Oven roasted tomatoes with Turkish spices

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Yes, yes, I’m still alive! It’s been over two months since last we spoke and there’s really nothing to say other than, when you have 110,000 people over for the weekend for a bit of music and fun, things get busy.

Photo Bennett Sell-Kline not to mention the full month absence from my Berkshire garden, and subsequent avalanche of tomatoes, chiles, all kinds-o’-roots, greens, beans, corn, herbs threatening to seed, and impending early October frost all waiting to greet me upon, or quite soon after, my arrival. Whew!

There’s only so much one tigress can do. Even with all of that hoopla going on betwixt my garden fence, there was no question that my first self-inflicted order was, SAVE THE TOMATOES!

I know roasting tomatoes and freezing them for later may not be a new idea for the savvy preservers out there. But it’s a very good one. and one that I would not think about skipping when saving my garden tomatoes. Plus it’s dangerously easy, uses up a lot of tomatoes and the finished product is sweet, concentrated tomato flavor. Great for pastas, bruschetta, adding to a pot of beans, winter stew, or egg scramble.

before I jump into my version inspired by my way too long ago trip to Istanbul, let me say that the basic version that’s been floating around the interwebs for years now, the one of olive oil with a dusting of salt and a scant sprinkling of sugar is nothing to scoff at either. So go simple, or go daring like I do below.

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