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Whether you’ve just moved into your first place or are living in the city, saving space can make a room feel bigger than it is. With so many large utensils to accommodate, it can be hard to make room in a kitchen, and when surfaces are small, this can be an important task. We’ve compiled a list of some of the easiest ways to save space in the kitchen, some are easier than others but each one can make your time there seem less of a squeeze.

Install A Multipurpose Backsplash

Using a pegboard backsplash that runs the length of your surface area can make a useful backdrop with plenty of places to hang utensils, even allowing you to put shelves up to display and keep out the way. If your cheese grater is taking up too much room in your small drawers, hang it on the wall next to your other items.

They are available at most home stores and don’t take a lot of know-how to install but give you more places to make room in your cupboards.

Folding Kitchen Table

Just about every home store will sell a couple of different folding tables that can pack down small and push against the wall when you’re not using it. A table is one of the biggest items so if you can get rid of a bulky one for something a lot smaller, then all the better. Finish the area with folding chairs so you don’t have to get rid of them altogether and spend every night eating on the couch.

Portable Induction Cooktop

For the causal chef or anyone who has a particularly small kitchen, you could get rid of your induction cooker altogether. There is no installation required with a portable induction cooktop and they are usually available in either a single or double surface. One of the major benefits is that they can be packed away and stored in a cupboard after being wiped down so you can free up precious counter space.

Some of them even come with different modes so you can set it to boil water or fry and almost all of them are designed to be energy efficient. Look for a product that heats up quickly and has an easy to navigate display.

Door Pegs

Your cupboard doors are often unused but they can help you keep a few lighter food items out the way. Using sticky pegs on the inside of a door means you can fit more in there and any crisp packet or nuts you have opened but aren’t ready to finish will stay fresh when folded and kept in place by a peg.

Tiered Trolley

Saving space can often mean making more, especially when the cupboards are full. Although a tiered trolley might take up more room on the floor, they are usually conveniently sized and fit at the end of a countertop. With different tiers to fit plenty of food, there is no reason why your food shop has to be limited to what you can fit over what you want.

Over Sink Cutting Board

If the countertop isn’t giving you many options for food prep because space is limited, buy an over sink cutting board. They have a decent cutting area and keep everything off the counter.

Invest In A Boiling Water Tap

The kettle is a mainstay in every kitchen but with modern advances, it doesn’t have to be. Save some space by installing a boiling water tap that is both fast working, and always impressive when you have guests.

More Shelves

Sometimes you just need to add more shelves to make room. The corners of the kitchen can provide a good opportunity to install more, especially if your sink is to one side of the room as this is often space that is unused.

Use The Window Ledge

Some people prefer to keep this area clear but if you have a decent-sized. ledge, why not put your kitchen plants or cookbooks on there to keep them off your workspace. It is a good place to grow herbs as there is plenty of sunlight but resist the temptation to store other foods there as the sunlight will cause it to spoil.

Throw Out The Old

Do you have an old set of pans you never use or way too many plates considering the size of your home? These are all opportunities to make some room. Having a clearout means you are going to enjoy a clearer kitchen and you are unlikely to miss anything you get rid of.

Organize The Drawers

The right partition can help you to store all your utensils conveniently and orderly so that there seems to be more room. Sometimes, items get into the wrong places which are where things start to get messy so be sure to clear your drawers from time to time and put things in their correct place.

Use Jars For Storage

A bulky cereal box can take up a fair amount of room in a cupboard, but pouring the contents into a jar can create space, and it just looks better. Even a plastic container will save space and can be used to store just about any dry food.

Downsize The Sink

If you have a small kitchen but a double sink, it makes sense to install a single sink in its place. The unnecessary space-hogging double won’t be missed when you feel like your kitchen has more room.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Although a knife rack keeps sharp items out the way, it does take up room on the countertop. An easy way to take another item off the counter is by using a magnetic knife holder that fixes to the wall. Plus, they look pretty cool and each item is easily accessed.

Use The Space Above The Cabinets

Although when you first look it is likely to be a stretch of dust, this is part of a kitchen that is rarely utilized. Because of this, you can use wooden baskets to store items. Not only do they look better than plastic boxes but they are affordable and can be where you put cookbooks, tins of food, and any other spares that go unused for long periods.

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