Peppermint Bark Ice Cream

Fashonistas eagerly anticipate the September issues of fashion magazines; I eagerly anticipate the Williams-Sonoma holiday catalog, filled with all  sorts of goodies that a gluten-free girl like myself can’t actually eat. Should they ever develop a pill to make it safe to occasionally indulge in gluten, I’m going to go hog wild one year with

Passion Fruit Ice Cream

When life gives you egg yolks, make some ice cream.  That’s my new motto.  I had a bunch of leftover egg yolks in the fridge from making pavlova earlier in the week and so making some ice cream was a no-brainer.   I also had wanted to make something with passion fruit, since it’s so common

Avocado Ice Cream

No longer unjustly vilified as unhealthy, avocados have gone from being associated almost exclusively with a certain Mexican dip to being appreciated as a versatile fruit that’s easy and fun to incorporate in just about every meal of the day. Ten years ago I probably would have been surprised to see avocado as an ingredient

Peach Melba Parfait

So I’m not entirely sure that this can be considered an authentic Australian recipe.  After all, it was created by a French chef at a a London hotel.  BUT it was created in honor of Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba and many sources claim that its an iconic Australian dessert, so I’m including during

Frozen Hot Chocolate

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve got ice cream and other frozen treats on the brain.  The temperatures have been rising around here and since I’m fundamentally anti-air conditioning, I have to resort to other methods to stay cool. And when I can’t get to the beach or pool, frozen desserts are my favorite

Maple Bourbon Ice Cream with Candied Bacon

If you managed to muster up the self restraint required to not devour all of that maple candied bacon from a couple days back (or if you had the good sense to make a double batch), here’s a pretty spectacular way to use it up. Boozy maple bourbon ice cream with sweet, smoky and salty

Coconut Ice Cream

I wasn’t exactly sure what to call this frozen treat.  Among the contenders: coconut ice cream, coconut sorbet, coconut sherbet, haupia ice cream, haupia sorbet and haupia sherbet. I know that there are rules for what constitutes an ice cream, sherbet and/or sorbet, but it seems like they’re pretty widely ignored.  So I just went