Top 7 Coffee Trends You Have To Try In 2023

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Coffee has been generationally made a societal norm around the world. It has been the one aspect that brings people together for decades now. Coffee goes well with anything, whether it is a formal setting of events or casual catching-up among friends. So if you are a coffee lover, just as we suspect – here are the top 10 coffee trends that you have to try in 2023 to stay on top of your coffee lover game.

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Coffee Trends

1. Conscious Consumerism

It all started with reusable coffee cups and paper straws. Sustainable materials were promoted and soon caught the hype with regular coffee drinkers. Hence, naturally, the consequent step forward was people purchasing from retailers with strong ethics behind their work. As coffee drinkers became increasingly aware of their consumption habits’ impact on a greater scale, the industry game changed for the better.

Today you can take your own mug to a Starbucks outlet and get your favorite coffee without harming the environment. With Starbucks being the pioneer. As a result, many businesses have acquired sustainable initiatives to meet the ongoing demand of such consumers and stay relevant in the industry.

2. Healthier Option

One of the biggest dispositions from the market has been how none of the coffee brands markets themselves as healthier or sustainable options. Even if these brands have recently commemorated an eco-friendly demeanor in their business operations, the fact that many small coffee shops are set to market their business as a healthier, sustainable choice is huge.

A conscious consumer looking for a better marketing standpoint may be more likely to try out their coffee than go for a standard Starbucks. Considering the industry trend taking flight, there is a high chance that new, private coffee sellers can ride the healthy option niche better than these big brands.

One such brand is capitalizing on the Profee (aka Protein Coffee) trend and is making an impact on the environment. It’s a drink combining plant-based protein and coffee together that’s made with all-natural ingredients and low calories. So, those that are craving the sugary iced coffee at Starbucks, can still get the same effect, without the unhealthy sugary calories.

3. RTD Coffee

Ready-to-drink coffee is one of the fastest-growing coffee market segments around the world. It is perceived to be a healthier alternative to sodas. Moreover, different types of coffee beverages like iced lattes have been popularized via social media platforms. Hence, there has been a huge impact on the market premium status of this particular market.

Many smaller coffee brands have been at the forefront of this trend by directing their business operations toward providing healthier RTD coffee options for their consumers. As per our market analysis, our name should not find difficulty in adjusting to the current consumer trends. Our extensive product line and service offering will fit perfectly with the current market trends.

4. Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee is more like royalty of the coffee consumer market at this moment. To cultivate an authentic and unique coffee experience, coffee consumers are even willing to pay more. This is a derivative of the environmental notion associated with conscious consumers.

People looking for a story backing up a brand that makes it a sustainable, eco-friendly consumption choice have set the bar high. Hence, even though mainstream blends are still selling off the shelf, socially conscious consumers may change their minds based on another brand’s high-scoring, eco-friendly roots.

5. Coffee Equipment

Even though the culture of coffee shops and cafes sustained the pandemic, the likely change was directed towards home brewing. As the majority of the population worldwide was stuck at home for almost a year, it was obvious that one of the potent details of their lifestyles was to upgrade. Hence, the result was that home-brewing coffee equipment advanced to new levels, allowing barista-style coffees in the comfort of your home.

As per our analysis, we understand that the raging advancement and change were brought on by the need of the times. However, the driving force was coffee pods and capsules. One of the pioneers to have engineered this concept has been Nespresso and Nespresso compatible coffee pods with their dedicated equipment for a luxury at-home coffee brewing experience.

6. Coffee and Social Interaction

For many years now, coffee has been the subject of social interactions between people. Whether in the formal aspect of events or casual, coffee has brought people together. From neighborhood coffee shops to main downtown attractions, pre-Covid times saw that even though there were one too many coffee shops at a place, all could be seen as full while people waited around.

However, too much shock, even the two years of such coffee shops staying closed, people didn’t let the trend die. It is still very much relevant today, with people openly suggestive of getting their coffee outdoors than having it at home. In fact, some people may even do both – brew at home and get coffee as they step out.

7. Snap Chilling

We all have given out fair share of love to iced coffee, lattes, and cold brews. But gone are the days when we used to allow our coffee flavor to be compromised and its texture diluted due to ice cubes. Welcome aboard: snap chilling. Snap chilling in an instant way of lowering the temperature of the coffee to have an instantly chilled latte at your disposal.

Safe to say, it has been an instant favorite with everyone as you don’t need to mess around with ice cubes or compromise on diluted coffee. It has a stronger flavor profile and a better variety of offerings and formats that cater to all black and sweet coffee drinkers alike.

Bottom Line

It is safe to say that despite the many changes in the coffee industry, the coffee market and consumers like us who fluctuate with our preferences for coffee (consider the Dalgona coffee trend that came with the pandemic and consequently went away) – coffee is one beverage that will continue to top the beverage charts and stay relevant no matter what. If you are also a true coffee lover, you will take a shot at that. Cheers!

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