Embrace Sustainable Living With An Eco-Friendly Kitchen Revamp

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It may come as a surprise, but the majority of people aren’t aware that their homes are at the forefront of sustainability. Around 62% of participants in a survey revealed that their biggest change to improve their carbon footprint is by using less packaging and other waste. This is quite the conversation starter, as around 20% of the country’s emissions come from buildings. It only makes sense then to start with the heart of the home, which is the kitchen, even if you focus on one area at a time.

You Can Tick All The Aesthetic Boxes

Aesthetic appeal is something that should always be considered in a kitchen, considering that kitchens are one of the top items on the real estate must-haves. Mortgage professionals admit that property appraisers look at kitchen and bathroom updates first before calculating the value of a property, as these are important spaces for new homeowners to consider before opting for a property. Check out homes Florida for sale that might already have all the things you’re looking for.

Add in a dash of sustainability, and the value climbs even higher. Inexpensive, yet sustainable updates include the use of bamboo or concrete countertops, recycled tiles for backsplashes, and a lick of paint on existing cabinetry. Switch out high-wattage lighting for new energy-efficient ones and promote light reflection in the kitchen to increase the use of natural light as far as possible.

Coolest Gadgets On the Block

It’s hard to imagine that a third of the food we buy ends up as garbage, as waste just seems to pile up. For the founders of KITRO, food wastage, especially that of perfectly good food, was at the heart of their design. Not only will KITRO tell you how much is wasted, but will also provide you with the estimated cost of the wastage.

Another ingenious gadget to incorporate in the kitchen to curb our propensity to waste is a smart fridge. Hook up that smart fridge to an app that allows you to come up with tasty dishes based on the contents of your fridge and your waste is reduced. Not only will this be a boost for the environment, but will also help you manage your waste disposal a little easier.

Wooden Flooring Makes A Comeback

One of the most rewarding things about renovating an old kitchen is the possibility that under those tiles there is a perfectly decent hardwood floor. The restoration of a hardwood floor is not only cost-effective, but it also happens to mean that fewer resources are required from the environment.

Those who don’t have hardwood floors and wish to include an eco-friendly version should consider engineered wood flooring. These floors use a thin strip of maple wood and are then filled with other wood types to make it more sustainable. And here’s the best part; this eco-friendly improvement increases the value of your home. So in case you were ever to put it on the market, you would get more once the house sale is finalized.

A kitchen remodel should be more than just an aesthetically appealing task. It should also be an opportunity for the homeowner to make their move in terms of sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. For homeowners, the kitchen is not only a good place to start but also the best place to start.

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