Can jam November round-up: Pomes

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photo the cosmic cowgirl

Apples, and quince and pears, oh my! apples and quince and pears! C’mon, i know i’m not the only one that thought that!

Below is a cornucopia of autumn delights – all put up in jars for later. fall is my favorite preserving season, after all, apples and pears get pretty adamant about getting jarred. and quince, my new found favorite, seems to be all the rage this year around the canning blogosphere.

If you’ve been jamming the can, either at home or blogging about it…WOW! i can’t believe we are in the 11th month!

If you’ve never canned before, i hope you’ve been inspired by this group of wonderfully industrious and creative people. and if you haven’t quite mustered the gumption to start yet, i say; start here! because applesauce and apple butter practically can themselves! so giddy up and get some pomes in jars!

like this:

photo knit and nosh

Butters & sauces

apple thyme butter – showfood chef i don’t think you really understand how much i love jam on biscuits do you? especially warm, flaky biscuits. i don’t appreciate being tortured nearly every time i read your can jam post. 😉

applesauce – bigger than a breadbox what could be more fun than making applesauce with a dear friend? (making applesauce with a dear friend while drinking a crisp wine and shootin’ the shiz would be my guess…)

applesauce & oven apple butter – cafe libby first of all, thank you so much for your thankful post. *touched* second of all, i love that you posted your tried & true recipes, third of all, i need a le creuset dutch oven already, don’t i?

gingered seckel pair butter – the kitchenette hollandaise, pear butter, apple butter…girl, what have you been eating all your life? 😉 actually, i’m even more intrigued by what your going to be drinking soon!

lazybones spiced apple butter – rufus & clementine this is quintessentially nikki. not that i’m sayin’ you’re lazy, just that you like to meander. i love that you got to a point to know when you can do this in canning. and then did it inexcusably!

maple apple butter – breadmaking with the bread experience hmmm..this butter in a crockpot thing is really catching on. do i need one?

pear and buddha’s hand butter – wine book girl this looks amazing, i really love the idea of a zesty butter!

salted caramel pear butter – knit and nosh gulp! just saying that makes my mouth water…

spiced apple butter – leena eats this blog again with the crockpot! that’s it – what kind should i buy?

vanilla applesauce – toronto tasting notes i really do need to make me some straight-up applesauce, don’t i? the ‘great with hot porridge’ got me!

vanilla pear butter – market life sf your favorite thing you have ever canned? oh my! …cognac? oh my! did you just step it up like, a gazillion notches? sounds like!

william tell sauce – well preserved owwwooh. they got the ooompf, gotta have that ooompf! (sing it like ya mean it!)

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