Meyer lemon pickle with nigella

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If you’ve been over here lately, then you know how much i enjoy early mornings, and you know what a beautiful view

I relish up in the berkshires, a symphony of autumnal colors as of late… you may also know that our 2009/10 move back to the city has happened, and well, my views have changed. this year is even more of a change due to the fact that we moved from manhattan, across the bridge to LIC earlier in the year. this is how the sun comes up around these parts:

morning kitchen view

view from terrace; silvercup, home to the filming of, IMO, one of the greatest series of all time (no, not sex in the city, the sopranos! get the dvds – srsly) and if i go way out to the end of the terrace and look left, a view of my favorite building in nyc the chrysler building it looks ethereal but its just the smun: smog + sun. so things do look a little bit different around here than they do in the berkshires. but, lest you feel my lack of joyousness…have no fear because as sure as the sun shines, there’s a lemonade waiting to burst forth in every lemon and perhaps more accurately for our purposes here

if the sun surely shines as long and strong as it does in this kitchen then

ain’t no lemons gettin’ aden around here because this my friends, is what I’m talkin’ about. sickle

sun + pickle = sickle. as in, this pickle is soooooo good it’s sickle! (i had to)

meyer lemon pickle with nigella

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