Preserved lemons spiced 2 ways

By now most of you that have spent anytime around here at all know I have a thing for indian lemon pickle – those fine specimens of fermented perfection that do me right everywhere from curries, to flatbreads to yogurt and rice… You may even know that i got married in rajasthan and traveled around

Carrots: buttered & jammed

I’ve found that canning in february has it’s perks…eventually. or, Eventually i found that canning in february has it’s perks. Basically what i’m sayin’ is; at first thought canning carrots in feb was a brilliant idea. you know, good chance of them being local and all. and then the only carrots i could find anywhere

Sweet preserved kumquats

Sun pods koon inspirations. (i’m absolutely sure of it) Shape like an oversized grape, taste like a very sweet lemon that can be eaten whole, peel and all, even when plucked directly from the tree. I’m sure unlike lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, et al. they have to practice rolling. i fail to see how it

Fermenting chiles

These may look innocent enough to you but that’s because your eyes aren’t watering from the heat. If you’re a chile head like me, or another person i know then you might like what i’m about to tell you. i like my chiles homegrown (or local farmer grown) and i like my chiles all year

Can jam may round-up: Asparagus

I was in a real pickle about where to post all these amazing asparagus recipes this month. should i post them here with all the ridiculous (i mean that in a good way) rhubarb recipes? …or here, ’cause they are all pickles! i think i made the right choice. “omg, tigresses are so dumb” ahem…it’s a tough crowd.


is it me… or do alliums always seem like they’re having a raucous good time? Maybe it’s the hair. Take note all you can jammers and those of you following along with the can jam; my guess is we’re all gonna have a raucous good time this month! ’cause there’s so many things to like about alliums! Like carrots

Strawberry Ice cream

If you happened to be following what i’ve dubbed ‘the butter chronicles’ over here and here, then you know that there’s a lotta bright and deep colored butter in my future. lovingly made by me (and M) from the milk of happy spring-grass munching jersey cows. if you’ve been hanging around here long enough then you may have picked

Rhubarb krack

Yes i did think twice about calling this monster, and hence this post, rhubarb krack. in fact, at first type i had the old-fashioned name up there; kuchen. Much as i love old-fashion desserts, both in their taste and the way their names feel jolly on the tongue, i could not allow myself to do

Can jam November round-up: Pomes

photo the cosmic cowgirl Apples, and quince and pears, oh my! apples and quince and pears! C’mon, i know i’m not the only one that thought that! Below is a cornucopia of autumn delights – all put up in jars for later. fall is my favorite preserving season, after all, apples and pears get pretty adamant

Apple marmalade with rosemary

at some point i opened my fridge last week and precisely 4 apples, 1 orange and 2 lemons sky-dove directly toward my toes and proceeded to spread themselves over the kitchen floor, like insurgents deftly finding their marks.there were many more behind them waiting for their signal. i really can’t tell you exactly how i

Gingery lime pickle

I know, i know, another one. Look, i’m not trying to hide the fact that during january and february i’m a citrus pickle making machine. nor am i trying to hide my addiction to what i call indian ‘sun’ pickles. meaning pickles that are preserved – fermented actually – by allowing them to sit in

Homemade feta

First things first: chosen by that trusty random number generator, the winner of the lost art of real cooking is melissa – who commented on july 12th. congrats melissa! enjoy! and all of your comments were so inspiring to me! so great to hear about all your pilgrim ways! upon reading through them i had two

Rhubarb ketchup

I just saw rhubarb for $4.99 a pound at my local co-op. can someone remind me to have a rhubarb harvesting party next year? ’cause i’m sittin’ on a goldmine …er, greenmine? grant it, it was the ‘prettier’ red kind, but i can’t complain. this patch was here when i got here and i have

Onions pickled pink

I must admit these onions were not the only things pickled pink this weekend. also pickled & fermented pinkly were these beets and this sauerkraut (which turned out amazing btw – especially the dried cherry version!) and then there were quite a few of us who throughout the 5 hour lunch, and many a skål later were

Give-away: put ’em up!

…so it’s been a busy week for me and i haven’t had time to put much of anything up for later. But, i have something i think you’re gonna like just the same: two copies – straight from the publisher – of put ’em up! a comprehensive home preserving guide for the creative cook by

Blueberry curd & canning kit winner!

