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is it me…

or do alliums always seem like they’re having a raucous good time?

Maybe it’s the hair. Take note all you can jammers and those of you following along with the can jam; my guess is we’re all gonna have a raucous good time this month! ’cause there’s so many things to like about alliums!

Like carrots and other vegetables alliums are a low acid food which means when hot water bath canning these beauties precautions must be taken for safety’s sake. Unlike carrots, alliums play an integral role in many a chutney and relish! 😉 …and who can resist a good pickled onion? (not i!)

Alliums come in many delectable ways and i imagine some of you will be working with just sprung scapes, ramps and scallions, while others (me) will be working with root-cellared globes who lay-in-waiting for their life’s mission. The dates for this month’s entry for participating bloggers are friday march 12th to friday march 19th with midnight on the 19th being the deadline to be included in the round-up post.

If any of you can manage to get your posts up on the earlier end of that i would be overjoyed because this month i’m gonna need a little help from my friends

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