Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint

Living in Hawaii, it’s easy to lose track of the seasons…  I suppose I’ve got something of an endless summer mentality.  But while  sunny beach days aren’t in danger of going away come Labor Day weekend, summer produce won’t last much longer. Since August is only a day away (seriously, where has the year gone?),

Indian Spiced Butter Chicken

For somebody who loves Indian cuisine as much as I do, I’m not quite sure how I’d gone so long without trying butter chicken, one of the most popular Indian recipes outside of India. But now that I’ve tasted it, I can definitely understand it’s popularity.   After all, who can resist  chicken when it’s swimming

Indian Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Dill

Although I most often associate dill with pickles and Scandinavian cuisine, it was Vietnamese (specifically cha ca thang long) and this Indian dish that finally turned me onto the polarizing herb. And so the girl who could barely tolerate dill as a garnish (I’m a sweet gherkin girl through and through) became somebody who can’t

Red and Green Cabbage Salad with Lemon Mustard Seed Dressing

Let’s face it.  If there was such a thing as a popularity contest for vegetables, the humble cabbage probably wouldn’t have much of a chance.  Not when there’s much sexier vegetables like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and ramps out there. But while I could probably live without some of those other veggies, life without cabbage seems

Creamy Goan Black-Eyed Pea Curry

I remember reading once (or hearing on the radio?) that Fergie was the only member of the Black-Eyed Peas who actually liked black-eyed peas. Well, in the unlikely event that I’m one day in charge of feeding the on-again, off-again band , I feel like I’d have a pretty good chance of changing their minds

Spiced Yellow Split Pea Fritters

Americans sure do love fried foods, so I’m not quite sure why we haven’t jumped on the bean/legume fritters bandwagon.  Clearly the rest of the world has a leg up on us: countries in the Middle East have their chickpea Falafel, Brazil has its black eyed pea acaraje, and both India and Burma have  yellow

Burmese Shrimp and Asparagus Stir-Fry

If you were to poke around my kitchen right now, you’d see a lot of jars and bottles containing all sorts of liquids and other curiosities.   There’s the large jar of vinegar that’s steeping with orange peels (for a natural, orange-scented all-purpose cleaner), a small container of vodka with zested citron peel for a

Homemade Nutella- Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Ahhh… the first time I’d tasted Nutella.  I remember it very clearly (the taste anyways… the rest is sort of hazy, as you’ll see).  I was young, around ten years old perhaps?  We’d just picked up my oldest sister, who’d just returned from a trip to Europe (Austria? Germany?), from the airport. From deep within the

Peruvian Ceviche with Candied Sweet Potatoes

Sure, there might not be consensus on where ceviche originated or even how to spell it (it’s also spelled cebiche and serviche), but I think we can all agree that raw fish “cooked” in a citrus marinade is good stuff.  Ceviche is a pretty big deal in Peru- they even have a National Ceviche Day! 

Gluten-Free Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake

If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest, then you’ve probably seen this Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake pinned about a million times in the past couple of weeks or so.  Well, I wanted to get in on the fun but was shocked when a Google search for a gluten-free buttermilk coffee or breakfast cake

Banana Po’e

For those of you looking for an authentic Tahitian dessert… this is it.  You just better like bananas because this dessert is full of them… four cups of pureed bananas to be exact. Not too long ago I needed some baby food jars for a craft project and ended up buying eight fruit purees.  I

Ethiopian Cabbage, Potato and Carrot Stir-Fry

If you glossed over the word Ethiopian in the title of this dish and had only read the recipe, you probably would have thought it was an Indian dish.  And that would have been a pretty good guess.  Ethiopian cuisine is highly influenced by Indian spices and flavors and this dish definitely reminds me of

Sweet and Sour Bacon and Green Beans

My first experiences with green beans were quite possibly the exact same as yours.  The divided cafeteria trays at elementary school often had a scoop or two of canned green beans with a greyish tint at lunch at least once a week.  I suppose the lunch ladies hoped that there wasn’t enough chicken nuggets or

