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It’s here peeps! the canning season is officially on! it’s a party! I for one am overjoyed at the hella lotta rhubarb recipes below. (ok before anyone gets alarmed the asparagus is over here)

So much inspiration, so many excuses not to pull out half my field of rhubarb to plant something else. (i go through it every year, but don’t worry, it’s stayin’) One thing i noticed this month is that a lot of can jammers are inspiring a lot of other can jammers, and in turn are inspiring a lot of canners who are jamming, but are not blogging can jammers, and so on, and so on…

hey, you out there! …are ya havin’ a ball yet? ’cause if you aren’t, ya better… ketchup! jams, butters, compotes, chutneys & syrups

apple rhubarb chutney – my caffeine diary i’m 100% sold on that apple peeler. oh, and about that pie filling; i do agree, needed more rhubarb! 🙂

ashley’s outstanding rhubarb chutney – rufus & clementine wow! & double wow! …looks amazing, & your comment mention about amaretto sours? girl, bringin’ me right back to my father’s knee.

basic tart rhubarb jam – oh briggsy! …ok, do i need to go out a get me a box of that pamona’s?

bluebarb jam – sugarcrafter considering that my next huge glut will be blueberries, i like this combo!

gang of 4 jam – the atisanry of acorn cottage sounds delicious! …can they sing? 😉

green slime rhubarb butter – thinking out loud now daisy. i believe you that it’s delicious, but it’s all in the marketability hon.
let’s call it…hmm…golden butter?

orange rhubarb butter – food in jars your butter looks amazing. but i have a question for you…can i have that jar? pleeze!

photo food in jars
(omg, i have jar lust, down!)

ahem… pineapple rhubarb coconut conserve – showfood chef …quite the exotic combo this is!

preserved rhubarb – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here! ok, i know that you have to cook the rhubarb. but you need to say it, not everyone knows what we know that’s why they’re reading.

reluctant rhubarb chutney – robbing peter not a vegetable fan? gulp! oh, wait a minute. let me sit down. there. ok, i’m fine… you mean, you’re not even gonna try it? ’cause it looks good!

rhubarb apricot conserve – toronto tasting notes this just sounds lovely! and thanks so much for the preserved ginger recipe – need to try that!

rhubarb & cinnamon jam – seasonal menus remember those red hots? so very cinnamon-y, so very good! bet this is too!

rhubarb & ginger chutney – innbrooklyn this looks delicious! that is one of my favorite canning books also. (& gosh, speaking of books, & childhood fantasylands & mango love, seems like we have a lot in common!)

rhubarb compote – doris & jilly cook a mighty fine way to use up the end of those frozen strawberries from last year! because for sure i’ll be going overboard again at my local u-pick, with 40 lbs of strawberries. i never learn….

rhubarb cordial – backyard farms …a little birdy told me these were the hit of the party!

rhubarb ginger syrup – married…with dinner ginger, what a nice addition. and that paloma rosada, i’ll take dos por favor!

rhubarb jam, cordial & bbq sauce – family & food a mean, green, canning machine! ..check it out!

rhubarb jam – what julia ate 20 lbs of rhubarb? …phssst, kids stuff! 😉 …& why oh why are you callin’ all round hudson valley for rhubarb? i told you, come over! oh, and your jam looks delicious my dearz.

rhubarb jelly with lime and flor de jamaica – the cosmic cowgirl aw, rhubarb ain’t nuttin’ to be a’scared of cowgirl! and your jelly looks divine.
…i really do need to run out and get me some of that pamona’s don’t i? …but pilgrims didn’t have it! (heels dug in ground).

rhubarb lavender cordial – mock paper scissors love the coridal, love the labels, and love laundry etc for inspiring a whole lot of us! 🙂

rhubarb mango jam – kitchen jam i am very curious…how does it taste? more like mango, or rhubarb?

rhubarb orange jam – breadmaking with the bread experience you can never go wrong with this classic pairing. very good choice!

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