Fresh Mango Salsa

Every summer I get a little bit of produce envy when I read about the overabundance of zucchini and/or tomatoes in everybody’s garden.  Every time I attempted to grow either, the plants would invariably succumb to some sort of rot or pest.  Sigh. But I suppose I shouldn’t get too jealous of you mainland folks.  After

Burmese Meatball Curry

Is it weird that I have go-to recipes for things like kimchi and Goan shrimp curry, but I don’t even have a meatloaf recipe?   Sometimes I wonder whether I should just stick to tried and true American favorites instead of cooking all of these dishes from unfamiliar cuisines.  But that wouldn’t be nearly as

Herbed Zucchini and Feta Fritters

I don’t often subscribe to food magazines (who has time to read magazines when there are so many great food blogs out there?), but when I needed to keep some airline miles from expiring, I signed up for Food & Wine.  I’m so glad I did.  The May issue alone introduced me to Stella’s Double

Cambodian Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup

Like pho?  Then this soup will probably be right up your alley.  Chicken is cooked in a lemongrass and garlic broth until falling apart tender.  The meat is then combined with a little fish sauce, some fresh herbs and chile, and naturally gluten-free rice sticks, or noodles.  Forget that gluten-filled Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup (or

Sweet and Salty Stuffed Dates

If you’ve never had a bacon wrapped date before, you owe it to yourself to try one as soon as possible.  The version that’s stuffed with blue cheese is great, but I like almond filling even more; the almonds provide a really nice crunch and texture.  I once brought several trays of them to a

Greek Eggplant Dip

Although I’ve named this a dip, it’s really so much more versatile than that.  Yes, it would be a great dip for some vegetables or a nice chunk of crusty bread, but it also makes an excellent side dish or a creamy spread for a meat or veggie wrap. Eggplants are baked until soft and

Chicken Souvlaki

Want to know one of the best things about living in Hawaii?  You know, besides the great beaches, amazing surf and perfect weather?  Grilling is a year round affair.  Although, I suppose that’s true for the most dedicated grillers out there regardless of where they live.  I definitely remember my father grilling steak in the

Bissara Dip- Moroccan Fava Bean Dip

Move over hummus, there’s a new bean dip in town.  I’ll admit that I was getting a little bit jealous of seeing everybody’s posts with fresh fava beans over the past couple months (I haven’t been able to find them here in Honolulu), and so I did the next best thing- bought some dried favas

Baked Jerk Meatballs with a Sweet Glaze

Did you guy see the post on Serious Eats about the blogger creating burger recipes for every country in the world?  I feel like I read somewhere that it was to introduce the author’s non-adventurous family members to different cuisines.  Well, I imagine that when she gets to Jamaica, her burger recipe might end up

Acarajé- Brazilian Black-Eyed Pea Fritters

In the book Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon, main character Nacib quickly finds himself the owner of the most popular bar in town after his new cook, Gabriela, starts whipping up bar snacks like these.  Of course her good looks don’t hurt, but I think these fritters deserve some of the credit too. Great as a snack, but would also