Rhubarb Lavender Shrub

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Ok, I swear I think this is going to be the last of the rhubarb posts for this year. That isn’t to say that my Willy Wonka rhubarb patch is not going to continue to give. It’s just that I really do need to move on.  This season has been a busy one for me, busy with work, and I fear even more lack of time to flex my preserving prowess in the coming weeks. :(

I think I may have missed strawberry season entirely in the northeast. (did I?)

But never you mind with that because this little shrub-o-mine consists of one of my absolute favorite flavor combinations. it’s a winner in jam, makes this now famous rhubeena even better. and in this old-fashioned whistle-wetter, it positively shines!

Shrubs are about the easiest thing you could ever make. at their simplest they are equal part fruit, sugar, and vinegar. mixed with water or sparkling water they make a refreshing summer drink sans alcohol, or use as a base for a cocktail and you’ve got a whole other party going on. for all you’ve ever wanted to know about shrubs, read this great post over at serious eats.

There’s two ways to make a shrub, either by cooking the fruit, or by what is called the cold-process method. I prefer the cold-process method as it retains the fresh fruit flavor. cold-infused herbs render a much brighter herbal flavor also. Plus, you can be lazy about the whole process, which I like.

Rhubarb lavender shrub

Yield: 1 & 1/2 quarts


I’ve got that rhubarb out of the way just in the nick of time, ’cause I got blueberries coming at me! Lots of them! (as long as I can keep the birds at bay) Wait! Did I just say blueberries & bay?!  That sounds like another perfect shrub combo!

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