Burmese Shrimp Powder

So many Southeast Asian cuisines are known for their dishes that incorporate hot, sour, salty and sweet elements.  But Burma seems to place no less importance on umami, which is often referred to as the fifth taste. We’ve already covered two vegan Burmese basics that add some umami (golden crispy shallots and toasted chickpea flour),

Spicy Sweet and Sour Tamarind Shrimp

My mother commented not too long ago that I post a lot of shrimp recipes… and she’s totally right.  That’s because shrimp is inexpensive, festive, and quick-cooking.  And unlike a lot of seafood, it’s so easy to cook well.  In fact, many of my favorite meals are shrimp based: there’s been Basque Lemon Shrimp, Greek

Cambodian Ground Pork with Charred Eggplant and Shrimp

The hardest part about this recipe?  Naming it.  There are variations of this recipe in just about every Cambodian cookbook that I’ve looked at but they don’t seem to capture what’s going on here.  The names I’ve come across are things like Eggplant and Pork or something equally lacking and non-inspirational.  First of all, eggplant