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Food travels on average 1,300 miles from farm to table.1

  • Most fresh fruits and vegetables produced in the U.S. are shipped from California, Florida, and Washington.2
  • Fruits and vegetables shipped from distant states and countries can spend as many as seven to fourteen days in transit before they arrive in the supermarket.3
  • Most fruit and vegetable varieties sold in supermarkets are chosen for their ability to withstand industrial harvesting equipment and extended travel not taste. This results in little variety in the plants grown.

Taste the difference in fresh, local food and judge for yourself!

  • Premium Taste. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are usually sold within 24 hours of being harvested. Produce picked and eaten at the height of ripeness has exceptional flavor and, when handled properly, is packed with nutrients.
  • Maximum Freshness. By choosing local produce at farm stands, farmers markets, pick-your-own farms and grocery stores, you pay for taste, not transportation and packaging.
  • Unique Varieties. Local farmers often grow a large assortment of unique varieties of products to provide the most flavorful choices throughout the season.

Buying local is this easy:

  • Find a farmer, farmers’ market, farm stand, or local food outlet near you, visit
  • Shop at your local farmers’ market or farm stand for the freshest, best tasting food available. It’s easy to find local food. There are over 3,100 farmers’ markets in the U.S.β€”one is probably near you!4
  • Encourage your local grocery stores and area restaurants to purchase more of their products from local farmers.

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