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Whether you have an extra one lying around or are in the market for a new coffee grinder and want to see how else you might be able to make use of it, these devices are more versatile than one might think. As long as the product itself gives you more than one grind option, you should be able to put it to work in different ways. We have compiled a list of some of a mix of the unusual ways to use a coffee grinder, with the odd expected use in there as well!

Grind Spices

You may have heard of this as it is one of the common alternative uses of a coffee grinder but it is also the best way to use spices. By grinding them fresh, it allows you to unlock all the flavor and maintain the benefits in ways that shop-bought spices cannot offer. Fresh peppercorn can provide added piperine which can give the user antioxidant properties which is just one of the many examples. Plus, using an electric burr grinder is a lot easier than pushing away at a pestle. and mortar.

Grind Different Types of Coffee

Not everyone realizes it, but the better coffee grinders give the user plenty of different grind settings. This makes it suitable for a variety of machines so whether you are looking for a coffee grinder to make an espresso or something for a french press, there are lots of options. As always, the grind will go a long way towards making the perfect cup, but so do the beans so be sure to buy one of the best coffees to make every morning brew as enjoyable as possible.

Grind Lavender Flowers

One of the most underused flowers that are found in many gardens, fresh lavender can be ground to add a little flavor and color to a salad, some sugar, or just to unlock the pleasant aroma. Grind fresh flowers and leaves add use it alongside other herbs to bring new life to a favorite dish.

Make A Meat Rub

To season and add some flavor to that BBQ or grilled meat, add some of the usual spices and herbs and garlic clove if you fancy and grind into an enticing paste. The aroma and taste will be a hit at your next gathering.

Grind Herbs For Tea

Mix a variety of fruits, herbs, and dried flowers to make a tea worthy blend. Find a recipe online and put it in a tea infuser to make a brew that is all the more satisfying since you made it from scratch. Grind them to different sizes making sure there are some finer grinds in there and experiment with strengths and flavors.

Make Your Own Chili Flakes

Fresh chili flakes have more of a punch and flavor to them rather than simply blowing your head off. The best way to do it is to dry chilis (you can grow your own easily or grab a handful at the store) and spin them in the grinder until you make your own topping worthy flakes. Add a little spice to your homemade pasts sauce or whatever else you like with a bit of a kick.

Make Bread Crumbs

Some recipes will require you to add a large measure of breadcrumbs which can be nearly impossible to get right using only your hands. The more efficient and effective way to turn pieces of bread into a recipe worthy handful of crumbs is by using a coffee grinder. This can leave a little under the blades so be sure to unplug it before you attempt a cleanup. Add small amounts at a time so it doesn’t make the machine work harder than it should and make it as fine as you like by leaving it for longer.


Have a wedding coming up and want to get involved in the celebrations then take your own homemade confetti. Cut paper into small pieces and blend it in the grinder for a short time to make throw-worthy bits of confetti.

Make Powdered Sugar

Some recipes call for finer sugar which is another way that a coffee grinder can be put to use. Grind your regular sugar until it is as fine as you need it so you don’t have to go out to the store when you’re only missing one ingredient.

Chopped Nuts

Another culinary use that is more common than you think, chopped nuts are different to find but easy to grind. The softer the nut, the easier it is to grind so expect it to make light work of pecans, walnuts, peanuts, and the likes. These make an ideal topping for ice cream or yogurt but be sure to not over grind and stop and check frequently, you don’t want to overdo it or you’ll end up with a paste.

DIY Body Scrub

Another fun way of using a coffee grinder, you can even use ground coffee as an exfoliating ingredient with certain recipes. Combine it with sea salt and some essential oils among other ingredients and you have something that will smell and feel great.


Again, there are certain food items that are either hard to create or difficult to get your hands on at short notice, and garnishes are among them. The likes of fruit peel or small flakes of chocolate are yummy when added to different dishes and a coffee grinder makes it possible to create your own.

Benefits Of Using A Coffee Grinder For Everyday Use

Out of all the alternative ways to use the above, a coffee grinder proves that it is versatile, but also convenient. It is much easier to grind spices in a grinder than work away and a pestle and mortar, just as it is easier to grind herbs for tea without getting your heavy blender out. Because it has a smaller capacity, it is ideal for small to mid-sized tasks, and most of the time, it is easy to clean.

Also, a coffee grinder is a fraction of the price of a food processor so if you only need one for any of the above, save yourself some money. They can be used for just about anything cuisine item that needs to be ground so get creative.

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