Ok, first off – miss isabelle was the winner of the canning kit & book! enjoy miss isabelle… and thanks to everyone for entering and also letting me know what fruits you would like to get jammy with this season. looks like peaches was the hands down winner. it’s been a weird and rainy season

Fermented Sriracha

It’s no secret i’m a hothead. i love me my chiles and those of you in more hot & dry climes may not know it, but this year the northeast, and more specifically for me, the berkshires, had a damn good chile year. that’s not particularly easy to come by in the short – and usually wet

Salt & pepper preserved Kumquats

This is so simply a play on the ubiquitous preserved lemons. those same preserved lemons that i rinse, chop, and throw on everything with either a grain, green or bean all winter. yes, the ones that everyone does with just salt, but my favorite version has a bit more oomph than that. of course. Feeling a

Turkish fermented cabbage

Remember that heatwave we were having a couple of weeks ago? 95 degrees in new england. uh huh. of course my early cabbage decided to sing in unison “we’re done, come & get us, now!” I kind of have a rule; when vegetables sing – i dance. as you can imagine, it gets kind of

Raspberry rose jam

There’s a general consensus between a group of my favorite jammers and i that if ever you come upon a stash of raspberries it’s not the most opportune time to get creative. In other words, put the fancy aside and just jam dem bitches. That said, there is one small thing i’ve found that results

Spring things

It’s springing around here! the coyotes are howling at night – the garlic is popping, the rhubarb…forgettaboutit! the blueberry frame’s shoulder is broken. the wicked winter brought it down. the onions are planted, the squash bed is ready. The grass is a cow’s green dream! “i love grass, i love grass, i love grass!” they

Lemon squash jam

I have a confession to make. Even tho i grow a lotta cucurbits, i don’t grow these. I used to grow them. but to be perfectly frank, they stress me out. I don’t love them to begin with. but enough is enough when each & every day i finely comb through all the big green

Cool cukes: Quick & Easy ferments

It’s been one of those summers. one of those that happens more and more frequently. fall is falling before summer even sums. If you know what i mean. lest you think that i have endless amounts of summertime to frolic in my garden and a myriad of long n’ lazy sunny mornings lounging amongst my

Marjoram Pesto

You know how i feel about herbs this time of year in the northeast? Get ’em while they’re hot! In the quest to clean up the garden, herbs are high on my list. But never-you-fear if you don’t yet have a garden to clean up because at farmer’s markets right about now, the size of

Can jam July round up: Cucurbits

photo sugarcrafter All you can jammers in the house jumped headfirst into the pickling process and for that i’m proud! Family recipes & memories, experienced canners branching out and first time cuke-picklers too! i do hope that the newbies in the bunch discovered just how easy pickling can be…and for all you peeps out there just

Can jam march round-up: Allium

Can i officially change the name to all-yums? I am truly excited about a number of the entries this month! the now ‘bottled’ delicacies lounging on our larder shelves ready to enhance fresh spring chevre & just laid eggs, chilled soups, summer cocktails, garden fresh sandwiches, barbecues & stir-fries… there are a myriad of pairings

Can jam February round-up: Carrot

And then i felt a lot of you look at us like this: Did you sez carrots!? …happily even the skeptics have come around it seems and shown some good carrot love. there’s a ton of great recipes below and i know that when spring carrots have sprung i for one will be referring back

Meyer lemon pickle with Indian

Meyer lemon pickle with indian 5-spices 13 organic meyer lemons 1 teaspoon fennel seeds 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds 1 teaspoon black mustard seeds 1 teaspoon nigella seeds scant 1/2 cup sea salt (not coarse ground) scant 1/2 cup light brown sugar 1/4 cup cayenne powder (or ground chile of choice) 1 tablespoon turmeric

Sweet butter

8 gallons of cream (plus 2 gallons of buttermilk). If you were following along here then you may know that i drove to vermont early this past friday to pick up 8 gallons of cream for a year’s worth of butter. i picked up the cream in the lovely little mountain town of brattleboro, vermont. if you

