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49% of people say that they would like to be able to cook more challenging recipes, according to the New York Post. The key to cooking bigger and more exciting meals as a home chef is to hone your cooking skills. By following these tips, you’re sure to take your cooking skills up a notch and become the best chef in town.

Practice makes perfect

Just 20% of people cook daily, according to Treehugger. This is not enough to perfect a recipe. To really improve your cooking skills, you need to be cooking from scratch on a daily basis. If you have a disaster with a dish, don’t give up. One-third of people say they feel judged in the kitchen. But rather than letting a cooking-mishap throw you, learn from it. Where did it go wrong? How could you improve things next time? What could you add or remove from the recipe to improve it? You may need to cook the recipe 10 times until it’s flawless, but it will make you a better cook to do so.

The right tools for the job

To become a true cooking connoisseur, you’ll need to have the right tools for the job. Some kitchen equipment doesn’t last very long at all. For example, pots and pans have a maximum life of 5 years and can spoil food if used when they’re past their best. Instead, ensure you have the best equipment for preparing food. You’ll need equipment such as a slicer so that food items are sliced evenly and neatly, and a pasta maker so that you can make fresh pasta rather than relying on dried goods. Also, consider buying a mincer which minces meat quickly and smoothly for the best quality home-made burgers.

Get your hands on the finest ingredients

The best chefs only use the finest ingredients, which is why you should too. Dry ingredients are handy, but it’s recommended that you use fresh produce wherever possible. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and similar give a flavor like no other, meaning your dishes will be as tasty and satisfying as possible. For best results, avoid produce which has had pesticides or herbicides used on them as these can be tasted. Instead, opt for organic food items.

It’s easy to take your cooking skills to the next level when you know how. Simple things, such as the right equipment and produce, can make a significant difference to the way your food looks and tastes. In turn, this will make you a more confident and improved home chef.

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