Can jam october round up: chile peppers

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Photo well preserved

oooh, this month was on fire! (kaela, our little scheme worked!) chileheads, my peeps, this one is for you…

photo knit & knosh pickles, salsas & chutneys apple hatch pepper chutney – the cosmic cowgirl cowgirl, you have got it going on IMO. i bet this is flying off those market shelves, right?

ancho chile barbecue sauce – married …with dinner don’t you just love when you get one over on heinz?

charred chile barbacue sauce – local kitchen this looks hot! (by that i mean good, you know that right?) and omg the apple jalapeño preserves for pouring over ice cream? genius!

chili & vegetable tid-bits – knit & knosh these are beayootiful! and i love that you paid careful attention to safety while simultaneously utilizing a mixture of veggies that was just right for you and yours!

corn relish – mother’s kitchen isn’t canning great for stretching the season of our favorite veggies. your family might just be wishing for some corn in january and guess what then? super mom to the rescue!

honeyed garlic jaleneños – grow & resist hey, this is like what i did! (except mine are cayenne) did the oil get all up in your canner?

hot corn relish – doris & jilly cook look into my eyes goat…the can jam works in mysterious ways… 🙂 let’s hear it for the tried and true!

photo the kitchenette hot chile bread & butter pickles – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here! i love the mix of chiles, and the mix of spices in the brine! you like your chile pickles don’t you? 🙂

marinated peppers – what julia ate why i love the can jam reason #kazillion: i pour over linda’s book & still i skipped right over this. i agree the oil feels uncanny, but i trust her and omg antipasti in a jar. next year i’m growing a bunch of sweets for this!

pa sportsman’s club sweet-hot wax peppers – put a lid on it i’m a sucker for nostalgia in a jar..does your mom give it an a+?

peter piper’s pickled pepper relish – mock paper scissors a solid pickled pepper recipe right here, makin’ me wish i had a grill cheese to put it on right now!

pickled carrots with habanero – wine book girl this is a basic and very good pickled carrot recipe. and the addition of habanero is very appropriate, i like it!

pickled hot peppers – well preserved if those peppers taste half as good as they look in your photo i’m movin’ in (not indefinitely, no! …just until they’re gone. ahem.)

pickled peppers – thinking out loud that dog wants those peppers… make sure he has gloves on before you give him some. 🙂 and make some more o’ these next time, ’cause i know you’re gonna need them past november!

pickled peppers – putting by a basic pepper pickling recipe right here! (and a lesson in how giving gives back, especially if its to a farmer at the end of the season i might add!)

photo all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here! pickled roasted peppers – bigger than a breadbox i bet you peter didn’t roast his peck of pickles – but mimi sure did – her fifth of a peck that is!

roasted red pepper spread – bread making with the bread experience nice recipe & a nice little tutorial on roasting red peppers too – get those hotties in the bag -quick!

salsa verde – backyard farms and red hot chili jelly! …and oh no, about the pectin problem. jeeesh!

spicy apple salsa – sugarcrafter wow! i love that the can jam made you bust out of your pre-plan, and you came up with this! it looks mighty fine!

spicy bread & butter zucchini pickles – locally preserved did you taste them yet? was the chipotle just what the doctor ordered for these picklz? (oh, and please do tell about the spicey quince pickles!)

spicy red peppers & red onion chutney – market life this looks tasty! bring on the chutney!

sweet chile sauce – the artisanry of acorn cottage of course and then there’s salsa verde, and jalapeño jelly too! jalalooya!

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