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With so many uses, scissors are an essential tool to have around your home. It doesn’t matter if you need something to use around the kitchen or to cut down twigs in the garden, finding a pair of hard-wearing scissor will make a big difference to your day to day life.

The better products should be comfortable to hold, be sharp enough to fit your purpose and last a long time. Finding scissors that fit this isn’t as easy as you might think which is why we have compiled our list of the best scissors available. Each product is made from quality materials and comes with a proven reputation.

List of the Best Scissors

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Editor’s Choice: Wiss W10TM SCISSOR

                                                                     When you hear the words ‘titanium coated’ you know the scissors are going to be heavy-duty. Coated 3 times, these strong blades are capable of cutting through a variety of materials and are durable enough to be put through a fair amount of punishment.

They can be a little clumsy for using on paper but are great for slicing twine in two with an ergonomic ring shape on the handle to make them more comfortable than a lot of the competition. This is also because you can adjust the pivot so they fit your grip preference. If you buy a pair of Wiss scissors expect them to last a long time as long as you sharpen the 5-inch blades from time to time.

What we liked about it
  • Quality materials
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Long lasting scissors

Best Value: Fiskars 12-94518697WJ The Original Orange Handled Scissors

For a multipurpose scissor that is great value, Fiskars offers this 8-inch bright orange colored product. They are the sort of scissors that everyone should have as they make light work of getting through fabric, silk, paper, you name it! The stainless steel blades stay sharp for a long time thanks to the precision ground edge but can be easily sharpened.

With a comfortable handle that has been tailored to fit the hand and give it full control, it helps to improve accuracy and straight lines. What a lot of people will find most appealing is the lifetime warranty – just one of the reasons they have sold over a billion units.

What we liked about it
  • Great value
  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • Cuts through a variety of materials

Best Affordable: Scotch Precision Scissor, 8-Inches

You’ll know the famous Scotch brand name and it is likely that you or someone you know has had a pair of these reliable scissors at some point. They are great for cutting different types of paper, photos, fabrics, and beyond and are made from stainless steel.

The blades stay sharp for longer than you might expect for a product in the price bracket but they can be a little harder to sharpen than other brands. They come with a lifetime warranty and have a cutting action that is best described as smooth. It doesn’t matter if you are left or right-handed as they are designed for anyone to use

What we liked about it
  • Reliable scissors for everyday use
  • Good for right and left handed people
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good value

Best Multipack: AmazonBasics Multipurpose Office Scissors

These are ideal for anyone who needs to kit out their home with a few pairs of scissors to keep in different rooms. Not only do you get 3 pairs at a reasonable price, but the quality is good as well. They’re not going to be good for cutting tough fabrics or denim but you will find that for cutting photos, paper, cardboard and other materials around the house, they are an excellent option.

The soft grip handles are comfortable for both left and right-handers because the blades are fused with titanium they should stay sharp for around 100,000 cuts.

What we liked about it
  • Good value multipack
  • Comfortable to use
  • Stays sharp for 100,000 cuts

Best All-round Scissors: Kai 5210 8-inch Dressmaking Shears

Not for everyone but certainly a sharp and useful tool, these dressmaking shears are great for cutting through a variety of materials without a problem, leaving them tear-free. One of the best all-round scissors that are made from stainless steel and vanadium. You can change the tension and the comfortable handles feel strong.

They are the sort of scissors that lasts a long time, partly because of the quality build but also because the blades can be removed for easy sharpening. Despite being 8-inch scissors they are not heavy or bulky so are fine for using on any task making them the sort of product that every home should have.

What we liked about it
  • Quality materials used
  • Can be sharpened easily
  • Very sharp

Best Kitchen Scissors: OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen & Herbs Scissors

These quality scissors are marketed towards being used in the kitchen but are good for getting through cardboard and twine as well as meat. Great for fine cutting herbs the grips feature a cushioned pad to increase the users’ comfort and absorbs pressure when cutting.

The blades actually come far apart to make them easy to clean individually which makes them good for using with food. With a herb stripper for removing tough stems, they make a neat addition to any budding chef or someone who just wants to make certain parts of cooking a little easier. The micro-serrated blades stay sharp for a long time so you can use them to prepare thousands of dishes.

What we liked about it
  • Cushioned grips for extra comfort
  • Great for removing stems from herbs
  • Easy to clean

Best For Cutting Meat: Kai Kitchen Scissors (DH-3005)

Another contender for the best kitchen scissors, these are impressive from their simple yet comfortable design and quality materials. The stainless steel blades stay sharp for a long time and the large handles that have a square type shape but make it easy to cut through tough meats.

