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Although there is no one size fits all, can openers are made for convenience. No one wants to be trying to prize open a can with a knife but since most of us have been using manual products all our lives, something is tempting about the appeal of an electric can opener. Although this isn’t new technology it has certainly come a long way, but it is hard to decide which is better if you’ve never used one of the options. To help make this decision easier, we compare the pros and cons of both to see which has the edge.


This is the first point to the manual products. Since they have less intricate parts, they tend to last longer. Their materials are also sturdier since they are just solid metal parts. They do tend to rust more frequently than electric models but it should be a while before this becomes noticeable. Both products will be solid and you can expect it to be a long time before you need to fix an electric product, but manual can openers usually last longer.

Ease of Use

Whilst many people would see a manual can opener as a basic, easy to use device, electric products are as easy as it gets. The problem with manual options is that they require a little graft on the user’s side and this twisting can dig into your hands with a stubborn can. An electric can opener is so simple, the user only needs to fix the can into the device so it locks into place and press a button before it turns and cuts the top off.

Although some manual products will be smoother than others, there isn’t a product out there that is as easy to use as an electric device. Unless you start to use larger cans that are too big or heavy for an electric can opener, it should be simple.


After being easy to use comes the ease of cleaning and both score pretty evenly here. A manual product can usually be rinsed under the tap or in soap water and although some can go through the dishwasher just fine, this isn’t always the case. There is a level of caution required to clean an electric product as you wipe the blades and surrounding area but for the most part, this doesn’t take long and is easy when done carefully.

Any product with a detachable blade is going to be easier to clean and safer since you want to keep any fluid away from an electrical product. Still, a manual product might be a little easier, but not by much.


Ever tried to run a manual around the side of what seems to be a perfectly normal can, only to find it gets stuck every couple of turns. This is one of the biggest annoyances when it comes to performance. Thankfully, the best electric can openers are built for convenience and make light work of most cans without needing any extra interaction.

Of course, any power cut is going to make a manual opener an ideal option, but this should be a rare occurrence. For the simple task of opening cans, ane electric product will outperform the manual most of the time.


This is where most people expect a manual product to be the only option, but this isn’t the case. Because of the advances in technology, there are now electric can openers that can be powered by batteries. Most of the time, these can still be mains operated as well. So, when it comes to using these products anywhere, it is an even playing field if you buy. the right product.


You often get fewer jagged edges with an electric product and the smooth cut makes it safer to handle after. The rough edges left from a manual product can make them difficult to handle without getting nicks from time to time. Also, removing the manual opener from the can means you have to get move the lid around whereas an electric product allows the user to hold the can to take it off.

Additional Features

Both products tend to give a couple of extra conveniences with a bottle opener being a common one. For an electric can opener, this will be on the side of the device whereas a common manual product will have it at the tip of one of the handles. This is about as good as it gets with a manual product but with electric, there are other additional features available.

A blade sharpener is a common one, as is the ability to mount the device so it doesn’t take up counter space.


This is difficult to define since, on the one hand, you are paying more for an electric can opener but getting more in terms of convenience. The price of a manual is going to be a lot cheaper but there is no added convenience involved. Still, even reputable electrical products can be reasonably priced but if your budget is restrictive then a manual is a safe choice.

However, for anyone looking to add a little modern technology to their kitchen, an electric product is the one to go for. For repairs, a manual is not the sort of product you look at getting fixed, rather replacing, but an electric should come with a warranty and at the very least, can be fixed so you can keep using it. The best product for you is the one that ticks the boxes you rate the highest.

Can You Get Battery Operated Can Openers?

If you want the convenience of portability, you don’t have to buy a manual can opener. Some products work with both batteries and a mains connection so you can take it with you camping or can still use it during a power cut. They work in the same way as any other electrical opener, using a magnet to hold the can in place, a motor turns it as the blade cuts so, after a full rotation, it gives you a clean cut.

Is An Electric Can Opener Easy To Use?

As you may be able to tell, these products offer the most convenience. They are ideal for anyone with hand injuries or the likes of arthritis and are often favored by the elderly. This is because they are easy to operate and take all the strain away from what can be a tricky job when using a manual opener.

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