Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Produce Wash for Fresh Fruit

I love honeycrisp apples.  That’s how this whole thing started.  I went to the store this morning, and there were all these beautiful, crispy, slightly tart and slightly sweet honeycrisp apples, and none of them were organic.  Nooo! Fortunately, I was still able to buy the non-organic honeycrisp apples, because I know that I can take them

What is “Fat Hatred”?

Fat hatred is quite simply the idea that there is something wrong with a person because they are fat.  Fat hatred is feeling justified in your judgments of fat people.  Fat hatred is feeling entitled to tell fat people “how it is”: they just need to eat less, or shower more, or try harder, or

What Does 3,000 Calories a Day Look Like?

Now that I am more than 60 days into my concentrated effort to get healthy and lose some weight, I have been asked many times to specify what I eat during a typical day.  People often wonder how I manage to eat 3,000 calories per day.  Yes, I am eating 3,000 calories a day and losing weight.

The Headache Cure: Essential Oils (Part Two)

Headaches can present in a kaleidoscope of ways, and the underlying causes can be even more numerous.  There are cluster headaches, tension headaches, migraines, and more, not to mention more rare forms like chronic or exercise headaches, plus secondary headaches that branch out from an underlying condition like an infection, or panic attacks (source). But the

Texas Sheet Cake: Real Food Style

I have had a lot of trouble transitioning a handful of recipes over to real foodified versions, and they invariably contain powdered sugar in the original recipe.  For example, I have these lime cooler cookies that are to die for, but there is just no other way to make lime juice glaze without powdered sugar!

Rustic Chicken Pot Pie with Pastured Butter Pie Crust

Chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort food, and nutrient-dense to boot.  There’s nothing better than tucking in to a savory and flaky pie full of tender morsels. The vitamin K2 in the deep yellow pastured butter, the mineral-rich chicken stock made from long-simmered vegetables and pastured chicken bones, the fresh, colorful vegetables: they all combine to

Sprouted Flour Shortbread

.Is there a better way to consume butter than in a piece of shortbread?  I think not.  Delicate, buttery, tender, and crumbly, it is simple and understated.  Shortbread practically melts in your mouth, fragrant with maple and vanilla and rich with healthy traditional fat, yet still light in your hand as you bring it up

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Casserole with Grass-fed Beef

Welcome to CASSEROLE WEEK!  As we work our way through, I will add to the casserole week list as we go so you have a handy list of one dish dinners that are tried and true! There isn’t much that is more hearty and satisfying than mashed potatoes and homemade gravy.  And when you use long-simmered beef stock,

Maple Oatmeal with Coconut Sprinkles

Waking up to a cold morning, putting on my slippers, and making a warm bowl of oatmeal is one of my favorite things to do this time of year.  And when you soak your oatmeal overnight, making breakfast in the morning can be simple and nourishing.  The only thing you need to do is to

How to Treat Hives: Naturally!

Hives are the common name for the condition called urticaria, which is usually caused by an allergic reaction in the body.  Hives are a skin rash characterized by raised pale red bumps on the skin that are itchy.  They can be both acute or chronic, depending on the cause. Hives are frequently caused by allergic reactions; however,

Apple Cinnamon Soaked Granola

Homemade granola is about as “crunchy” as you can get!  In fact, every time I make a batch, my hubby has to comment on how I’m such a hippie granola tree-hugging waffle-stomper.  So rest assured that this granola is yummy enough for me to make it in spite of knowing the grief I will get

Homemade Cracker Jacks

This recipe was a sort of happy accident.  I was figuring out how to make this caramel corn and one of the early attempts yielded way too much caramel coating for the amount of popcorn.  So I added some peanuts, baked it, and then let it cool.  And when I tasted it, I realized: this

Grain-Free Pecan Pie (GAPS-friendly)

It’s Pie Week!  This buttery, rich grain-free pecan pie is made with maple syrup instead of corn syrup, and has a mildly sweet coconut flour crust that crumbles in your mouth. Pecan pie is always a little bit about indulgence, but I prefer to call it an opportunity to really savor your food.  And in

