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Issue Date Description
Issue 8 2002-07-26 The Power of the Printed Word; Giant ConAgra Meat Recall Could Have Been Avoided; The Misunderstood President
Issue 7 2002-07-19 Packer Ban Hearing Brings Hoots, No Consensus; Packer Livestock Ownership by the Numbers; North Dakota GMO Wheat Hearing Questions Liability …
Issue 6 2002-07-13 General Accounting Office: HACCP is a Screw-up; Note from Europe to America: No GMOs, No GMOs, No GMOs; A Carnivore Gets Clipped
Issue 5 2002-07-05 Hot, Dry Agriculture by the Numbers; Cattle and Chicken in the Courtroom–Again; When in the Course of Human Events
Issue 4 2002-06-28 Federal Judge Slaughters Beef Checkoff; Cry for Argentina? Better Get a Towel for Brazil, Too; Martha, Oh Martha
Issue 3 2002-06-21 Alleged Fructose Price Fixers Remanded to Trial; Who’s on First in Price Fixing Game?; And Where’s Justice Dept., Federal Trade Commission?
Issue 2 2002-06-14 In Rome, Veneman Talks Trade, GMOs, Not Hunger; Hungry for Hunger Numbers?; Iowa Slashes Leopold Center for Sustainable Ag …
Issue 1 2002-06-07 Farmland Industries Dives into Bankruptcy; Story May End at Chapter 7, Not Chapter 11; Georgia Poultry Firm Tries End Run on Organic Rules

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