Gluten-Free Lemon Blueberry Bread

Bright, lemony bread bursting with plump, juicy blueberries and topped with a sweet and tart lemony glaze?  Yes, yes and yes.  This quick bread is like a slice of summer sunshine on a cold and rainy day (yes, we have those even in Honolulu). I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that quick breads like these are

Spinach and Goat Cheese Rolled Omelet

After several weeks of nothing except smoothies and herbal tea for breakfast, you’d better believe that I’m craving some typical breakfast foods hardcore. Unfortunately bacon and sausage are out for just a couple more days, as are gluten-free waffles, pancakes, and the like.  But organic eggs, spinach and goat cheese do make the cut.  Only

Moroccan Spiced Lentil, Chickpea and Fava Bean Soup

Why am I posting this hearty, filling, and chunky soup right when many of you are finally beginning to experience summer weather and probably longing for something light and refreshing?  Well, I’m trying to not forget all of my friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are just starting their long haul through winter. This one

Haemul Pa Jeon – Seafood and Green Onion Pancake

I’m really digging the fact that so many Korean dishes come together so quickly. Traditional Korean pancakes use wheat and rice flours, but this version with rice flour and cornstarch (bound together with the help of an egg) worked just fine and was both crispy around the edges with a bit of chew. I really

Chocolate Brigadeiros, Adapted- Salted Chocolate Caramels

I feel as though I should first apologize for bastardizing the formula for what is more or less the national candy of Brazil.  If you’re looking to get a very traditional recipe, it’s probably best that you look elsewhere.  However, if you’re a big fan of salted chocolate caramels, you might want to give this a try.  It

Burmese Spiced Yogurt Chicken

In January I’ve heard a whole lot of rumblings around the blogosphere about people having a hard time getting back in the swing of things after the holidays.   Even though we’re well into February, I’d still have to agree with that sentiment, although it’s certainly not due to a lack of inspiration.   During my two

Mushrooms en Papillote- Mushrooms Baked in Parchment Paper

I find myself in the unusual position of being relatively stress-free this December.   For once I’m not doing any traveling during the holiday season, I don’t have to worry about cooking or eating in kitchens with counters that  seem perpetually covered in glutenous bagel and/or bread crumbs, and I really don’t even have to worry

Joy The Baker’s Goat Cheese and Black Pepper Truffles

Before I started typing this out I had to Google, “Are chocolate truffles French?”  Good news folks, they are (supposedly the chocolate truffle was first created by Antoine Dufour in Chambéry, France in December 1895). But even if they weren’t I was still going to try to slip these goat cheese and pepper chocolate truffles

Pumpkin Spice Granola

I didn’t set out to develop a pumpkin spice granola recipe.  I mean, why reinvent the wheel?  There’s certainly no shortage of recipes out there in cyberspace.  But I wasn’t sure the recipes I looked at would meet my desired objectives: I wanted sweet, buttery granola with clusters that had both crunch and chew.  And,

Vegan or Detox Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

I might be on a cleanse, but that certainly doesn’t mean that desserts are off-limits.  During past cleanses I’ve been a big fan of frozen banana-based ice creams (check them out here and here). This time around I knew I wanted to develop a healthy version of Cherry Garcia to use up some very, very

Ga Kho- Vietnamese Caramelized Spicy Chicken

Judge me if you’d like, but I sure miss being able to eat American Chinese food.  Not the fancy stuff or dim sum… I’m talking about Panda Express-style orange or General Tso’s chicken.  And while I’m in disclosure mode, I may as well admit that I wouldn’t mind a goldfinger or crab rangoon either. Sure,

Cancha- Peruvian Corn Nuts

Although I’d hardly consider myself to have been deprived as a child (or as an adult for that matter), I’ve never eaten corn nuts before.  After all, if I’m in the market for a salty snack at a grocery or drug store, potato chips pretty much have my full and undivided attention. And now, having

Rahkapaistos- Finnish Crustless Ricotta Cheesecake

Considering  how much I like, no, love it, I don’t make cheesecake very often.  Perhaps that’s because I have yet to find a gluten-free crust that wows me?  Or maybe because the New York style cheesecakes I usually make are so heavy and dense that each slice feels like a gut-buster, sitting in the pit

