Southern Sweet Lime Tea

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I suppose I should have tried to make and drink a true Southern sweet tea, but I just can’t bring myself to add a whopping 3 cups of sugar to a large pitcher of iced tea.  But cut that amount of sugar in half and add a bunch of freshly squeezed lime juice?  Count me in.

Since I’m a huge fan of Arnold Palmers (the drink, the man, the clubs), I’m not sure why I never thought to add a citrus other than lemon to my tea.  Well my friends, I’m happy to say the lime works.  In fact I might even like this version better than iced tea with lemons.  And while I kept it somewhat traditional by using sugar in this batch, next time I’ll be using my new favorite sweetener, stevia.  Stevia, a natural and calorie-free sweetener, doesn’t always work as a perfect substitute for sugar, but I love how it tastes in beverages.

This tea will definitely give you a little extra pep in your step.  I was drinking this all last weekend and felt like the energizer bunny.

Southern Sweet Lime Tea

* 14 cups water, divided
* 12 black tea bags
* 1 1/2 cups white sugar
* 4 limes, juiced, plus extra for garnish, if desired

Bring 12 cups of water to a boil in a large pot.  Remove from heat and add the tea bags.  Let steep for 5 minutes and then remove and discard the tea bags.  Let cool slightly.

Combine the sugar with 2 cups of cold water.  Add the mixture to the steeped tea.

Add the lime juice and cool to room temperature.  Pour into a pitcher and refrigerate until cold.

Slice additional limes, if using, into thin circles.

Serve the tea over ice with a slice or two of fresh lime.

Serves sixteen.

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