What goes in women’s locker rooms – Let’s talk about it

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As a frequent gym-goer, I have heard my share of the women’s locker room talk. Here are some phrases that I hear the most frequently and I am also sure you’ve also heard:

“I will never be as fit as her.”

“I wish someone would take all food away from me.”

“It’s unbelievable how little self-control I have. I feel miserable”

“I want to start working out for at least an hour each day.”

“I’m not going to eat any more carbs, I hope this will finally make me skinny.”

Don’t feel good in your own skin and try to hide your body? A positive relationship with your own body can invigorate your self-confidence and can change, for the better, your outlook on life.

Most women are unhappy with their appearance. They always have weight problems, and they keep diets, they try to go to the gym, they are interested in creams and body remodeling lotions, they are looking for clothes that hide their imperfections.

Is there something wrong with their attitude? Not necessarily. It is natural to want to look your best because physical beauty is perceived as a premise of social success. A pleasant presence puts social relationships under positive auspices – anyone, or almost anyone, is sensitive to beautifulness.

The problems start from where the dissatisfaction related to one’s own body negatively marks the relationship that everyone has with themselves. These dissatisfactions can become complex of inferiority, giving rise to feelings of insecurity and diminishing self-esteem.

The first to participate in shaping the child’s image of his or her own body are parents – their appreciations remain of overwhelming importance for how the future adult will perceive himself. At puberty and adolescence, body changes naturally draw on body image.

At the border between childhood and youth, the image of one’s own appearance is constantly changing. There is a superior understanding of things, and the model of beauty imposed by society is increasingly important for adolescents in training.

The discovery of one’s sexuality is another touchstone for body image because in this equation comes the partner’s perception and knowledge of one’s own body from an erotic point of view. From the model of the beauty of Antiquity to the present day, there is a very long way.

Today, movie stars and fashion beauties set the tone in all the details that outline an ideal of beauty – from the circumference of the bust to the color of the hair or the shape of the lips. No wonder that any teenager or young woman dreams of having a body similar to that of Hollywood stars, given that the media bombardment creates such an impact! Unfortunately, perfection is hard to achieve. And if, according to the canons in force, you are not a beauty, does that mean you have no value ?! No way!

Here is how you can learn to trust your own body, with its qualities and defects:

1. Accept his imperfections
They are a part of you, which makes you unique and special in a positive way. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be physically perfect? You’ve probably dreamed of this. But wouldn’t if, if a dream come true, you would too often ask yourself if those around you see something other than your impeccable physique?
2. Imagine yourself beautiful and pleasant to those around you
People see what you want them to see. Emphasize your qualities and show them with confidence to those around you. The defects will remain in the shadows and will go unnoticed.

3. Choose a realistic approach
Try not to associate the way you look with other traits of your personality. If you lose weight, it does not mean that your life, in all its other aspects, will change miraculously. But, if you trust yourself and accept yourself as you are – and for what you are – you will be able to focus on the really important things that are part of your life.

4. Attire is essential
When you do not feel good in your own skin, and you are insecure about the way you look, you will give the eyes of those around you a physique that does not attract attention. So, work on the outfit: straighten your shoulders, suck your belly, keep your chin up. The outcome? Not only will you look much better, but your confidence will jump significantly. And this will be seen in the eyes of others!

5. Small changes, big differences
Try a new eyeshadow, change your haircut or choose other colors for your everyday outfit. It is amazing how such minor changes will increase your self-esteem. They may not suddenly turn you into a beauty, but even the slightest effort you will perceive as a change for the better. And be sure of one more thing: you will get a lot of compliments!

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