Anti-Diet Challenge, Day 11: Carbs Are Not Evil

Today I was reminded yet again of the inexplicable freak out that comes after someone says that carbs are not, in fact, evil.   Eating carbs, starches, sugar, and salt will often raise body temperature and help metabolism.  You can read all about the mechanisms that make it so in the ebook Eat for Heat. Or you

White Cheddar and Chive Crackers (Grain-Free)

These crackers are understated, perfect for pairing with herbed goat cheese or some lovely pate, but can definitely hold their own if eaten singly.  It seems almost vulgar to compare them to storebought cheese crackers, but I have to admit that this was how they were born.  I miss grabbing a handful of savory crackers

Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Waffles with Blackberry Sauce

I almost died and went to chocolate-berry heaven this morning.  These waffles had crispy edges, soft centers, and were smothered in yellow grass-fed butter.  But then, then, I drizzled them with real maple syrup and homemade blackberry sauce.  Now that is a breakfast. Plus, if you followed my chocolate-making craze from the last few months, you will

Strawberry Freezer Jam: Real Foodified!

  As a child, I used to open the big freezer in my garage and gaze at all the hot pink jars of strawberry freezer jam lining the shelves on the inside of that big heavy door.  There was nothing better than a piece of toast with that jam slathered on top.  And we never

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Lacto-Fermented Pickles

Salty, savory, crunchy, cool.  I have loved pickles since I was a child.  Always.  We always bought the store pickles made with vinegar and yellow #5, and they tasted like the best thing evar! In fact, when my mom The Birthday Fairy would come every fall to my room to leave a trail of goodies, zesty dills were

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of those pleasures in life that really encourages sitting down, savoring each bite, and makes your metabolism roar to life, all in one little innocuous bowl of sweetened milk and cream. Who knew such power existed?  And all while tasting so good! Did you know that your ancestors most likely ate various

My Antibiotics Perspective

If you can manage, try not to take antibiotics.  It is better for your immune system to fight off infection by itself.  I have heard it explained like this: when we take antibiotics for every sickness, we are trading the long term benefit of a healthy immune system for the short term benefit of feeling

Is Stress Making You Fat?

If you think really hard, you might be able to remember back to the first time you heard this phrase in science class: “fight or flight”.  Fight or flight is a catchy way of describing the sympathetic nervous system in short hand, which is one part of the autonomic nervous system in the body. The

Chocolate French Silk Pie

Soft, smooth whipped chocolate pie filling is deliciously sandwiched between flaky pie crust and cool whipped cream.  Having a slice of this pie is like floating away in the sky for a few minutes.  Savor each bite, enjoying how the cool flavors melt on your tongue. This pie is worth the effort to make, which

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Fresh Pasta

Since I am about one quarter Italian, I tend to like the delicious foods of my ancestors.  I also enjoy any sunshine I please, since between my Italian skin and taking fermented cod liver oil, I never burn!  But today I am going to focus on one of the central foods of Italian cuisine: fresh pasta.

Crispy Almond-Crusted Mahi Mahi

Crispy almond crust generously seasoned with spices gives way to flaky mahi mahi drenched in butter and lemon.  Mahi mahi is a versatile fish, easily meandering through various recipes and spices to blend beautifully and seamlessly into your dinner creation.  In this case, the mahi mahi is slightly spicy with a salty crunch of almond.

Honey-Sweetened Lemonade (GAPS-friendly)

Last week I got my hands on 5 pounds of organic lemons, and instead of looking at them on my counter I actually did something with them this time! The acidity of the bright lemon juice cuts gently through the floral honey, creating a pleasantly refreshing drink as it warms up this time of year. 

Ultimate Tomato Basil Soup

When I lived in Michigan, I worked at a bread store that also served soups for lunch, and tomato basil soup was one of my favorites. Especially with a crusty, buttered piece of toast to dip in it. Over the years I tried to replicate the recipe, and I even came close a few times.  It was

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Ghee

Ghee is a traditional fat used in Indian cooking.  You may have seen it in glass jars at your local health food store.  It is essentially clarified butter, which may make you wonder why people go through the trouble of making ghee when regular butter is so yummy! But there are several reasons to use

Vitamin K2: Lost Nutrient, Found

In 1945, Dr. Weston Price described “a new vitamin-like activator” that played an influential role in the utilization of minerals, protection from tooth decay, growth and development, reproduction, protection against heart disease and the function of the brain. Using a chemical test, he determined that this compound—which he called Activator X—occurred in the butterfat, organs

10 Reasons Not to Work Out

Believe it or not, sometimes it is a really, really bad idea to work out.  First I said that carbs were not evil, and now this.  I know.  I am just breaking all the health rules, huh?  I will say this though: I’m doing it for my health. It’s a controversial idea these days to eat carbs

Classic Peach Cobbler

If you like to go camping, you’ve probably got a cast iron Dutch oven in your garage.  And if you have a Dutch oven, and you’re like me, then you have probably made peach cobbler in it at some point.  I love the combination of sweet peaches and cake batter, all together in a paper

