Kraft Gluten-Free Mac and CheeseAs much as I love gourmet mac and cheese made from artisanal cheeses, the stuff from the blue box will always be my sentimental favorite.  I recently had a little birthday dinner for my niece and used the occasion as an excuse to make some Kraft-style Mac and Cheese (never mind the fact that at not-quite four years old she’s got a more refined palate than I had when I was in college).

Cheese PowderMaking a large quantity of the stuff can be humbug and expensive (those boxes are pretty much single servings, amiright?), but it recently became known to me that you can buy the cheese powder in bulk. In BULK, people.  Why has it taken me so long to learn this?  In the event that some of you out there are similarly in the dark, I thought I’d do a quick post to clue in any interested parties.

Kraft Cheese PowderYou can buy various brands of dried cheese powder from Amazon (they even sell organic varieties) or the Kraft stuff from the Firehouse Pantry (they sell both the white variety as well as the neon-ish orange variety).  Having the cheese powder in bulk seems strangely liberating: not only can I  add it to my favorite gluten-free pastas in any size or shape, but I’m able to make it as cheesy as I want.

This is probably one of the most random posts here on Girl Cooks World, but I consider it something of a Public Service Announcement.  Thanks for your attention and you can now go back to your regularly scheduled programming.