Buttermilk Ricotta

I bet you thought you heard the last of my year’s supply of butter-making didn’t you? yup, you thought i went through all that buttermilk and used up every last drop of cream too even, right? think again. 8 gallons of cream and 2 gallons of buttermilk goes a long way for 1 catty pilgrim. You see, that

Honeyed cayenne chiles

I grew these! I don’t know if i’ll ever loose the wonder & excitement of growing my own food. I hope not! If i had my druthers every meal i eat would have some sort of heat in it or on it. which means that it’s been a process for me to learn how best

Jam on it: Cream corn scones

I’m not sure how many of you know that scones & biscuits are my secret obsession.basically,I love me a good scone. Throughout this summer, i’ve been lucky enough to get quart upon quart of fresh raw cream from my neighboring farmer’s brown swiss and jersey girls (wait that sounds like a reality tv show, no?)

Roast the toast: Marmalade thumbprints

Made by fellow canner lelo of lelo in nopo they are kind of the rage around the canning blogosphere. once they started popping up on her blog, she received so many questions she decided to set up an etsy shop so others could enjoy them too! and here’s another cool thing: they were recently listed as one of

Oven roasted tomatoes with Turkish spices

yes, yes, i’m still alive! it’s been over two months since last we spoke and there’s really nothing to say other than, when you have 110,000 people over for the weekend for a bit of music and fun, things get buzy. photo bennett sell-kline not to mention the full month absence from my berkshire garden,

Chatelaine Revival!

Criginating in the 18th century, the term chatelaine meant a chain or clasp which held all manner of useful objects, most importantly the keys to the castle. chatelaines were worn most often by the mistress, but sometimes by the master of the house, and the term itself later came to mean simply, the keeper of the castle.

North Indian Lime Pickle

During citrus season i become a pickle making machine. i know marmalade is the flavor of the month for most, but my year’s meals would be incomplete without jars of fermented citrus lining up in my fridge at the ready to pack just about any dish with salty, spicy, sweet, and puckery flavor. from the

Spring Turnip Pickle

Even though we’re basically farmers ourselves i can’t help but go to area farmers markets whenever i can. that is the one consolation prize for getting our garden prepped a little too late, or not getting those earliest seeds in the ground. every year i say the same thing, “we have to make sure we

Plum Noir (jam)

It was a dark and windy night, soon after the horizon overtakes the sun and the sky becomes gloomy with defeat. a lone fox sat underneath the apple tree. teeth shining from behind curled canine lips, head bobbing, bits of apple flesh released, falling to the ground. A glass of wine in hand, a basket

Preserving Herbs in Jars

For those of you following along with the great can jam of 2010 you know that the food in focus for this month is herbs. You know what that means? That means in just a couple of weeks from now there will be a bushel full of links right here pointing you to a myriad of

Lavender Rhubarb Jam

I love lavender I mean c’mon – who doesn’t love lavender? Any luva of lavendu is a luva a mine… ahem. I am lucky enough to have a big fat row of it across the old stone wall in front of my house. we didn’t inherit this, it was one of the first things we

Rhubarb Lavender Shrub

Ok, i swear i think this is going to be the last of the rhubarb posts for 2012. that isn’t to say that my willy wonka rhubarb patch is not going to continue to give. it’s just, i really do need to move on.  this season has been a busy one for me, busy with work,

Srilankan Mustard

If the view out your window right about now looks something like this, Just the snow and the cold people – not the tracks! then do this i tell ya: Srilankan mustard Adapted from at home with madhur jaffrey 6 tablespoons yellow mustard seeds 4 cloves garlic, diced 1 & 1/2 inch slice ginger, peeled

Strawberry Preserves: Tellecheri & Smokin

Actually we already went, julia, kate, shae and i. we had fun. and of course we ate. and took photos of what we ate of course. …so then i got home with 15 pounds of strawberries. i escorted about a pound of the cutest, easiest looking ones here (more on that shenanigan in the coming days). 6


Most of you have probably heard the saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” If you’ve ever really thought about it – it makes a lot of sense. I don’t know how your summer has been so far, but in new england it’s been cool, rainy and hardly a summer at all. i keep

