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I’d like to give a shout out to all the pilgrims in the house… that would be me. I guess somebody over at penguin books knows about my pilgrim ways because a couple of weeks ago an email landed in my inbox asking me if i would like to review the lost art of real cooking┬áby ken albala & rosanna nafziger.

being as it is the first book i’ve ever been asked to review on my blogs and the title sounded intriguing i said


A week later a compact, old-fashioned looking book arrived in my snail mailbox.

Did i say compact?

I meant jam-packed. literally & figuratively:

This little ‘ole book covers jamming, fermenting, sourdoughing, pickling, pasta, pie & pastry baking, all kinds of dairy-making, and a bunch of slow, old-fashioned meat & gamey stuff that’s not my game but may be yours…. and a whole lot more including one of my personal favorites; psychic love wine.

I don’t believe i’ve ever held this much useful stuff in one hand!

In a conversational style remeniscient of jane grigson and elizabeth david, albala & nafziger take an industrious stance against ready-made, industrial foodstuffs and root us back into the crafts of historic foodways. all this done with a humorous & knowing look at those of us making pilgrimages back to our kitchens, and to the art of real foodmaking.

And the really, really great news is i have another one to give away!

To enter to win, comment below about some of your most pilgrim-like kitchen practices, how you cook with real food, what you make from scratch, the slow, old way, and why. if you’re still eating life in the fast-lane, but want to slow down and savor the tastes of real food – then shout about what you most want to learn about.

You have until midnight thursday july 15th to enter. winner will be picked by random-number generator directly thereafter.

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