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Sprouted Whole Grain Flour

Look at those gorgeous sprouted spelt berries.  They’re alive!  And they are ready to be dehydrated to make sprouted flour.  I like to make sprouted flour every other week or so, and then use it for making bread, pancakes, biscuits, and other baked goods. As you know, I am transitioning back into grains after doing

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Shellfish Stock

Also, this is yet another recipe for homemade broth, which is perfect timing for the readers participating in the GAPS Challenge.When I found shrimp on sale a few weeks ago I was pretty excited because they were not peeled or de-veined yet.  What?!  I know that it is a little bit cumbersome to peel and de-vein

Classic Italian Lasagna (Gluten-Free)

Most of the time I slow things way down here.  I wax nostalgic about mint browniesfrom college, or I describe settling down for a cup of peppermint hot cocoa and a piece of shortbread.  I remind myself and all of us to enjoy every bite, savoring how good real food is. Lasagna is one of my

Chocolate Mint Brownies

A few weeks ago I bought white flour, white powdered sugar, and granulated sugar for the first time in about two years.  Usually when I cook for other (read: non-real-food) people I use whole wheat flour, whole cane sugar, raw honey, and other real food ingredients.  So why in the world did I go to

The REAL Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition

Have you read the Top 11 Lies of Mainstream Nutrition?  When I saw the title, I hoped that I found a kindred spirit; someone writing about how real nutrition should include saturated fats, eggs, and cod liver oil.  I clicked over to verify what the author had “right” from a real food perspective.  I smiled at first, and

Kid-Friendly Broccoli Cheese Bites

These little bites are very popular around here.  I love to hear my six-year-old come home from school delighted to down 4 or 5 of them and say “Mom, you should be on Top Chef!”  Ah, the days where your children think you are the most accomplished, smartest person in the world! Simple to throw

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Sweeteners

Did you grow up with a large canister of white sugar on the counter?  Did you read Nourishing Traditions and learn the word “rapadura” for the first time?  Did you jump into the real food world and wonder what the hell stevia even was?! Me too. One of the things I found most daunting when I first transitioned

Homemade Onion Soup Mix

Do you remember those onion soup packets that your mom used to throw into a slow cooker with meat and turn on low all day?  Well, they are still around.  There are a million Pinterest recipes that use them for “fast and easy” dinners and soups and stews and slow cooker meals.  But even if they are fast

Orange Brownies = Orangies

I saw a picture of these orange brownies on Pinterest, and I was immediately transported to a memory of eating orange rolls dripping with orange icing.  Why am I such a sucker for anything with citrus in it?  Anyways, these orange brownies, or as I like to call them, orangies, are perfect for a light dessert. 

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make a Basic Vinaigrette

Garlic & Herb Vinaigrette My lovely Basic Vinaigrette is a simple dressing; an excellent recipe to have on hand.  Prepared as written it can go with nearly any green salad, cooked veggie, or anything else that needs a little oil for richness and acid for sharp contrast.  I have even tossed it with rice salads

Homemade Irish Cream

This recipe is an excerpt from my Natural Cocktails e-book, which is perfect for the homemade mixologist who doesn’t want any fake colors or flavors in their cocktails.  Yum! Irish cream served over ice in the evening is one of favorite ways to unwind.  Grass-fed cream fresh from the dairy, pleasantly spicy Irish whiskey, cool and rich

Irish Apple and Potato Cake

Sweet apple and satisfying potato combine with hints of bright lemon, warm nutmeg and cinnamon, and even caramel undertones from the whole cane sugar.  Topped with a crumb topping that melts in your mouth, this cake does not need anything else.  It’s perfect as is. I am 1/4 Irish, and my grandmother is full Irish. 

GAPS Challenge: How Did it Go?

Starting January 15 of last month we all took on the GAPS Challenge.  There were three different options: going gluten/grain-free, doing the Full GAPS Diet, and doing the Intro Diet complete with Intro Diet ebook. Every week I posted a thread here on Our Nourishing Roots to see how you were all doing.  You shared your progress

Can Sleeping Make You Skinny?

I could have easily called this post “Can Orgasms Make You Skinny?”, or “Can Eating Carbs Make You Skinny?”.  You see where I’m going, right?  Hint: it has to do with bodily systems, stress, and feeling better! Sleeping, having an orgasm, and eating carbs all have a similar effect on the body.  They lower your

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make All-Purpose Yogurt Dough

In Nourishing Traditions, there are separate recipes for pie crusts, crackers and various breads.  I love to try different recipes for those baked goods, to see which is my favorite, which is easiest, which works for a particular meal or pairing. But this all-purpose yogurt dough is one of my favorites, because it is so

Pumpkin 7 Layer Bars

Remember how I figured out how to make sweetened condensed milk?  Well, I admit that it was at least partially so that I could make seven layer bars.  And not just any seven layer bars, but pumpkin seven layer bars.  I think we are all in agreement that everything is better with pumpkin.  Don’t even think

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Chicken Stock

Besides craving the warming spices of autumn in oatmeals and quickbreads, when October rolls around I can feel a change in the air.  That shift tells me something subtle, but that I always notice.  It is not just time to enjoy cool breezes across the desert at night, to get out slippers and sweaters; it

