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Anyone who has kids or works from home will know the struggle that is keeping a coffee warm. Any hot beverage you prepare can go cold as you take a call or forget it is there for a while, and its a shame to waste a perfectly good cup of coffee. The winter months are particularly bad for cooling a cup too quickly, so rather than trying to stomach the taste lukewarm, use. a handy method of reheating the drink. The following are some of the simplest yet effective ways you can keep a hot beverage warm.

Use A Thermal Carafe

Anything. that can keep a coffee hotter for longer is going to be useful, which is exactly what you get from a thermal carafe. These neat products can brew multiple cups then keep them warm before your pour. Once the brewing process is finished, the thermal material will ensure it is still piping hot when it comes to pouring.  Also, if you have poured and left coffee until it is cold, the carafe can store more fresh and hot coffee that is good to go.

Hot Plates

Another useful technique since the plate itself is hot but it is not without a downside. The issue is that they are so hot, they continue to heat the brew. You are left with coffee that is bitter and on the strong side and not everyone likes more caffeine to be extracted than they are used to.


One of the most common at-home hacks fora cold mug of coffee is to stick it in the microwave for a few seconds. The issue is that it is difficult to heat to the ideal temperature and it can leave the mug being too hot to handle. Also, it can impact the taste to a point where it is burnt. A lot of the time, it will heat the top but does not give you even heat to the bottom.

Coffee Cup Warmer

Arguably the most effective method for ensuring your cup stays warm as it does so without impacting taste. They’re some of the most reliable products when you buy from a reputable brand and often protect the cup from spills, have adjustable temperatures, and can accommodate different sized cups. This is a great way of keeping any hot beverage at drinking temperature for long periods.

Preheat A Mug

Another life hack style way of keeping a coffee warm, it is effective and easy. Before you pour the coffee, fill the mug with boiling water, and leave it to sit for around a minute. Pour the water away then add coffee into your already hot mug to keep it hotter for longer.

Mug Cozy

These products come in different forms but work in the same way. By wrapping a mug with what is usually a knitted design it can keep a coffee warm for longer. Although they are affordable, they still only work for so long before the liquid cools.

Cup Sleeve

Similar to a mug cozy, these are like the paper sleeves you recipe attached to your takeaway cup so holding it doesn’t scold your hands. The other benefit is that it helps to stop the cup from cooling so fast. Often made from neoprene for a product you can use time and again or a cardboard style material from a cafe.

Thermos Flask

Ideal for when you need to keep a coffee warm when on the go, these last for hours without impacting the taste of the coffee. The downside is that they are bulky so not as practical as other methods. Also, for a daily coffee, they are difficult to clean and take up more room on a desk. Still, a thermos flask can often hold more than one cup so it means fewer trips to the coffee machine.

Candle Warmer

Working with a similar method to a hot plate, a candle warmer is something a lot of people already have to burn scented candles. These will work to a certain point before the drink stays at a warm temperature, rather than hot.

Coffee Cup With A Lid

We’re not talking about the ones you get from your local coffee shop before throwing it away, these are the reusable kind that has a convenient lid that stretches over the cup. The benefit of trapping the heat means the contents will stay hot for much longer and it is possible to purchase a lid on its own that will fit a standard mug.

Immersion Heater

An easy way to keep a coffee warm is within the immersion heater that is put into the liquid to keep it warm. Probably better when on the go so for, a long car journey, they certainly have their perks. Make sure the product you consider is made from food-grade materials and has a proven safety record.


Even if it is time to put the winter clothes away, the fact that they are made to insulate means they can be of use. Wrap a scarf around your mug to keep it warm for longer although much like a mug cozy, it will only work for so long.

Smart Ember Mug

Probably the most expensive method although using modern technology does have its benefits. Operated via a battery and controlled via a smartphone, it allows the user to maintain an ideal temperature and you can even receive notifications to tell you when it is at the right temperature or is being neglected. They usually come with a charging coaster to protect a surface although some people will argue that it is an unecessary expense when other methods are just as effective yet a fraction of the price.

What Is The Best Method?

When looking for the best method, it is easy to cancel out some of the convenient yet less effective ways of maintaining heat in a cup such as a mug cozy and even a hot plate is not ideal since it can burn the coffee and over-extract it. Because of this, the best method is by using a coffee cup warmer. Since this is what they are designed for they make it easy to tailor the temperature to your preference so the coffee is always ideal.

Since they are affordable and convenient, anyone who reaches for the cup they made an hour ago will be glad they have one.

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