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Mousse Cups

After a couple of more adult recipes (ginger truffles, triple ginger cookies, etc.), here’s one for the kids… or maybe just the kid inside of you.  Sweet peanut butter cheesecake mousse in a crunchy peanut crust that tastes like a Mr. Goodbar?  Yeah, that’ll work. You can make this into a regular, full-sized pie, but

Berbere- Ethiopian Red Pepper Spice Mix

So for this first day in Ethiopia I’m sticking with the basics.  Berbere is one of the most important building blocks of Ethiopian cooking- you’ll find it as an ingredient in many stew recipes and in plenty of other dishes as well.  Berbere’s primary ingredient is red pepper, but ten other spices round out the

Ginger Chicken

When I think of ginger chicken I think of the local Hawaiian plate lunch variety: deep fried pieces of chicken smothered in a sweet and sticky sauce that has a very slight, almost imperceptible, ginger taste.  This, my friends, is nothing like that.  Here, boneless pieces of chicken are stir fried with plenty of ginger

Pineapple with Chile Salt

Just as other folks are calling it quits from the blogging game, I’ve decided to stage my triumphant return!  (sarcasm hopefully noted) As much as I’ve loved taking the time off for both work and fun (international trips! beach days! reading actual books!), my slacking has started to catch up to me.  No longer am I

Onion and Yogurt Egg Curry

Dear hard boiled eggs.  We’ve come a long way, you and I.  A couple years ago  I wouldn’t even consider allowing you to pass through my lips.   And now you’re one of my go-to spinach salad toppings.   I also like to cut you lengthwise and stuff you with glorified tuna salad and use

Indian Spiced Mashed Cauliflower

Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of folks are eating Paleo these days?  I’m not sure whether it’s because of the popularity of  Crossfit or whether people just find that they feel better cutting out grains, sugar and whatever else it is that Paleo people don’t eat.  Probably a combination

Dorie’s Pumpkin, Gorgonzola and Walnut Flan

It was the fall semester that I spent studying in Paris, which meant that my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, was spent on the other side the Atlantic, far from friends and family. Although the French obviously don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we were given the day off from classes and we celebrated with a holiday meal at a

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

Fall/pumpkin fever?  I’m afflicted… just like every other blogger out there.  Just because it sometimes seems like an endless summer in Hawaii doesn’t mean that I don’t love all things fall. As I type this mini pumpkins adorn the bookshelves, the scent of pumpkin spice votives fills the air, and I’ve got a several batches

Lychee or Rambutan Sorbet

When you’re accustomed to generic supermarket produce aisles, seeing all of the tropical fruits at an Asian market can be somewhat awe-inspiring.  There’s a whole other world out there where apples, oranges and pears aren’t part of the daily diet.  Instead, fruits like rambutans, longans, lychee, and starfruit are king. Each time I try a

Suspiro de Limena- A Lady from Lima Sighs

Dulce de Leche: hard to pronounce, easy to love.  I love it straight out of the jar, on top of Momofuku Sour Cream Ice Cream, and now in this Peruvian dessert, A Lady from Lima Sighs.  Sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk simmer down and reduce to create a thick and rich dulce de leche

Kabuli Chana Ko Tarkari- Nepali Chickpea Curry

Although I’ve drastically reduced the amount of meat and animal products I consume over the past decade or so, I’ve never truly considered becoming a vegan on a long-term basis.  But I have considered doing short term experiments, similar to my past cleanses.  Kenji over at Serious Eats did 28 days of vegan eating this

Loaded Bacon and Cheddar Baked Potato Soup

The other week at Safeway I couldn’t pass up a 10-pound bag of potatoes that was on sale for $3.  In a land where a half-gallon of milk can cost you $5, it was pretty much the deal of the century.  Nevermind the fact that I’m generally unable to use a 5-pound bag of potatoes

Gluten-Free Buttermilk Biscuits

I don’t know about you, but prior to going gluten-free I didn’t make biscuits from scratch very often.  Instead I was a happy and frequent consumer of those exploding cans of refrigerated biscuit dough.  That’s sort of a shame, because making biscuits is ridiculously easy, even in gluten-free form.  And I probably don’t have to

Mexican Green Cilantro Rice

Fluffy green-tinted rice cooked in a jalapeno and cilantro-based broth?  Count me in.  I found the inspiration for this one in Lourdes Castro’s book, Simply Mexican.  I’d never heard of her (or the book) prior to this culinary jaunt around Mexico, but the book had good reviews on Amazon and so I went for it.