Old-Fashioned Almond Roca (Honey-Sweetened)

Alongside my peanut butter cups and fudge recipes, this old-fashioned almond roca stands among the tried and true that I make regularly.  You don’t need to wish there was a Real Food Candy Shoppe near you anymore.  You can just whip up a real food candy yourself, and you will be surprised how simple and

REAL FOOD 101: How to Roast a Pastured Chicken

This post is part of a series.  To buy Volume One of the e-book containing several REAL FOOD 101 tutorials, click here: REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared. Classic roast chicken is something that almost everyone has made.  But the question is not whether or not you have made it, but if you

15 Wish List Items for the Seasoned Foodie

I use Amazon links for most of my wish list items.  I hope you will click on them knowing that you are helping to support my blog.  I really love you guys, so thank you for supporting me   You can also use this Amazon search box to support Our Nourishing Roots as well.  The

Berry Custard with Sweet Cream

Rich with fresh eggs and cream, this smooth custard is dotted with beautiful jewel-toned berries and sweetened with whole cane sugar and a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Topped with a bit of sweetened and whipped cream, this is a stunning presentation perfect for any occasion. Serve it for breakfast or brunch, as a sweeter

Cheese and Vegetable Chowder with Fresh Herbs

In these colder months, I love warming bowls of creamy soup speckled with finely chopped root vegetables, fresh herbs, and sprinkled with fresh parsley.   This soup is heaven served with a piece or two of sourdough bread with a little grass-fed butter. I might even say this is my favorite soup (barring the wild mushroom

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Whey (and “Cream Cheese”)

Whey is incredibly useful when making lacto-fermented drinks (such as beet kvass), condiments (such as mayonnaise), and vegetables (such as these dilly carrot sticks) at home. I have mentioned in several recipes that I use whey.  Have you ever bought yogurt from the store and there is a little liquid on the top before you stir it all

Honey-Sweetened GAPS Peanut Butter Cups

These peanut butter cups might be my greatest recipe creation to date.  They just turned out exactly like I wanted, and that is so satisfying!  I used to make a version of peanut butter cups that had coconut oil in both the chocolate and peanut butter mixtures, but I would have to store them in the freezer

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Lacto-Fermented Ketchup

When you start reading labels at the grocery store, you may find yourself considering the idea of just making your own condiments.  Fortunately making ketchup is pretty simple, because it sure is tasty on all the grass-fed hamburgers and hot dogs at my house!  But ketchup is quite versatile too.  We also use it as

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Sweetened Condensed Milk

Who was the first person who thought of condensing milk to a thicker consistency anyway?  I mean, sweetening it up totally makes sense.  But the combination of the sweetness with the thicker milk…genius!  So smooth and velvety, and so versatile. Sweetened condensed milk is a staple in many modern recipes, especially certain cookie bars and

30 Day GAPS Challenge

Have you heard a lot about the GAPS diet, but you aren’t sure what it’s all about?  Do you have food allergies?  Do you have a mental illness, or a chronic disease?  Do you find that you cannot focus like you used to, like you have “brain fog”?  Have you gained weight either from hormonal

Butternut Squash “Sweet Potato” Casserole with Pecan Crunch

Naturally sweet squash blended with rich grass-fed butter, warming spices, vanilla, and a tangy swirl of sour cream, this simple side dish is perfect for a Thanksgiving banquet table.  It is far from the overly-sugared version we grew up with, covered with corn-syrup mini marshmallows.  Topped with gently sweetened pecans, this butternut bake is crispy

Nutrition Minutiae Got Ya Down?

Are you eating enough omega 3 fatty acids?  Making sure to sprout and ferment all your grains?  You only use sea salt right?  Grassfed or grainfed?  Do you know the antioxidant score of your chocolate?  Surely you’re making an effort to get more fat soluble vitamins.  Have you tried supplementing with glutathione?  One tablespoon of

Pie Crust Two Ways: Grain-Free and Sprouted

When I was in high school, I went to a friend’s house for dinner.  Her dad had made these beautiful bowls of pasta with tomato cream sauce and seafood.  I said how good it looked and he said proudly, and without hesitation, “well, when you’ve got it, flaunt it!” That still makes me laugh to

8 Easy Ways to Prevent Cancer at Home

Cancer. It’s one of our greatest fears.  And I am no exception. As you know, I grew up in abuse and trauma and have received treatment from a therapist who describes violence against children as a social cancer.  Did you know that there are higher incidents of cancer among those who survive abuse, as well as those who treat

8 Ways to Get Enough Carbs on GAPS

GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and is a temporary healing protocol that heals your gut.  The point of healing your gut is to return to eating a variety of real foods without any negative symptoms, including carbs and grains. I did the GAPS diet for a full 10 months and experienced a lot of cleansing and

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Beef Stock

Wintertime always seems full of good cheer and warming foods: hearty soups and stews, bright cranberries and pomegranate seeds, hearty root vegetables.  These foods all provide seasonal nutrients that we need to stay healthy and properly nourished.  In my opinion, probably due to my body’s intense need for it, the heart of cold season nourishing