Ramp Greens Kimchi

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Perhaps you jumped on the spring rampage with me and pickled a whole lotta ramp bottoms a few days ago. which means you gotz a bunch (or two or three) of ramp greens sitting around waiting for you to fulfill their destiny.To that i’m here to say, “have no fear, the mighty tigress is here!”

This my friends, is an awesome idea that i cannot take credit for. the idea came from that wonderful new book tart and sweet that i roared a lot about a while back. (er, basically, get it!) the lovely authors of this book utilized the entire ramp, but being the resourceful cat that i am i thought it a perfect opportunity to use up all of those bottomless greens!

here’s my version:

Ramp greens kimchi

those little ramp kimchi buns were out of this world delicious, and i am not sure if anyone believes me out there, but trust me it’s e-a-s-y.

do it!

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