Fresh Herb Chicken Tetrazini with Homemade Pasta

Welcome to CASSEROLE WEEK!  As we work our way through, I will add to the casserole week list as we go so you have a handy list of one dish dinners that are tried and true! Cross-posted at The Polivka Family. What better way to start Casserole Week than with a beautiful baked dish full of homemade

Banish Pain in 10 Minutes with This One Simple Trick

Have you ever gotten stressed out or sick or tense and you got a monster headache so bad that it radiated to your neck and shoulders?  And you couldn’t even sit up?  It is the worst.  As in, bad enough to make you cry. Honestly, if my headache is bad enough, I resort to over-the-counter medication.  And I feel just fine about

Naturally Sweetened Peanut Brittle

Sweet and salty, crunchy and crisp.  Old-fashioned peanut brittle is one of my favorite treats to make at home with wholesome, natural sweeteners.  I love the buttery flavor, and deep amber color from the coconut sugar.  Peanuts, or maybe cashews if you prefer, give a salty and rich flavor to the brittle, as well as

Mini Chocolate Souffles (Grain-free, Make Ahead)

  It’s Ramekin Week, so that means that we are making all kinds of delectable treats, sweets, and savory wonders in these adorable little ceramic containers, baked in the oven.  Today we start out with Mini Chocolate Souffles! Is there anything better than a chocolate souffle, fresh out of the oven and warm?  These little

Individual Berry Crumbles

It’s Ramekin Week, so that means that we are making all kinds of delectable treats, sweets, and savory wonders in these adorable little ceramic containers, baked in the oven.  Today are these individual blueberry crumbles.   I know that a lot of people love chocolate, but give me berries and cinnamon any day! This recipe is

Homemade Taco Seasoning

I love taco seasoning!  Especially when I get pounds and pounds of grass-fed ground beef that I use throughout the year.  And since I grew up in California and now live in Arizona, you’d better believe that I love me some Mexican food. I use this taco seasoning not just on ground beef, but ground

Lettuce Wraps with Herbed Chicken Salad & Pecans

This herbed chicken salad is one of my favorite creations.  And that is saying something, because as a child I hated chicken salad with a passion.  Perhaps it was the nasty soybean oil in the storebought mayonnaise, or that I could sense the chicken wasn’t quite right since it was from a factory and not

It’s Time. Today is the day.

I have been through a lot in the past year. I stopped restricting my diet.  I gained more than 50 pounds because of it.  I saw my temperature soar as my energy came roaring back to life.  (That’s just how it goes when you start eating the food.) And then I saw myself lose it all

Cheddar Bacon Scones

There is something about the rich crumbly scone and salty bite of the bacon and cheese that really gets me going in the morning.  Have this sweet and salty wedge alongside some pastured eggs and a small cup of triple-certified coffee or freshly-squeezed juice.  You will feel transported to I have always been more inclined

30 Days In.

As you know, exactly one month ago I made an announcement that it was time to embark on a journey of EAT, LIFT, LOVE, and I have the before photos to prove it! And as I said in my weight loss kickoff post, I would be giving monthly updates to show how you can lose weight while eating lots

Ranch Dressing Herb Mix

Just like a lot of people my age who grew up with a mix of homemade and convenience foods, I have a lot of experience with eating onion soup mix, ranch dressing and taco seasoning packets, and even spam! Well, I am not going to make spam, but fortunately I have found that it is really easy

Essential Oils 101: What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are fragrant, volatile liquids that live within shrubs, trees, flowers, roots, bushes, seeds, and peels.  They are the essence of a plant, and therefore essential.  This essential aspect is where you find the healing properties unique to each tree and flower and root.  These natural liquids are aromatic and therapeutic to the body. Just take

Real Cocktails: Mojitos

Mojitos are light and refreshing: bright lime and mint mixed with homemade bitters, mineral water, and light rum.  And all lightly sweetened with homemade honey syrup, a real food mojito is hardly something to consider Every year when it heats up I want to have a mojito.  Or any time I get my hands on

Winner of the Healthy Whole Grains E-Course!

