Hello Detox, Round Three

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?  Well even though I haven’t needed to go to the doctor in quite some time (knock on wood), I still think I’m due for a health tune-up.  After all, the absence of disease or sickness is not health.  I’ve been relying on caffeine to get through the day, breathing a bunch of paint fumes from some projects around the house, and just haven’t had time for daily, or even weekly, workouts.  I think it’s time I gave my body a little TLC.

And so it’s time for my semi-annual cleanse.  Per usual, nothing to drastic… I’ll just be cutting out sugar, dairy and caffeine and trying to up my intake of fruits and veggies.  For me, these cleanses are a great reset, almost like the human equivalent of turning off your computer and rebooting when you’re experiencing little issues.

And even though the temps are still in the mid 80s around these parts, I’m planning on making and posting lots of warming, hearty soups, stews and grain salads.  If you’re anxious to get started on your own cleanse or detox, here are some recipes from the archives that may fit into your detox or cleanse plans.


For those of you totally uninterested in cleanse talk or recipes, check back in two to three weeks, when I’ll be back to the normal schedule and jumping into a new-to-me cuisine.

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