5 Simple Yet Delicious Microwave Meals For One

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Cooking up a storm in the kitchen is not for all of us, and there is no shame in popping a meal in the microwave every so often! Microwaves have long been our culinary lifesavers, quick and easy to use as they are, and as of 2018, 93% of households proudly boast one. In 2023, that figure could have increased even more. As a result, there are so many different microwaveable foods out there that you couldn’t possibly try them all!

That is why we have taken the initiative, and searched for 5 simple yet delicious microwave meals for one that you can taste test and see how great they are! Good food doesn’t have to be complicated to make, so read on for more.

Mac and Cheese

Good ol’ mac and cheese is a delicious meal that characterized many of our childhoods. You’re probably drooling even now thinking about the heaps of melted cheese and the spoonfuls of pasta that you so enjoyed as a kid! But, you may be dissuaded from cooking this childhood favourite because of the amount of oven time it requires.

Fortunately, times have changed. Mac and cheese can be whipped up in the microwave nowadays! Cook the pasta in the microwave with a bit of salt and water, then add your cheese, spices, tomatoes, bacon and whatever else you love in your mac and cheese. It’s so simple, yet so tasty!

Jacket Potato

Jacket potatoes are a simple, wholesome and filling meal. They might not be as uniquely flavourful or complex as a Michelin-star dinner, but they’re certainly delicious and easy to make in the microwave.

Without even turning on the oven, pop your jacket potato in the microwave for ten minutes and watch magic unfold. Don’t forget to prick your potato with a fork before microwaving, though! This ensures your jacket potato is cooked thoroughly, and ready to be topped with everything from cheese and sour cream to tuna and sweet corn.

Risotto Primavera

By far the fanciest dish on our list, and taken from the exceptional recipe by BBC Good Food, risotto primavera is an outrageously delicious meal that’s surprisingly simple to microwave.

Creamy goat’s cheese, crisp white wine and quality veg makes this rich risotto a must-eat, and it only takes a couple minutes of prep before nipping it in the microwave.


A super cheap meal to make that’s packed full of nutritional flavour, meatloaf should be the go-to dish for most of us!

With a chunk of beef mince, a dollop of tomato, garlic and a few other easy ingredients, microwaveable meatloaf takes less than 20 minutes to plate up, and it tastes just as good as the traditional recipe.

Veggie Biryani

Vegetarian-safe and unbelievably yummy, veggie biryani can be as easily made at home in the microwave as it can be at a restaurant.

For a single person, we recommend using frozen veg, pre-cooked rice packets and korma curry paste to make this meal as economical and delicious as possible. Warm, microwaved naan bread makes for a tasty compliment to this simple yet delicious meal for one.

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