Why going on a diet is not a good idea

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There is a high probability that some time ago, if not right now, you followed a diet because you wanted to lose a few pounds.

If your desire was to be weaker this year at the turn of the year, let me help you by advising you NOT to keep a diet. No, I’m not kidding, I’m serious.

You will think now: “but why? My girlfriend lost 10 kilograms with one diet, another lost 5. Why wouldn’t it work for me?”. The answer is that these diets work in the short term, but then those people will gain the lost pounds again, if not put more.

Shine shows us why our belts affect our lives and how good it is to proceed if we want to be healthy.

1. Lack of necessary nutrients. Despite the general opinion, diets are not very healthy and can even lead to malnutrition. Many encourage us to give up essential food groups, so we can no longer get the necessary intake of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Because yes, all these elements are required for the body’s optimal functioning, only their quantity should be dosed.

Moreover, we need a minimum number of calories daily to maintain our energy and cope with everyday problems.

Instead, seek to eat foods with a high intake of nutrients and create a balance in the body.

2. Although your body initially perceives the cure as a shock and you will lose weight, after a while, it will adapt, and if you do not keep your diet for life, when you stop, you will gain weight again.

So it is better to go for a healthy lifestyle, not a summer diet, but an ideal weight for life.

3. Yo-yo. When you follow a strict diet, one day you will feel excellent in your skin, but the next day you will desperately want to eat foods that are “forbidden”. And when you think that you will not be able to refrain from eating everything your heart desires, you will reach the weight you started.

One solution would be not to give up consuming what you like. You have to pay attention only to the quantity, to eat everything in moderation. Make small gifts from time to time as a reward for the weight loss over some time. This way, you will feel pampered and not frustrated.

4. Socialization does not support diet. If you follow a diet, many everyday things will become a problem. For example, going out, dinner invitations, it will all seem so complicated. Because you always have to pay attention to what you eat and you can’t afford to choose from a restaurant menu. Then where are all the fun of life?

Let’s be serious, how many of us can afford to count all the calories ingested? Try to discover some staple foods that fit a healthy lifestyle, that you will find almost wherever you are, and that will turn any meal into a hearty and healthy one.

5. Lack of energy. Decreasing the number of calories inevitably leads to a decrease in energy and labor. You will always feel weak and lifeless.

In this sense, it is good to serve thick and smaller meals to maintain the intake of nutrients.

6. Quantity versus quality. Diets do not teach you how to proceed in the long run. And so, you will end up eating foods low in calories, which will increase your appetite and cravings.

You need to choose foods that are as nutritious as possible. This way, you will be hungry much less often, and you will no longer have to count each calorie, but everything will work on its own.

7. Don’t think one-dimensional. No matter how much the diet helps, it is not enough, especially as the years go by. So try as many exercises as possible, even if it means going up the stairs instead of using the elevator, taking a lunch break, or leaving your car at home and walking to work.

Change your mindset when it comes to losing weight. Stop starving yourself, eat healthily, and you will immediately notice the results of a healthy lifestyle!

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