Gomba Leves- Hungarian Mushroom Soup

This Hungarian mushroom soup is smoky, creamy and, oddly enough, meaty; even though the soup is vegetarian the mushrooms add a definite meatiness to the soup.  Although you start with a whole pound of mushrooms, they cook down a significant amount so if you’d like plenty of leftovers I suggest doubling the recipe. When I

Coconut Rotti- Sri Lankan Coconut Rice Flatbread

Oh, how I love finding naturally gluten-free breads and desserts from these countries I’m visiting.  The recipes are special namely for what they don’t have, like a long list of ingredients like xanthan gum or egg replacer.  They make life so much easier for me, and I imagine, you too.  Even if you’re not gluten-free

Boszorkanyhab- Witches’ Froth- Baked Apple Mousse

Even if this recipe hadn’t looked very good, I might have made it anyways just because of its name.  Luckily for me it was a winner: baked apples are pureed and combined with vanilla sugar, egg whites, rum and lemon juice and then whipped until light and frothy. Hungarian food tends to be pretty heavy:

Borju Porkolt- Hungarian Veal Paprika Stew

After a number of complicated, multi-step recipes, this veal stew was a total breeze and a welcome change of pace.  Nothing complicated or fancy going on here- just a simple combination of veal, vegetables and spices simmered until tender. In fact, the hardest thing about this stew was deciding what to put in it.  Some

Yongun Chonggwa- Candied Lotus Roots

Aren’t these pretty?  The timing of these was just about perfect because they taste exactly like jelly beans.  I kid you not.  I think they’d be a perfect light ending to a big Korean meal. I first tried the roots plain.  The texture was great and the sweetness was just right, but they didn’t have

Slán Leat Ireland!

Photo Courtesy of the Digital Times Ireland, it’s time to say goodbye.  It’s been great, but really it’s best that I slip away quietly now before I do any more damage.  It’s actually hard to grasp the amount of cheese, heavy cream, and booze that I’ve put away in the past two weeks.  Of course

Red Date and Walnut Sticky Rice

I couldn’t help myself.  These are typically rolled into balls for a snack, but their beautiful red hue was practically begging to be made into a heart shape. This was my first experience with red dates, or jujubes, but it won’t be my last. They’re typically sold dried and while they’re not good for out

Napa Cabbage Kimchi

I suppose it would have made the most sense for me to post this at the beginning of my time in Korea, especially since I used cabbage kimchi for the kimchi fried rice.  Unfortunately, it took me a long time to create a recipe I thought was blog-worthy.  I tried a bunch that were either

Kimchi Fried Rice

Fried rice is pretty much the ultimate quick, healthy and filling meal.  Although the healthy part doesn’t necessarily ring true in Hawaii, where most fried rice consists of white rice, Portuguese sausage, bacon, lup chong sausage, and few-if any- vegetables.  Absolutely amazing, but healthy it is not. This kimchi fried rice, however, would likely get

Jamaican Festival Fried Cornbread

Some of you might remember that my last attempt at fried cornmeal fritters didn’t go so well.  But try, try again I say.  Plus, with a name like festival, I had the feeling that these might be just the things to turn my cornmeal fritter luck around. Festival is new but popular addition to the

Ginger Jelly with Honey Molasses Syrup

Another country, another ginger-centric recipe.  I suppose you could consider this a grown up version of jello: it has a more sophisticated flavor and a softer, more pleasant texture. The recipe that inspired this one was drizzled with brown corn syrup.  Had I thought that was the right flavor match for the ginger, I would

Cold Coffee Soufflé

This is exactly the type of dessert I generally avoid.  Namely because it relies on one critical step that I usually botch: unmolding the soufflé.  Per usual, I didn’t do it correctly.  And so I give you pictures of the back-up soufflé, which I didn’t even bother trying to flip. Botched unmolding aside, this coffee

Coconut Cream Pudding

This dessert is about as sophisticated as a Snack Pack Pudding cup.  I don’t necessarily mean that as a bad thing- I was eating those Hunt’s snack pack puddings well into my adult working years.  Hunt’s doesn’t make (to my knowledge) a coconut pudding, but I imagine this is exactly what it would taste like

Baked Jerk Meatballs with a Sweet Glaze

Did you guy see the post on Serious Eats about the blogger creating burger recipes for every country in the world?  I feel like I read somewhere that it was to introduce the author’s non-adventurous family members to different cuisines.  Well, I imagine that when she gets to Jamaica, her burger recipe might end up

Pan Boxty, Irish Potato Pancake

I’m sure you guys realized that a potato recipe would be coming sooner or later.  One of Ireland’s favorite ways to use their most famous vegetable is by making boxty.  Boxty recipes vary widely: some included mashed potatoes or milk while others didn’t and some had just a smidgen of flour while others included more

Mejadra- Israeli Rice with Lentils

If this Israeli mejadra was in a one-on-one competition with my go-to Indian lentil rice pilaf, it might lose if judged as a one-item meal.  The Indian version’s addition of tomatoes, serrano peppers and a whole cumin seed tadka adds a lot more interest and complexity to the lentils and rice. But where this recipe shines (in a wallflower sort of way) is

Jerusalem Mixed Grill

Think you’re not an offal fan?  This recipe might just convert you.  Chicken livers and chicken breast cooked in a baharat spice mixture, drizzled with tahini sauce and served on flatbread with some greens. The original version also called for heart and spleen, but Whole Foods didn’t carry any.  If you’re able to find either- and are an adventurous cook- feel free to

