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When it comes to what a healthy lifestyle means, experts from the World Health Organization point out that three dimensions define this concept:

  • decreases the risk of disease and increases life expectancy. There are certain diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, which can be avoided by adopting appropriate behavior;
  • the opportunity to enjoy more of life’s possibilities. Not only physical health is essential, but also mental health. An equally important role as the social well-being is to spend quality time with those around you and to build solid communication relationships;
  • determining loved ones to follow your example. Once you adopt certain habits, family members and close friends can do the same as you.

Therefore, in the WHO’s view, a healthy lifestyle means changing your daily habits so that you can improve your physical and mental health, enjoying more aspects of your life.

If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to understand the principles that define it. Then you will be able to put them into practice. Of course, there is no general recipe valid for everyone because each body is unique and reacts in its way, but specific fundamental rules are good to keep in mind to have a healthier lifestyle. And these refer to the following aspects:

1. Making health a priority

One of the defining elements of a healthy lifestyle is to make health a priority. Prevention remains one of the most potent weapons you can fight to avoid developing medical conditions challenging to treat or aggravation the manifestations of existing ones. This way, you will reduce the risk of severe diseases and increase life expectancy.

From this perspective, regular check-ups at the doctor are essential to monitoring the state of health constantly. In this case, you will be able to intervene in time and correctly in case of problems. Medical tests play an equally important role, usually recommended once every six months or even more often if a chronic condition, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. 

2. Pay special attention to healthy eating

Your body is like a complex machine that needs fuel and lubricant to function correctly. Thus, healthy eating and proper hydration are key elements. A good diet does not mean moderate consumption of food not to gain extra pounds. It means a balanced diet based on a wide variety of foods, rich in nutrients, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

3. Adopting an active lifestyle

No matter how busy your daily schedule is, don’t forget that “mens sana in corpore sano”. No matter how many personal or professional plans you make, you can’t complete them if you don’t take care of your body, both physically and mentally. From this perspective, an essential aspect is to adopt an active lifestyle.

Even if it seems complicated to put into practice, you can do this, even when you have an office job. Try to get up once about 30 minutes from your chair and do a little movement.

According to Mayo Clinic, it would be good to accumulate 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise (walking, swimming, mowing the lawn) or 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercise. In addition, try to practice sports that strengthen all your muscle groups (cardio, weights training, or treadmill). In general, your target should be 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day.

4. Balanced thinking and emotional well-being

You often forget that a healthy lifestyle means taking care of your mental health out of a desire to solve as many problems as possible. Your body is subjected daily to emotional and physical stress. You want to be as competitive as possible and cope successfully with all the challenges. Balanced thinking and emotional well-being mean accepting the present with realism, pragmatism, and a constructive attitude.

Give yourself time without perceiving this as a selfish gesture. Therefore, invest in hobbies that will help you regain the positive energy you need, take care of gardening,00 or things that make you happy and relaxed. Do not hesitate to make changes in your life, from finding a better job to renovating or remodeling your home.

The keyword that defines a healthy lifestyle is balance. And it refers not only to the prioritization of physical and mental health, socialization, a correct relationship between time spent at work and personal life, but also how you manage to make time to spend with your loved ones or do things that matter to you.

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