Saged Pear Butter

I’ve had a lot on my plate these past few weeks- i had 2 of these in 2 nights in nyc: Then i had 8 of these in 4 days in miami: Then i had 2 of these in 2 nights in nyc: photo hifi cartel In between i rounded up a big raucous bunch of

Curried Green Zebras

the tomatoes! and while i’m on the subject of tomatoes…oh how i loved him (R.I.P) he was so beautiful, inside and out. ahem. ok, so back to this curry pickle: i used zebras, who happen to be green even when they’re ripe. but, for this you want green – as in unripe – tomatoes. the

Can jam round-up August: Tomatoes

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! for many the king of vegetables (even though we all know it’s a fruit don’t we?) grown for putting up. Just as the mighty tomato straddles the veggie-fruit kingdoms, it also straddles the level of acidity needed to safely water bath can. a lot of old recipes don’t add acid before hot

Sour cherries: Two Classic Preserves

You need to run, run i tell you! get to your closest farm, stand, market or u-pick and get yourself some sour cherries. now! giddy up! go! ok, now that that’s taken care of; stuff a few in your mouth, and a bunch more into a pie or two. now, get dem in de jars!

Confiture de Vieux Garçon

I’m starting my very first confiture de tigresse (jam of tigress-cat) this month and i’m so excited! (yes i know i changed the name, and you can to…) If you would like to make your very first confiture de __________. then let’s do it! ’cause really, can you ever have enough fruit in alcohol layin’


Yes, i’m still workin’ on preserving all that rhubarb… This is a new one for me and i’m quite excited about it. i was inspired by these ladies over here, and this one here too! The very cool thing is that ‘beenas can be made all summer with each new fruit as it bursts into season. that

Quick Kohlrabi Pickles

Just when i felt the need to confess my lack of jar filling over the past few weeks over here i had an epiphany in the kitchen. well, not quite an epiphany but you get the point – i put something in jars. We’ve been making a lot of quick stir-frys over the last couple of

My Favorite Preserved Lemons

I can’t possibly go through a citrus season without making a batch of these. And you shouldn’t either. I know everybody does the kind with just salt. maybe a bay leaf or a clove or something. boring. It may look like a lot of spices but they mellow during the preserving process. the spices sink

Carrots In The Jar With Acid

First you need to click on this link get the melody in your head and continue: Picture yourself in a jar underwater with salt, herbs and spices, and vinegar too suddenly bubbles appear at the surface what’s a few b-cells to do? Flat lids and screw caps and boiling water towering over your head look for

Quince in Rose Syrup

Lest you think i’m a cool cat. i thought i’d share this with you, an email i sent to julia of what julia ate (the quince queen IMO) upon my initial discovery of local quince: I just scored 5 lbs of local quince!!! what do i do!!!??? what should i do? I don’t think i’ve

Nectarine preserves with summer savory & white pepper

I’ve got a confession to make. I’m a butt girl. That’s right. the juicier the better. …peachy little butts that is. i’m not picky about picking these lusciously sweet, seductively shaped Naughty little freestones or clingstones. they’re all just peachy to me. I put these beauties in a jar quick – before they got away.

Kimchi Primer

If you were hanging around here last weekend, then you may know that i harvested a lot of napa cabbage, for what has become my yearly kimchi making session. As excited as i was about making my season 2011 kimchi, i must tell you that i debated on writing this post. this, because it’s not like

Homemade Yogurt

For the past two weeks i can’t say i haven’t thought about you. I have been eating a lot. turkey, hell, probably the entire eastern mediterranean knows how to eat. fresh and local, seasonal, it’s in their bones. there is nothing new-fangled or trendy about it, its a way of eating that is so embedded in their

Ancho Apple Butter

I couldn’t help myself. it’s fall and the apples are fallin’ everywhere around here. This tree was here long before i even knew what a berkshire hill was. since i’ve been here it’s had good years and bad. some years nary an apple she grows, and others like this one, they swing like baubles sassy

Ramp Greens Kimchi

Perhaps you jumped on the spring rampage with me and pickled a whole lotta ramp bottoms a few days ago. which means you gotz a bunch (or two or three) of ramp greens sitting around waiting for you to fulfill their destiny.To that i’m here to say, “have no fear, the mighty tigress is here!” This