Apple marmalade with rosemary

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at some point i opened my fridge last week and precisely 4 apples, 1 orange and 2 lemons sky-dove directly toward my toes and proceeded to spread themselves over the kitchen floor, like insurgents deftly finding their marks.there were many more behind them waiting for their signal.

i really can’t tell you exactly how i ended up with a bottom shelf loaded with citrus and myriad of kinds of apples (not to mention the quince & cranberries) except for the fact that when i made the move back down to LIC for the winter i grabbed as many apples from local farmers as i could, and the citrus – well whenever i know i’m going to be preserving sweet i need to have them on hand. and there must have been a couple of trips to the co-op or farmstore where i forgot just how many i already had.ever had that happen?

so this past saturday morning i knew my mission; i sweet-talked a bunch of them and brought them over to the other side.

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