Can jam February round-up: Carrot

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And then i felt a lot of you look at us like this:

Did you sez carrots!?

…happily even the skeptics have come around it seems and shown some good carrot love. there’s a ton of great recipes below and i know that when spring carrots have sprung i for one will be referring back here again and again…’cause you can never have enough reasons to put those babies in a jar. well, maybe there’s enough here – so let’s get to it!

Baby carrots in honey, vinegar and dill – flamingo musings love the honey renee! and don’t worry about what to use ’em for – have a pickle party! basil carrots – living homegrown fresh quick & easy, she said….just like canning can be! (it’s true!)

Carrot and onion sandwich slaw – put a lid on it tossing in olive oil to serve – i like it! oh, and that slicing video – thank you!

Carrot and onion sandwich slaw – on a little land they say imitation is the best form of flattery! – go here for the recipe.

carrot relish – simply loving home I think this will dress up any sandwich my dear! make sure your salsa is from a reliable source – i’m a little worried about the acid level in that one.

carrot relish – vegedible a sweet carroty relish, with onions too! zoey says she’ll report back after the 3 week waiting period.

carrots in honey and vinegar – the kitchenette ok, you made an effort to get something up in time. but where’s the recipe? (and don’t hate me ’cause i’m going to coachella!) 😉

classic pickled carrots – delicious potager always nice to cut a carrot, or a dress, on the bias. and i must mention, i’m impressed with your ‘green bag’ solution for storing carrots – that’s a long time!

dill jardiniere – bigger than a breadbox ok, i’ll let this one slide ’cause you put in an extra carrot. but i don’t know, is it really about the carrots or all those other gorgeous veggies? dilled carrots – sugarcrafter yay a first-time picklecrafter! and success!

dilly carrots – cafe libby all i can say libby is break out the bloody marys ’cause these are worth more than a hill a beans to me! and some nutty good carrot cake jam too!

madras carrot pickles – small measure these pickles look like the next best thing to being there! i want some!

mexican inspired pickled carrots with jalepenos and onions – oh…briggsy! er that’s a mouthful! …and so are these!

moroccan pickled carrots – showfood chef these look wonderful but – where’s the recipe?? pickled baby carrots – breadmaking with the bread experience what a nice addition of oregano and sweet peppers – and the little baby carrots look so happy in the jar. 🙂

pickled baby carrots with oregano and peppers – three clever sisters more oregano and peppers! yum! to answer your question: just bring it to the boil, it doesn’t have to be a massive rolling boil like what you need for the actual canning process.

pickled carrots – mock paper scissors more success for tengrain’s little cooking school! …and can i just say; love those graphics! 🙂

pickled carrots – around the homestead a good solid, basic pickle recipe – but we wanna see the pics kim! pickled carrots (mexican?) – sticks spoons spokes um…recipe? oh, wait…here it is, looks great, but that’s not mexican! pickled carrots – big black dog another good basic dilled recipe – now why has mom never pickled carrots before? (maybe you can teach her a thing or two about pickling!)

pickled carrots – sticks rocks and dirt ok, we like the garlicky brine, but sara…where’s your pickled carrot recipe? pickled carrots – all types of cooking, and a whole lot of canning here! and another solid basic – just one problem: jane only got 3 jars.

pickled carrots – notes from a country girl living in the city only 3 jars here too. 🙁 angela (and gwen) love them! that’s good news, but why the upside-down jars?

pickled carrots – my caffeine diary too much vinegar? here’s an inpicklers tip: wait a few weeks and things should mellow even more.

pickled carrots and daikon – food in jars …and just in the nick of time, marisa slides in with this beauty. love the anise!

pickled carrots and leek shreds – locally preserved adds color to a winter table, …and your cheeks i imagine. nice! pickled carrots with ginger – dawnabelles ginger with anything is wonderful IMO – and those atomic red carrots? i’d label that jar (with lelo’s labels of course) atomic gingered carrots.

pickled rosemary carrots – cafe del manolo i love rosemary, i love hot peppers. …oh, and i love manolos too, but that’s beside the point, huh?

pickled rosemary carrots – citivolus sus more rosemary, more chilis – now would someone please taste them already!

pickled rosemary carrots – post-industrial eating carol thinks these are gonna taste good – but she’s waiting until the flavors swap around, jump up, jump up and get down!

spicy carrot relish/slaw – grow and resist from the mouth of meg – “the BEST. i can’t stop eating it!” – and i agree 100% weight measurements are better.

spicy carrots, onions & jalepenos – knit and nosh ok, are you people tryin’ to make me long for el país hermoso? ’cause i am. spicy mexican pickled carrots – the wynk serve them warm? i see, hmmm – ok i’ll trust you. and i think melissa made these. spicy pickled carrots – diggin food mexican oregano? habernero? oh my, i see ’em as a side on a plate of heuvos rancheros and a couple of soft & warm corn tortillas i do! yum!

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