Raspberry vinegar

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back in july i threw a bunch of just-picked raspberries into a quart jar and doused them with white wine vinegar. with the best intentions of tending to them in the next week or so, i promptly left them all by their lonesome for 8 good months!

I was a bit wary of the stuff when i finally got around to looking at it last week, but was encouraged by some of you to go ahead with my plan. i am very glad i did. and for all of you fellow lazy asses out there who have similar habits – and therefore similar scenarios of last summer’s fruits laying-in-waiting in jars – i am here to say this is one time where laziness is a virtue!

It is rife with raspberry flavor, and because i used a fragrant natural cane sugar and cooked it down, it’s an intense caramelized raspberry flavor that (having only made it just yesterday) i can imagine will be perfect drizzled over bitter salad greens & shaved parmigiano, butter lettuce with soft goat cheese & walnuts, grilled romaine with a crumble of blue, or splashed over a shredded cabbage & carrot slaw.

I am in love with this vinegar and you can bet that i will be throwing a bunch more berries in vinegar filled jars this summer, and getting around to the draining and cooking down, oh, whenever i damn well feel like it!

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