Can jam march round-up: Allium

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Can i officially change the name to all-yums?

I am truly excited about a number of the entries this month! the now ‘bottled’ delicacies lounging on our larder shelves ready to enhance fresh spring chevre & just laid eggs, chilled soups, summer cocktails, garden fresh sandwiches, barbecues & stir-fries… there are a myriad of pairings that i can imagine with this month’s entries…and so spring-summery!

Here’s to every one of you that’s given it your all thus far. these were truly the challenging months. we lost a few along the way but a good many are going strong. so keep up bloggers & non, and everyone following along – spring has sprung! and when finally all those luscious fruits and veggies are screaming, “preserve me now or i’m gonna jump!” you & your canning pot will deftly rise to the rescue…

A reminder-invitation for those not yet following along on twitter at hashtag #tigresscanjam, there’s lots of good discussions & questions/answers popping up among the can jammers so check it out if you haven’t yet & are so inclined.

While i’m on the social-networking tip: i recently changed my page on facebook so if you were following along before you will need to re-fan me or i’ve lost you. if you haven’t yet & are so inclined, hop on – it’s a chronicle of all things i find delicious and inspiring around the blogosphere, and a fun & easy format to ask questions about all things pickle & jam, etc.

(photo robbing peter)

This month i was particularly moved by barbara of robbing peter‘s post as she confessed her initial excitement and then struggle coming up with her march entry, until finally she arrived here:

“can jam is about learning. about challenging ourselves to simply get into the kitchen once a month and can something. about devoting this time to our kitchens, our blogs and therefore ourselves. once i figured this out i knew what i was going to make. something that would be a valuable addition to my pantry. something that i would actually EAT.”


garlicky bread & butter onion pickles – robbing peter …i could not have said it better myself. (and it’s your mama’s pickles even, oh happy day!)

jerked pickled onions – notes from a country girl living in the city ya mayd dem onyuns good maan, me cyaan see! (i had to)

penang pickled garlic – the ongoing debacle spring has sprung it’s true! …& who’s gonna be happy with their little garlic pickle platters? …you, that’s who!

pickled garlic – putting by ok, when the time comes, let us know – are they good, or really good?

pickled green garlic – wine book girl green garlic? in weck jars? j’adore! i can’t wait for spring in the northeast!

pickled onions & green garlic al balsamico – famingo musings sounds like yo’ mama had a happy happy b-day – and good eats too! pickled onions – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here! she did the chippolines! ..and a solid pickling recipe here.

pickled onions – well preserved at least 2 jars were saved! but have no fear, ’cause they did pickled leeks too & can’t wait till bbq season is near!

pickled onions for cocktails – doris and jilly cook not a proficient pickler?? …wha? lies, all lies!

pickled pearls – the cosmic cowgirl these are gonna drive me to drink.

pickled red onions – sustainable pantry as a condiment with curry?? …now why didn’t i think of that!

pickled scallions – post-industrial eating oh carol. what a morning. but they look so beautiful. and please, tell me you got to work on time!

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