About me

Hi, I’m Alice (aka Ali). I love cooking, I love eating, and I love traveling… although living in Pattaya City isn’t half bad. What don’t I love? Not being able to eat local specialties when I’m on vacation because they’ve got gluten. Well, Girl Cooks World is my way to experience food from all around the world, without gluten or jet lag.

Along the way, I hope to learn new recipes and techniques, introduce myself to unfamiliar ingredients and discover new ways to prepare common ones.

For those of you newly diagnosed with Celiac or gluten intolerance, I hope that you’ll be able to find a couple of recipes that will help ease your transition to a gluten-free lifestyle. Sometimes all you need is a good chocolate cupcake to reassure you that everything is going to be OK.

I hope that you enjoy following along on this little culinary adventure of mine.  Thanks so much for stopping by.