Greek Yellow Split Pea Purée- Fava

Many cultures have their own special version of puréed beans or legumes: Israel (and many other countries) claim hummus, India has dal, Morocco has Bissara, etc., etc. So how to describe this Greek version?  Well, It’s sort of similar to hummus, the bean purée most Americans are most used to, but it actually uses yellow

Beer Damper- Australian Gluten-Free Beer Bread

Back in the day, stockmen (people who take care of livestock… yes I had to Google that) who were working and traveling in remote areas used to make damper over a campfire.  Back then damper was made from a simple mixture of wheat flour, water and salt, although it seems like it’s evolved over the

Zucchini Hummus

Even though I’m not a raw foodist, and have no plans of becoming one in the immediate future, I love looking through raw cookbooks.  Not only do they have great recipes for juices and smoothies, you find a lot of neat tricks that you won’t necessarily find in mainstream cookbooks.  One example is using raw

Shandy for One, Australian “Lemonade”

When I research foods from various countries I try to get my hands on as many cookbooks as I can… old, new, popular, obscure, I love them all.  I had to chuckle when I was reading an old Australian cookbook that said that if you walked into a bar or restaurant and ordered a lemonade,

Grilled Spicy Beef Skewers with Chickpea Sauce

In not sure whether I’ve been influenced by the recent buzz about Matt’s new book, On a Stick!, or whether it’s just because food on a stick is generally awesome, but I’ve got a couple food on a stick recipes for you this week. First up are these spicy beef skewers.  They’re a simple way to

Spicy Yellow Indian Cabbage

Whenever I cook Indian food I tend to go a little bit overboard.  There will inevitably be at least two curries (one meat-based and one bean-based), a couple vegetable dishes, rice, several salads, and a chutney or two. While I’m constantly experimenting and trying out new recipes, I’d consider no Indian spread complete without this 

Orange Surprise – Apple, Carrot, Celery and Lime Juice

I almost called this drink Orange Dream Juice (it reminded one tester of an Orange Dreamsicle) but settled instead on Orange Surprise.  What’s the surprise you ask?  Well, it’s that there aren’t actually any oranges in the juice. The apples provide a base that’s nice and sweet, the carrots provide the vibrant color, celery adds