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway thread.  You guys are the best!  Remember that you can still sign up for the Healthy Whole Grains e-course here. There is some news, too: Ann Marie even extended the launch discount price of $149 (normally $199) through February 24th.  You can also still get

Real Food 101: How to Make Butter (and buttermilk!)

Look at that gorgeous yellow butter!  You cannot see it quite as well, but look at all that beautiful buttermilk below, too.  Isn’t food amazing?  Whenever I make butter I feel like a truly grounded foodie, getting back to my foodie roots! Despite the intimidation that seeing a butter churn might instill in you, butter is

REAL FOOD 101: Homemade Mayonnaise (Lacto-Fermented)

Raw pastured egg yolks are a superfood, and my body soaks them up like nothing.  Coupled with olive oil and simple flavors of mustard, lemon, and sea salt, this sauce hardly deserves the maligning it has received over the years.  Homemade mayonnaise is simple to whisk together, ferment for a few hours with whey, and

Homemade Green Bean Casserole

If you go through the trouble of opening a can of condensed soup, you save about 20 minutes of work for yourself.  But you gain a healthy dose of yeast extract, MSG, and other questionable ingredients.  Plus you miss a golden opportunity. One the greatest losses that we have in our home kitchens nowadays is

Butternut Cupcakes with Cardamom Buttercream

Can I call these cupcakes?  They are really very moist, lightly sweetened muffins, topped with a wonderfully spiced buttercream and a sprinkling of chopped almonds.  Enjoy all the flavors as they unfold without feeling overpowered by the sweetness that so many of the “other” cupcakes fall prey to.  These golden cakes are the essence of

Basil Parmesan Dutch Baby with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

The colors of Italy are clearly present sprinkled over this beautiful and aromatic Dutch baby.  I am hopelessly beholden to my Italian taste buds at least once a week, so this is what was born from my latest need for salty parmesan cheese.  And when you add in the Casserole Week aspect, it’s only natural

Aromatic Cocktail Bitters: Not Just For Martinis

If you haven’t already heard me geeking out about my new e-book, then brace yourself.  Over the last several months I have been experimenting with making my own cocktails at home, including figuring out recipes for various liqueurs, and even Irish Cream.  And the final result is my Natural Cocktails E-book! Today I am sharing a recipe

The Monsanto Machine

  General Mills is not interested in protecting the internal organs and health of you and your children.  They don’t want to let you know that their foods contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are potentially harmful and are, at least, untested to the point that we simply don’t know the damage they can cause. General

Roast Duck with Orange Glaze and Pan Gravy

Every once in a while I cave and buy a duck from my local health food store.  It’s usually this time of year when the air is a little crisper, and I start to crave warming, hearty meals. The reason I say that I “cave” is because what I really wish is to either go

Smoked Salmon & Herb Cheese Pinwheels

Cool and savory, these smoked salmon and herbed cheese pinwheels are the perfect nutrient-dense bites to whip up for a holiday party.  Served on a simple cracker these hors d’oeuvres give a balanced contrast of crunch from the seeds to the velvety texture of the cheese and salmon swirled together.  I have also always been drawn to

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Root Beer

Handcrafted root beer is almost a lost art these days, which is a shame.  Complex and layered, these earthy flavors combine with whey to create a naturally fizzy drink that is good for your well-being and your gut.  Homemade root beers are probiotic by nature, and have been revered for their beneficial powers for centuries. (source) Fermenting

My 4th of July Menu

The hottest holiday of the year is coming up, and I still need to go and buy some fireworks for my boys to set off on the 4th of July!  But have no fear in the food department: I’ve got you covered. Many of my recipes are perfectly suited to our star-spangled holiday.  Between my

Molasses Crinkles

These cookies are one of the best success stories I have had with a mainstream-recipe-turned-real-food-transformation.  The flavors work, the end result is chewy and crispy all at the same time, and they are perfect for any time of year.  I love the depth of flavor from the molasses, and the mineral content doesn’t hurt either.

