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I’ve found that canning in february has it’s perks…eventually. or,

Eventually i found that canning in february has it’s perks. Basically what i’m sayin’ is; at first thought canning carrots in feb was a brilliant idea. you know, good chance of them being local and all. and then the only carrots i could find anywhere were cal-organic. :(

I mean, i’m in new england for cryin’ out loud! carrots are supposed to grow on trees here no? …so i’m there with my 5 lb bag of well-traveled agribiz carrots thumbing though a myriad of canning books looking for something to get excited about when as luck would have it excitement came knocking at my door –

By way of a friendly neighbor carrying a paper bag swelling it seemed, to it’s seams with these:

“peggy’s been reading your canning blogs and when i came home from work today with these, she told me to bring some over to you…thought you could use some.” joy!

(i must admit this event has bumped me up a notch in my own book(blog?) – i mean isn’t it legend that christine ferber’s neighbors come from miles around with offerings of the choicest of fruit that she may grace it with her preserving prowess? i imagine the wild and delicate alsace fruit lay quivering in their rustic french baskets praying to be handled by her royal jamness…)

ok, my neighbor lives just across the street, works at windy hill farm, and would probably give me the apples whether i canned or not, but still… these are the things i think about. :) of those carrots and apples i made this:

more on that later. because there happens to be a 2nd series of events that prompted me to make yet another batch of something carroty this feb.

ok, so we’re driving back to LIC from the berkshires and about 30 minutes into the trip we make our routine stop here to pick up milk, bread etc for the coming week. and of course what do i see? local gorgeous vermont-grown carrots! what’s a can jammer to do? buy them of course!

another thing that happens around this time of year: i start to get antsy about using up all of my freezer-preserved produce in anticipation of the coming season. rhubarb and strawberries’ days are numbered in the late winter months because they are some of the first things to spring forth in the new season. these two happenings combined prompted me to combine these to happenings, and so i made this:

without further ado:

carrot apple butter with cardamom


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