Are Water Filter Systems Any Good?

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We all want clean water, so why do so many people drink the stuff that comes out of the tap without looking at the alternatives? There are so many contaminants in tap water, which is why so many people are asking are water filter systems any good? It’s a valid question, and one we will explore in more detail.

So, What Are The Common Contaminants?

Any communal water source is going to be full of nasties that you will want to remove. The good thing about using a water filter is that they can make water safer by getting rid of, or significantly reduce the level of the likes of chlorine, arsenic, bleach, toxins, lead, pesticides, aluminum, and fluoride among many others.

It is important to find out what level of contaminants there are by using a test kit. However, there are ways to make sure your water is as clean as possible. Enter, a filter system.

So, Are Water Filter Systems Any Good?

The right brand and model is going to work wonders for the cleanliness of the water in a home, but we will get to that. In short, there are many benefits to use a water filter system, including the following:


We’ve just about covered this, but the overall improvement in quality will ensure that nasties are significantly reduced. This has a positive impact on a family’s health as the body does not have to remove toxins and the likes.


Ever been to someone’s house and tastes the water that comes from the tap. It’s not always pleasant and some have a distinct metallic taste and smell and can even have a chlorine taste to them.


We touched on this but it deserves its own section. This is because a water filtration system is also good for skin hydration, digestion, absorbing nutrients, and much more. So, the purer the water the better.

Low Maintenance

Most reputable systems don’t require much attention and can be left to providing clean water without the need to do much else. The filters are easy to change and set up is usually convenient.

Saves Money

Anyone who drinks bottled water because they believe it is better for them than tap water might be right in that respect, but the price can be difficult to justify.  So, instead of spending $100’s a year on bottled water, a lot of people make the leap and enjoy the benefits of conveniently clean water.

Reduces Plastic Consumption

This is an environmental benefit, which is more important now than ever. Hundreds of millions of plastic bottles of water are sold every year. Being able to reduce this would have a positive impact on the world, and who doesn’t want to contribute to that and get better water out of it?

Easy To Install

This is where a lot of people are surprised. Reputable filter systems excel in this area. It doesn’t take long to install a water filter system at home, and because of the numerous benefits from one of the best in the business, it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular.

Weight Loss

Not only does consuming water help keep hunger pangs at bay, but it is also vital for hydration and an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The better the quality of water, the more benefit there is to the body.

Reduces Lime Scale

Ever wondered why the kettle keeps looking at the sorry state it does on the inside? This is to do with hard water, so removing it is going to be better for the water that you use to cook and the appliances that come into contact with it.

Food Tastes Better

That’s right, even cooking with filtered water brings out the best in the flavors. Contaminated water contains nasties that will strip the food of its benefits and flavor so to get the maximum taste and health benefits, go for a water filter system.

What Is The Best Type of Water Filter?

For us, the best type is a countertop water filter. These are great because they are convenient, easy to maintain, and do an excellent job of ensuring tap water is clean and healthy. Also, they are some of the most cost-effective solutions to bad tasting and contaminated filled water. For us, the best and most reliable brand is Berkey. It’s very easy to install a Berkey water filter system at home. They come in a variety of sizes for households that will use them more frequently, ensuring clean water is always available. Also, check here to see more information about a gravity water filter.

How Much Does A Water Filter System Cost?

This can vary greatly. For the real thing expect to pay around $300.

When considered the benefits, plus the savings of no more bottled water, these products pay for themselves before too long.

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