Lemon-Vanilla Yogurt Cake with Almonds and Strawberries

I’ll admit that I had my doubts about this recipe.  I wasn’t sure how a cake mostly comprised of yogurt and eggs, with almost no flour at all, could possibly work.  In retrospect I shouldn’t have worried.  After all, cheesecake has cream cheese and sour cream as its primary ingredients.  And that’s exactly what this

Coconut Agar-Agar Jellies

Now I’ve made (and eaten) a lot of Asian-style jelly desserts in my day, but I think I have to declare these Burmese Kyauk Kyaw as my new favorite.  Not only do they have that delicate, lightly-sweetened coconut thing going on, but they’re one of the most striking desserts I’ve ever seen.   When cooling, the

Nuoc Cham-Everyday Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

Before delving into Vietnam’s savory dishes, I need to cover the nation’s ubiquitous dipping sauce: nuoc cham.  It’s served alongside just about everything from grilled meatballs to noodles to hand rolls.  If you’ve ever eaten at a Vietnamese restaurant, you’ve likely already tasted this liquid gold.  Made with fish sauce, lime juice, chile peppers and

Frozen Hot Chocolate

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve got ice cream and other frozen treats on the brain.  The temperatures have been rising around here and since I’m fundamentally anti-air conditioning, I have to resort to other methods to stay cool. And when I can’t get to the beach or pool, frozen desserts are my favorite

Lanttulaatikko- Finnish Rutabaga Bake

Never heard of a rutabaga before?  Perhaps you know it by one its other names: Swedish turnip, swede, or yellow turnip?   But considering the fact that the guy at the supermarket checkout line had to ask me three times what it was, I’m guessing that it’s not really that big of a seller. That’s a

Anzac Biscuits (Cookies)

Have you ever thought you’d made some great new discovery only to find out that the discovery had actually been made years before and that, furthermore, you were late to the party?  Well, that was the case with these Anzac cookies, or biscuits as they’re called in Australia. My expectations for these cookies was quite

Riivinkropsu- Grated Potato Casserole

Sure, this isn’t the most groundbreaking or original recipe from Finland, but I sure do love my potatoes.  The bottom layers of shredded potatoes, surrounded by an egg and dairy mixture, get soft and creamy while the top gets golden and crispy.  Think of this as one giant tater tot.  And just like a tater

Homemade Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

Since I had leftover bittersweet chocolate and salted caramel sauces from yesterday’s mini doughnuts, I thought I’d put them to good use and create one heck of a decadent blended coffee drink. I know that this little tidbit makes the internet rounds periodically, but it bears repeating in case anybody with a major Starbucks habit

Creamy Mocha Coffee Caramels

I know I’m late to the party on this one, but Fany Gerson’s cookbook My Sweet Mexico is a total gem.  I’m usually stumped as to how to end Mexican meals (I mean, a girl can only eat so much flan or Mexican chocolate ice cream).  Well, that certainly won’t be a problem anymore- this

Carrot Truffles

When I was searching through Greek cookbooks, I noticed that the use of carrots in sweets and desserts was a recurring theme.  I debated between trying this recipe and one for carrot jam; it was the hefty dose of coconut in these truffles that sealed the deal.  Shredded carrots gets cooked in a sugar syrup

Burmese Chickpea Tofu

I can probably count the number of times I’ve eaten tofu in the past couple years on one hand.  Sure, there are a lot of recipes that I love that use the stuff (like  this one and this one), but I just never really jumped on the soy bandwagon. So what’s a girl to do

Tater Tot Nachos Supreme aka Totchos Supreme

About a month ago a friend told me about a bar in Honolulu that served nachos made with tater tots instead of tortilla chips.  “You can eat those, can’t you?” he asked. Of course, there’s never a simple answer to that question when you have Celiac, but my interest was piqued and I decided to