A Guide To Build A Non-Alcoholic Bar At Home

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For every non-alcoholic bartender out there, your time is here!

If you are tired of the ridiculous repercussions of alcohol, well. If you are done with the headaches, nausea, and guilt from all the drunk calls to your ex, then you have reached the right place.

Non-alcoholic home bars are now a thing. This is a paradise for someone who cannot stand the effects of alcohol but still wishes to enjoy some cocktails with the same feeling and taste.

After all, non-alcoholic drinks not just come with the ‘feeling of sipping on a good margarita’ but also a plethora of benefits that are already making many switches. On top of that, Covid has made many health conscious.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of taking care of their health and not subjecting it to any toxicity. However, when it comes to alcohol, some just miss the feeling of a glass of wine to wind down at the end of the day. So, why not savor that emotion without the hangover?

What Are Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are spirits that have 0% to 0.5% of alcohol, which is not enough to cause any toxic build-up inside the body. So, your life and kidney are happy while you can enjoy the party.

When it comes to the psychological effect, non-alcoholic beverages do have the same smell and taste. The makers do an immaculate job of mimicking the alcoholic drinks we are all so fond of. This leads to the release of dopamine and oxytocin. Thus, the feel-good factor is well intact.

Creating Your First Non-Alcoholic Bar In 2023

If you have an aesthetically pleasing bar in the corner of your living room, but you do not want to stack it up with slow poisons, then here is your beginner’s guide to stacking up the bar.

Spirits To Stock Up

Here are types of spirits, aka nonalcoholic beverages should be a part of the bar.

Sparkling Wine

We all want to taste the luxury of good wine once in a while. The subtle undernote of oak, or cider, while the cinnamon hits your sinus. However, this can sometimes let you have too many, only to wake up with a bad hangover the next day.

So, visit the website and get the best sparkling wines and stack the idyllic bar with your favorite flavors. They are perfect icebreakers for your guests this holiday season.

Other Spirits

We have already mentioned that non-alcoholic beverages have great taste and also mimic other spirits. So, you will find finely brewed beers minus the alcohol. Some say that drinking one beer right after a workout would help you to relax and even take a good nap.

Do not worry; these mixes are made with no sugar or sugar substitutes, so they wouldn’t affect your health at all.

Extra Mixers You Will Need

Even if they are non-alcoholic, you would not want to always consume them ‘on the rocks.’ Extra mixers, juices, sparkling water, flavored tonics, and flavored sodas are something you should have in your bar.

After all, this will give you the field to experiment with new drinks and also make your guests happy with the new and eccentric choices. Lemon tonics and salt should be a staple because they are the base to make many dynamic cocktails.

Plus, you cannot go wrong with some lemon!

Equipment You Will Need

You can mix it in a blender, but if you are really passionate about it, then why not get some fancy equipment? A shaker wouldn’t cost you too much, so do not worry about drilling a hole through your pockets. Other than that, if you buy bartending items from a credible online store, you will get first-timer discounts.

Some of the ‘fancy’ ones you should invest in playing bartender are.

How To Start Impressing

Starting to impress your family members or relatives with the new role of an expert bartender can be your new year surprise to them.

Well, expert bartenders know everything, and if you want to put in their shoes, you will need to follow up some crucial steps.

1. Learn The Art Of Mixing

The art of mixing and making cocktails is called mixology. Well, non-alcoholic mixing needs more expertise than alcoholic drinks. Around the corner, the craft of making non-alcoholic cocktails are related to experiment and practice.

Don’t think too much if you don’t succeed the first time. Additionally, be ready to give up on some expenses over the syrups and spirits.

2. Learn How To Store Them Properly

Storing the beverages of non-alcoholic drinks is also a critical process. You may think that storing them in a cool place will do. But that will also create an unwanted thickness to the products.

So, make sure that you are keeping kombuchas-like products as they can be a useful ingredient to store in the fridge and also prevent thickness.

3. Start Simple & Easy

It’s not necessary to be bold always while you are trying to become a bartender at home. Remember that you are not alone in who is going to try the drink. So, it’s better to keep patience and follow the trends as much as you can.

Start with simple drinks that you can make easily, and then go for the

4. When In Doubt, Salt It Up

Being in doubt during the inauguration of your home bar is common. Try not to think about it much but salt it up. At times, you might find your non-alcoholic drink a bit sweeter than needed. Well, it’s common for non-alcoholic beverages to taste sweet.

However, you can mix something spicy or exotic and salty to make it taste perfect for your friends.

You Are Ready Bartender

Well, everything you need is already here for you. Do not hesitate to enter into your new obsession.

Creating a non-alcoholic home bar is always refreshing, and you will find it charming to become a bartender. The choice is yours and thus, dig into it like no one else. Try to find premium equipment and make it happen this year.

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