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is this just like, stupid gorgeous? don’t hate me, but i was there! and i have long toes too, see: that should make you feel better. well, i’m stretching them there… but anyway. talk about paradise:

If you’ve been over here lately then you know that M and i have been traveling around turkey for the last two weeks. you’ll also know that i have become completely invigorated by the old foodways that are still in practice in that part of the world. i think my kitchen is forever changed. it’s kinda amazing.

then i came back to new england, western massachusetts to be exact. i came home to this:

and this:

and these:

i mean, WTF? now i think i know how hefiz felt. (deliciously intoxicated from it all) terrior is what i’m talking about! it’s everywhere. it’s over there and under our feet! what i’m saying, i mean if i have to say it then, is, there’s more than one garden of eatin’! but you probably already knew that.

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