Give-away: put ’em up!

…so it’s been a busy week for me and i haven’t had time to put much of anything up for later. But, i have something i think you’re gonna like just the same: two copies – straight from the publisher – of put ’em up! a comprehensive home preserving guide for the creative cook by

My Favorite Preserved Lemons

I can’t possibly go through a citrus season without making a batch of these. And you shouldn’t either. I know everybody does the kind with just salt. maybe a bay leaf or a clove or something. boring. It may look like a lot of spices but they mellow during the preserving process. the spices sink

Avocado Ice Cream

No longer unjustly vilified as unhealthy, avocados have gone from being associated almost exclusively with a certain Mexican dip to being appreciated as a versatile fruit that’s easy and fun to incorporate in just about every meal of the day. Ten years ago I probably would have been surprised to see avocado as an ingredient