Israeli Malabi Pudding

It was only after I chose Israel as one of my first culinary destinations that I learned a debate as to whether Israel has its own distinct and unique cuisine existed.  Apparently some people argue that Israeli cuisine is really just a collection of recipes from Jewish immigrants as well as recipes from its Arab neighbors.  But I’m not interested

Indonesian Fried Bananas

Last weekend I went to the Punahou Carnival.  Although I was extremely excited to see a sign for gluten-free nacho plates (!!!), I still got a little jealous to see my gluten-eating friends eating malasadas and other fried foods. So I went home and made these the next morning.  Suddenly I didn’t care about not having been able to eat those

Gluten-Free Amaranth Honey Cake

I guess honey cake is traditional for Rosh Hashanah because I saw versions of it in many of the Israeli cookbooks I looked through.  It was easy enough to convert to gluten-free.  You could also use oil in place of the butter if you’d like; most of the honey cake recipes originally called for oil.  But amaranth, butter and honey is one

Acarajé- Brazilian Black-Eyed Pea Fritters

In the book Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon, main character Nacib quickly finds himself the owner of the most popular bar in town after his new cook, Gabriela, starts whipping up bar snacks like these.  Of course her good looks don’t hurt, but I think these fritters deserve some of the credit too. Great as a snack, but would also

Pad Thai Noodles

If I’m going to make Thai noodles, nine times out of ten it’ll be a simpler spicy noodle with garlic and Chinese cabbage.  But sometimes, and I’m pretty sure you’ll all agree, only Pad Thai will do, with those chewy, sticky noodles, a sweet and slightly spicy sauce, crunchy beans sprouts and peanuts, and a

Happy 2014!

Long time, no post, but I just wanted to check in and wish you all a happy new year.  I do hope 2014 is treating you right so far.  I’m still recovering from the holidays…  I ended up spending more than 50 hours traveling to see family all over the country in the span of

Back from New Zealand

Although you guys are probably used to periodic radio silence around here by now, this time I actually had a legit excuse: I just got back from a much-needed vacation.  I ended up going on a pretty epic road trip through New Zealand and it was so nice to unplug, go on almost-daily hikes, and

Thai Chile Jam

For those of you who have already tried nam prik pow, I certainly don’t need to sell you on its virtues…  you’re likely already a huge fan of the stuff.  But for those of you who maybe aren’t that familiar with Thai cuisine and haven’t ventured beyond Pad Thai and Thai iced tea?  Well, I’m

Homemade Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

Since I had leftover bittersweet chocolate and salted caramel sauces from yesterday’s mini doughnuts, I thought I’d put them to good use and create one heck of a decadent blended coffee drink. I know that this little tidbit makes the internet rounds periodically, but it bears repeating in case anybody with a major Starbucks habit

Spicy Eggplant with Red Bell Pepper and Thai Basil

Every so often I stumble upon a food blog post  in which the author is trying to persuade his or her readers into “trying eggplant again”, with the underlying assumption that a lot of folks have tried eggplant and not liked it.  Really?  I guess I’ve always assumed that everybody was fully on board the

Ginger and Lemongrass Syrup

It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but here’s the lovechild of my two favorite syrups: ginger and lemongrass.  The condiment shelves in my fridge are generally stuffed to the gills, and so I’m considering the consolidation of two bottles into one to be a step in the right direction.   I’m not sure why I didn’t take the

Gluten-Free Chocolate Mug Cake

I’ve never been much of an early adopter when it comes to food.  Evidence?  I tried a single serving mug cake for the first time about a month or so ago.  A recipe from a very, very popular food blogger had just popped in my reader  earlier that day and I was in dire need

Gluten-Free Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Is it just me, or is getting sick in the middle of summer just plain cruel?   Sometimes in the rainy season I half hope that I’ll come down with a little cold.  Staying home from work and curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea, without any chores to accomplish or tasks

Indian Yellow Dal

I”m in the middle of a massive fridge, freezer and pantry clean-out, which means that all of my dried beans and legumes have got to go before I even think about putting in another order from Rancho Gordo or visiting the bulk bins at the local health food stores. While a lot of beans have

Curried Tuna Salad

Even though we’ve got pretty great weather year-round here in Honolulu, I’m certainly not immune to a little spring fever.  The longer, warmer days mean even more frequent trips to the beach and, more importantly, more frequent beach picnics. While I’d love to be the kind of person who can put together a magazine shoot-worthy

Tart and Garlicky Tamarind Sauce

I’ve decided that I don’t pay enough attention to sauces, often considering them nothing more than an afterthought.   Bad call on my part. Because without sauces, cheese nachos would pretty much just be a plate of tortilla chips, hot fudge sundaes would barely have a leg up on a bowl of plain ice cream, and

Indian Spiced Cucumber, Peas and Mint

For a girl who is constantly cooking new recipes from all types of cuisines, I’ll admit I’ve been in something of a rut when it comes to Indian food.  I’m constantly trying new recipes, yes, but I’m such a fan of Ruta Kahate’s first cookbook (5, Spices: 50 Dishes…. I’ve mentioned it many, many times

Burmese Fish Salad with Shallots and Fresh Herbs

Although we’re experiencing a minor cold snap out here in Hawaii, it seems like the rest of the country is finally starting to warm up.  So it’s a good bet that many of you are starting the transition from hearty soups and stews to lighter spring and summer fare. Some of my favorite warm weather

Beef Lemongrass Sliders

When I went gluten-free, my burger consumption plummeted.  No longer being able to eat the gluten-filled versions at Nico’s Pier 38 or W&M meant that burgers became something of a complicated meal to make at home rather than a quick, on-the-run option.   Gluten-free buns had to be procured from the vegetarian health food store,