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I really just have to do this…just so you know. As i’ve been sitting at my computer reading and rounding-up throughout the week i have been singing this pretty much non-stop.I mean all these sweet and juicy peaches and nectarines! can you blame me?

and it’s not like i’d kick any plump little plums out of my kitchen either.

photo café del manolo know what i’m sayin’? (apparently a lot of you do) ahem. photo cafe libby jams, jellies & conserves

imperial stone fruit preserves – put a lid on it and if that wasn’t exotic enough for you there’s this too and scones! i love a good scone recipe, you know i do!

local peach loco jam – backyard farms i love that it’s all local! maple syrup, peaches, chiles…wow! (ever think about growing your own citrus?) 🙂

nectarine jam – what julia ate a straight up nectarine jam with a spot of pectin for good measure. i do agree, nectarines have there own special charm.

nectarine pear & chile jam – local kitchen this is torture. (meaning i need some, now!)

peach blackberry jam – wine book girl i find mixed fruit jam very intriguing. do the individual fruit tastes remain as they do in a mixed fruit pie?

peach & blueberry ginger jam – show food chef show me the food! i am not kidding. my mouth just watered at your first photo. that jam, that biscuit!

peach-plum ginger jam – food in jars the ginger juice addition sounds lovely. and i hear you on the summer canning urgency. it’s suppose to be s-l-o-w food! 😉

peach or apricot jam – family & food i think there is nothing smarter than jamming something you know you & your family like. a basic fruit jam recipe that’s tried and true i say!

peach preserves – market life sf another sound recipe for simple and beautiful peach preserves (you don’t really need to do much to them, do you?) …and she did this too, which looks to me like it really was worth the work!

peach preserves with brown sugar and spiced rum – cafe libby if this sounds good to you – hurry on over to libby’s blog – ’cause she’s giving away a jar! but you better do it by oct 1st!

photo backyard farms

peach vanilla marmalade – flamingo musings i don’t know…are mangoes stone fruits? (well in the end, it looks like you didn’t miss them!)

perfectly simple peach preserves
– married with dinner never even thought of leaving the skins on. good to know! june tayler’s jams are amazing, and i trust that this one is too!

plum conserve – toronto tasting notes a true conserve! this looks awesome sarah. and as fine a christmas present as i could ever imagine!

plum jam with almond – mock paper scissors this jam does sound lovely. and so is that story about madame, and her plum cake must be delicious!

plum jam with bay and vanilla – café del manolo plum & bay, a nice combo if i do say so myself. but homemade vanilla! you just knocked it outta the park in my book! (and i LOVE the the flavor bible)

plum jam with tonka bean – prospect: the pantry i am completely intrigued. i have never heard of tonka beans, but the way you describe their flavor makes me want to find a source, pronto! and peeps, you gotta check out this too!

plum noir jam – tigress in a jam …it was a dark and windy jam. and oh, so good! it’s the fennel peeps! (ok, and the bay, and the black pepper, and the cardamom…don’t forget the cardamom!)

spiced peach jam – notes from a country girl living in the city peaches and spice and everything nice, that’s what this jam is made of.

strawberry mango jam – simply loving home this looks so beautiful in those jars. a winner indeed…your family knows what’s up!

sugar plum crumble preserves & honey pie conserve – hip girl’s guide to homemaking i would eat plums here, i would eat plum there, i would eat plums anywhere. and i would most definitely eat them in these two lovely preserves!

photo local kitchen


peach chutney – doris and jilly cook goat, i am so happy you revealed the dark side of canning. we really need to consider humanely treating are jarred fruit! …particularly when they look this delicious!

peach chutney – sugarcrafter and peach pie filling, plums in syrup and plum butter. you people are not only putting up, you are putting me to shame!

plum chutney – my caffiene diary yes those look like romas to me. (i have a roma tree but it doesn’t produce anymore). ok, so about those hard skins, cook the plums until the skins soften (10 min. or so) and then add the sugar. it helps immensely.

photo prospect: the pantry

sauces & salsas

garlic plum sauce – locally preserved this looks very versatile indeed. and trust me i feel for you northwesterners and your lack of summer. that was us here in the northeast last year. sunny times will come again!

peach barbecue sauce – the kitchenette …and to think, we all knew you before you heard your first lid pop. and now you’re giving us this!

roasted hatch peach salsa – stetted you had me at the roasted peach…of course the balsamic, cilantro and hatch peppers didn’t hurt. bring on the chips!

spicy peach salsa – grow & resist i love when can jammers are inspiring other can jammers! (and great tip about the freezing whole peaches – thanks!)

zesty peach barbecue sauce – just the right size do you think it would be good on tofu?

Fruit in syrup

blackberries in syrup – bigger than a breadbox blackberries are stonefruits? v-e-r-y interesting. look, the real point is; you got your can in the kitchen and canned! bravo! 🙂

canned peaches – putting by she’s right when she tells you: get those air bubbles out and get some more syrup in there!

canned peaches – knit and knosh another basic canned peach recipe – but you have to look up the recipe yourself in the good ‘ole ball blue.

canned peaches in light syrup – oh, briggsy… first off let me say that i happen to get really excited about winter squash, but anywayz…a solid canned peach recipe here and some apricot jam too!

gently gingered peaches – rufus & clementine not that i’m scolding. but it’s a really good idea to read the whole recipe before you get started…or eat the whole peach, and just forettaboutit! 😉

honey peaches with mint – mother’s kitchen ha! very funny story (of course after knowing you didn’t get stung). love the idea of mint – must add just the right note to those sweet peaches.

l’shana tova vanilla peaches – sutainable pantry how sweet it is! …these look divine. (and i am so happy you made it through the tornado unscathed!)

poached peaches – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here! i am absolutely sure this is a crowd pleaser (especially this crowd) peaches poached with booze. ahem.

plum & blueberry compote in calvados syrup – laundry, etc. sounds like you live in plum heaven! this compote looks glorious! and those jars, gloria oh, those jars!

preserved peach slices with maderia – well preserved ok. it’s not really syrup. but still, i think it belongs here [in this cataegory]. and i think that i need to make these next season. for shizzle!

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