After using them you can throw them in the dishwasher so clean up is easy and a lot of people comment on their durability. They feel sturdy and for many households, they are a reliable pair of kitchen shears.

What we liked about it
  • Quality materials
  • Comfortable handles

Scissors Guide

Whether you need to take the packaging off a new purchase, use them to make food prep easier, or want to make your gardening easier, a pair of scissors is the kind of everyday tool we take for granted. The problem is, a lot of people buy a cheap pair and wonder why it takes so long to cut through plastic, or that they break before you would expect them to.

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide, to make sure your new purchase is a good one that lasts a long time.

What To Look For In A Pair Of Scissors

Quality Blades

The first thing anyone should check for are quality blades. The stainless steel types are great for multiple purposes and clean well so they can be used with food. Others will be titanium coated and stay sharp for a long time.

Easy To Sharpen

Cheaper scissors might not be so easy to sharpen which is a problem since they are also the scissors that tend to go blunt a lot faster. The better products will be easy to loosen the blades to seperate them which makes sharpening safer and more convenient.


The most common sizes for household scissors tend to be 7 to 9 inches. This gives you plenty of room for most standard hand sizes so you can hold them in comfort. Then, there is the blade length. If you want it to get through cardboard with ease, they need to have the scope to get through without having to make small cuts all the way through.

Comfortable Handles

If you are using them for longer periods or have a particularly tough material to cut through, you need to make sure you have a comfortable handle. Some are just grippy whilst others are made from softer materials but above all, they need to be sturdy to ensure you are safe when using the scissors.


This will depend on how much. your budget stretches to but also how often you will use the scissors. If you think you will use them regularly, but only for random household needs then you might not need such an expensive pair. Those who want a pair of kitchen scissors that can also be used on other materials will want to invest in a higher quality pair.

Whatever your budget or use, there are plenty of options.

Rust Resistant

Some products come with a special coating on the blades and all metal parts to ensure they are protected from rusting. This is more important if you wash them in the dishwasher frequently and for anyone who uses them in the kitchen.


Some of the best scissors on the market come with a warranty and others a lifetime guarantee. This is impressive since scissors should last a long time but of course, aren’t indestructible. If you are spending money on a more expensive pair then this can be a sensible thing to look out for but since most pairs will last for years, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Suitable For Right/Left Handed

A lot of scissors are fine to be used by both left and right-handed people so if you are one of the (approximately) 10% of people who are left-handed, then this is certainly something to look out for. Most products will tell you this in their description so check before buying.

Common Types of Scissors

Not all scissors are built the same, and sometimes that’s for a good reason. The following are some of the common types of scissors and their uses.

Safety – As the name suggests, these scissors are safe for young hands to use and are usually smaller to fit them right. The blades are not as sharp as other types and the tips are coated with plastic. Expect bright colors to please young minds and you might even find them made of plastic.

Office Scissors – A basic pair that are common in workplaces and homes around the world. Known for being a multipurpose product with a straight blade that does require regular sharpening because they are used so often.

Fabric Scissors – It isn’t just dressmakers that like to use these sharp and often relatively long scissors. They are popular in homes because they tend to have sharper blades so make light work of random materials and uses. A good pair to have around.

Nurse Scissors – As you may have guessed, these are common in the medical world and give you a long handle but a short blade. One blade will have a pointed tab at the bottom to help it lift a bandage or clothing to cut through in an emergency.

Kitchen Shears – These are made a little different and are designed to be able to get through slippery meats but also trim herbs at the same time.

Do I Have To Choose Between Sharpness and Precision?

In most cases, the two go hand in hand. This means the sharper the blade is, the easier it will stay precise. When you can cut in one motion without having to readjust because it catches on the fabric or tears, it can lead to errors and makes it hard to cut in a straight line.

The main take out here – the sharper the better.

How To Prevent Scissors From Rusting

To prolong the lifespan of a quality pair of scissors there is nothing wrong with applying a little machine oil on there to prevent rusting. Rub it over the blades with a cloth.

Those who buy a more expensive pair of scissors will want to make sure they last a while so be sure to wipe them after every use, especially if you are cutting materials that leave and residue on the blade.

The same can be done on the pivot point if the scissors are starting to become bothersome to open and close as a little oil can help to loosen things up a bit.

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