Magic Chocolate Sauce (GAPS)

One of the most popular posts here on Our Nourishing Roots is my recipe for GAPS chocolate chips, which are honey-sweetened.  Almost certainly, this post is so popular because you cannot easily find honey-sweetened chocolate at the store.  Even online, honey chocolate can be expensive and difficult to find. Couple that with the relative ease of

Key Lime Pie

It’s the second pie of Pie Week, and this time I had to take advantage of the Mexican lime tree at my parents-in-law’s house.  I came home with a bagful of those yellowish-green beauties, and I had to make key lime pie.  Plus it’s the perfect way to use my homemade sweetened condensed milk during the

Strawberry Shortcake with Mint-Infused Honey & Whipped Cream

Simple, clean flavors abound in this simple dessert that practically floats on its plate.  Serve it for breakfast, brunch, or dessert, using the freshest ingredients you can find.  If you are growing mint or strawberries in your garden, now is the time to use them! Imagine this: flaky, lightly-sweetened buttermilk drop biscuits, topped with strawberries

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Water Kefir

Every day I happily drink a cup of strawberry water kefir, feeling it replenishing my body with probiotic goodness and happy little enzymes.  Unlike soda with it’s syrupy-sweet empty calories and artificial carbonation, water kefir isn’t an indulgence.  Water kefir is a probiotic drink that supports the balance of bacteria, or flora, in your digestive

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Traditional Sauerkraut

I am not sure there is a simpler ferment to make than sauerkraut.  After all, it is only cabbage and salt.  And time.  You wait, letting the flavors grow and shift and change until you are left with a humble but power-packed probiotic vegetable.  Sauerkraut is full of raw enzymes and probiotics, not to mention

Grain-free Banana Bread with Walnut Crumble Topping

If it is fall, then my cinnamon jar is ready to take action.  When I want to bake a treat, my hand automatically goes for the warming spices of the cooler weather: vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, star anise, and cardamom.  I didn’t get too carried away with the spices in this particular recipe, since

Bitters & Soda: A Traditional Digestif

Think of bitters and soda as natural pepto bism*l, or natural alka-seltz*r.  They were made for your body.  They are crafted from natural ingredients.  So for that over-the-counter stuff, and make a Bitters & Soda instead! I have been using my homemade bitters as a settling tonic for any upset tummies at my house, especially

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Caramel Sauce

If you love to bake, then one of the most important things you can learn is how to made various sweet sauces.  Instead of relying on corn syrup-laden storebought caramel, you will be shocked to find out just how easy it is to make your own.  Just like the homemade chocolate syrup, caramel sauce is perfect

4 Ways to Treat Croup at Home

Last week, we had a croupy cough sneak it’s way into our house.  You know that sound?  Like a little baby seal barking?  That is how I know we have the croup. Fortunately, croup generally sounds worse than it is.  The barking cough sounds terrible, and it does not help that the cough itself tends

Anti-Diet Challenge, Day 11: Carbs Are Not Evil

Today I was reminded yet again of the inexplicable freak out that comes after someone says that carbs are not, in fact, evil.   Eating carbs, starches, sugar, and salt will often raise body temperature and help metabolism.  You can read all about the mechanisms that make it so in the ebook Eat for Heat. Or you

White Cheddar and Chive Crackers (Grain-Free)

These crackers are understated, perfect for pairing with herbed goat cheese or some lovely pate, but can definitely hold their own if eaten singly.  It seems almost vulgar to compare them to storebought cheese crackers, but I have to admit that this was how they were born.  I miss grabbing a handful of savory crackers

Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Waffles with Blackberry Sauce

I almost died and went to chocolate-berry heaven this morning.  These waffles had crispy edges, soft centers, and were smothered in yellow grass-fed butter.  But then, then, I drizzled them with real maple syrup and homemade blackberry sauce.  Now that is a breakfast. Plus, if you followed my chocolate-making craze from the last few months, you will

Strawberry Freezer Jam: Real Foodified!

  As a child, I used to open the big freezer in my garage and gaze at all the hot pink jars of strawberry freezer jam lining the shelves on the inside of that big heavy door.  There was nothing better than a piece of toast with that jam slathered on top.  And we never