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Trick or treat? Halloween is knocking at the door, and it’s time to start preparing for October 31st. Halloween can be a fun and exciting day if you choose to get into the spirit and atmosphere specific to the holiday.

You can enjoy Halloween without compromising or imagining that you have no choice in gaining excess weight. Maybe you go to a party where you will wear an exciting costume, you choose different outfits for your children, or you plan to invite your friends to your home, where you will prepare delicious recipes. Regardless of the situation, you must take steps to avoid a negative impact on the healthy menu.

Here are some tips for Halloween, depending on your situation:

1. If you are hosting a party,

  • choose the Halloween theme, but prepare healthy snacks

Be creative and opt for exciting shapes of ghosts, pumpkins, or monsters when making appetizers, but be sure to use carrots, bananas, ripe apples, or boiled corn grains first.

  • integrate food into games

To avoid excessive food consumption, it is ideal for encouraging your guests to participate in various activities such as decorating a room with oranges, glazing ripe apples, or painting a few larger pumpkins using fruit or vegetable paste.

  • think carefully about what kind of drinks you offer

Remember that reducing the amount of sugar added also refers to the liquid calories consumed through juices or alcoholic beverages. Offer your guests unsweetened tea, sugar-free fruit juice, plain, unsweetened plant-based milk, or skimmed milk. You can also add mango slices, orange, blackberries, or grapes to create a unique flavor for each drink.

2. If you will be alone with your family

  • Do not leave large quantities of snacks within everyone’s reach
    Distribute a cake or candy to each child but do not let them serve themselves. This trick will allow you to avoid fattening, excess sugar but also exceed the set budget. It is also valid for adults.
  • Avoid making a mess in the house.
    Do you want not to have a lot of clutter in the house and not clean for several hours the next day? Choose costumes for your whole family and go to a movie or get involved in a charity.
  • Choose only healthy snacks.
    You can opt exclusively for good snacks for the body if you buy oranges, small portions of fruit juice, whole-wheat pretzels, graham crackers, nuts, and seeds. You can also choose many colors of sugar-free gum, small containers of plain yogurt, or ice cubes made from fruit juice.
  • Encourages the whole family to be active – Halloween can be the perfect occasion to exercise in the family.

But bearing that in mind, I hope you do have a fun and happy Halloween!

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