How to use Honey to treat acne

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Years of unhealthy eating have done their damage to my skin. I experienced first-hand how much of a role nutrition plays in the condition of our skin.

As a teenager, I struggled with severe acne that killed my self-esteem. I spent a large share of my allowance on cosmetics that were supposed to cure me and give me that skin I always wanted. Of course, they never worked as they should. I went to a few different dermatologists that would prescribe me various drugs and creams that were supposed to get rid of the acne. They didn’t work either. In some cases, they even made my condition worse!

Now my face has cleared up a lot (after I started eating clean) but I still get the occasional pimple now and then. However, the difference between the past me and the present me is that the present me knows how to deal with it now.

A simple face mask from raw honey is what gives me the best results and I want to show you how I do it exactly.

Raw honey has antibacterial properties that will fight the root cause of your pimples for you (source). It will also soothe the irritated skin and calm it down. Many people claim that just a dab of honey did more for them than any commercial products (source). And I am one of them!

The simplest version of this mask is just putting a teaspoon or so of raw honey on the affected spots and rubbing it in gently using your fingers. However, I like to add some yogurt and oatmeal to my mask to make the whole facial experience feel more-spa like. Yogurt is great for soothing your skin and the oatmeal acts like a gentle exfoliant.

Necessary equipment:

  • a mortar and a pestle
  • a small glass bowl
  • a spoon


  • 1 T. of raw honey
  • 1 T. of ground oatmeal
  • 1 1/2 T. of natural whole milk yogurt (how to make yogurt)


  1. Use a mortar and pestle to grind the oatmeal into fine crumbs.
  2. Mix all the ingredients together in a small glass bowl.
  3. Apply the mask to the affected spots and do not rinse it off for at least 20 minutes. For acne prevention, cover your whole face with the mask in a thin layer. Use every day.

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