5 ways to make a better morning cup of coffee

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I don’t think I know a single person who’s day wouldn’t be improved by getting up 5 minutes earlier and taking the time to make a great cup of coffee.

But that’s got to be really expensive right? That’s where you’re wrong, you can make a truly great cup of coffee in the morning with just a few tweaks to the routine.

Buy Your Coffee Fresh

The best coffee roasters put the roast date on the bag because coffee is best consumed when it’s fresh i.e within 6 weeks. After that it’s still fine to drink and tasty enough but the coffee loses a lot of the sparkle it has when fresh.

Now in the grocery store you almost never see this info, absolutely nothing about when it was roasted, so for all you know the coffee has been sitting in a warehouse for months and months before finally getting into your coffee maker.

So this is the easiest change you can make, find a local roaster and support them and their business while treating yourself to a truly superb cup of Joe in the morning. In addition to refining your morning coffee ritual, consider exploring natural stimulants to elevate your morning routine. Discover more about natural stimulants here.

Use Bottled Water

Do you drink the tap water in your house? Does it have a weird sort of taste you don’t like? If you live in a city this is probably the case, so tell me…

Why do you put this water into your coffee maker then drink it?

That weird taste is still going to be there, it’s masked by the coffee sure but it’s just going to ruin your cup of coffee, if not directly then subtly.

Do yourself a favor and start using bottled water in your coffee maker, whatever type of machine you have. Discover the ease of crafting a cup of coffee with advanced machines on Coffeeness.

Drink It Straight Away and Avoid Flasks

Fresh is always the theme, when you make your coffee in the morning, drink it straight away (after it cools a touch of course). Don’t put it into a flask and take it all the way to work so you’re drinking it hours after you made it.

Because what does that do but ruin the flavor… Or at least lessen the flavor, and you get that slight metallic taste into it as well which can’t be un-tasted once you know it’s there.

Thermal flasks are great for when they’re needed, hiking, long car trips, stuff like that, but they shouldn’t be one of the only ways you consume your coffee.

Grind Your Own Coffee If You Can

This one can be a little expensive buying the equipment so I’ll be brief. Basically just as freshly roasted coffee is the best tasting, freshly ground coffee is also superior.

But you have to trade off the fact that the grinder you buy won’t be as good as the one coffee shops and roasters use, and a decent burr grinder can be a big purchase.

So this is one to consider if you want a truly great cup of coffee but it’s the final step.

If In Doubt Get Take Out

Yup, that is in fact an option, and despite what the critics say a lot of the big chains do in fact make really great coffee.

Especially in the summer, which is just around the corner, making iced coffee at home is its own kettle of fish, so why bother when you can get an iced coffee from somewhere like Dunkin Donuts and it’s delicious and ready to go.

Because sometimes a morning cup of coffee just needs to be easy and straightforward, maybe not every day, but as a back up on a hot day why not treat yourself.

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