Spring Rampage Pickles

Yes i know everyone is doing ramp pickles right now. But this is less about pickled ramps and more of a study in spring quick pickles. if you will. Up here in the berkshires of massachusetts these babies are in full bloom right now. But you could do spring onions if that’s what’s sprouting in

Canning 101

here’s the post i am going to refer you back to again and again. these are the basic steps in hot water bath canning which means boiling the filled jars until they are hermetically sealed. this vacuum packed seal, along with the acidic contents keeps the food safe from bacteria and in particular clostridium botulinum.

Tigress can jam: a food blog challenge!

this past few months we’ve talked about the trend of canning, witnessed the beginning of the canvolution and a rise in the blogosphere of a plethora of bloggers who, like me, can’t resist the urge to share about pickling, jamming, mason jars and the like. from fellow preservationists’ blogs devoted mainly to the craft, like